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by Namrata Nautiyal
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Poonam kaurture

If you are a bride to be, I believe you should be aware of all the options available to you. That means knowing about desi designers in India as well as abroad. Poonams Kaurture is one such designer I want to talk about today. She is based out of Canada, I believe. Her collection is amazing (also coz the prices are very very good).

Off late, I’ve been noticing Indian designers charges are going up and up with every passing season. It’s not even the price, one sees those similar styles pretty much on every bride. If you’re someone looking to wear an outfit that’s different, unique then researching on designers like Poonams Kaurture will make sense to you.

Especially for NRI Brides, I know so many of them order via WhatsApp through replica designer stores. While that is ok to an extent, sometimes the customer service, the overall experience is not that great. So why do that when you have such amazing talent all over the world?

Who Is Poonams Kaurture?

Pink Floral Lehenga Price – USD 595 ~ INR 44,400

Poonams Kaurture is a designer label based out of Canada. I’ve been following her page for awhile now. The best part about her label is she actually puts up client pictures wearing her creations. Not just on models, but bloggers and on real customers. It gives you an idea of how her outfits will look in real, not just on some model photo. Make sense?

Usually with replica stores especially lots of fake Instagram lehenga stores, you’ll notice they’ll simply put up the designer outfit and claim to be able to customise it for you. That’s the scary part. You just never know what the final product is going to look like.

Blue Pure Silk Lehenga Price – USD 625 INR 46,725

With labels like Poonams Kaurture, you get amazing designs that are new, fresh and affordable while being of good quality. You’re also directly buying from the designer, so you can be rest assured of the fit, design, stitching and everything else that goes into making a fabulous outfit.

Budget For Shopping From Poonams Kaurture

  • Lehengas from USD 550 to USD 1500
  • Anarkalis from USD 375 to USD 750
  • Shararas from USD 400 to USD 650
  • Suit Sets from USD 350 to USD 550

If your outfit budget is anywhere from INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 then I highly recommend browsing through this designers website. All the outfits are listed on her portal with prices mentioned. So it gives you a good idea of what you can get in your price range.

I’m not sure if the designer customises, and if at all, to what extent. That is something you might have to check with her team. But usually, I think they must be open to some level of customisations.

Teal Blue Micro Velvet Lehenga – USD 795 INR 60,000

In the past I’ve also written a detailed blog post on where to shop Indian ethnic wear in Toronto, Canada. Some of the stores listed in that blog post also have an online store. In case you’re looking for options there, check out the link below:

The Best Toronto Lehenga Shopping Guide

What Kind Of Outfit Styles Does Poonams Kaurture Do?

Golden Evening Gown Price – USD 695 ~ INR 51,860

Hair and make up • @blueroseartistry Photography • @inavphoto Videography • @samedayedit Florals for hair • @lefleurjewels Jewelry • @alacouturebyruma Model • @kirtisingh_ 

I personally love her lehengas. There are so many variations to what she does. It’s not one typical style, which is great coz you get that much variety to look at. Mind you, there aren’t any bridal outfits as such.

But there are some pretty good options for pre-wedding wear, something for brides sister and family. Plus, you also have tons of designs for wedding guest look, or just casual ethnic wear for your trousseau.

Few Important Points To Know About The Label

  • The designer ships worldwide. So no matter where you are, you can shop her collection. Also, shipping anywhere is free. So you don’t have to worry about extra charges.
  • They do customisations only of their existing designs. What this means is, you cannot go upto the designer with a picture, asking them to recreate something for you from scratch.
  • They have an online website listing all of their products with prices. So you can easily browse through the collection while sitting at home.

How Not To Order From A Fake Instagram Store

Lehenga 1 Price – USD 695 INR 53,000 & Lehenga 2 Price – USD 595 INR 45,400

When you follow a bunch of Instagram pages, or plan to shop from any, know this. Pictures of outfits can be shared by a lot of accounts. It doesn’t mean that they have designed those outfits themselves. It is important to find out whether the Instagram page you’re shopping from is the right one.

For instance, I have seen a few creations of Poonams Kaurture on different Instagram pages with captions like – DM us, or WhatsApp us on this number to place an order. Before you even start communicating with the account, do the following research:

  • Upload the outfit picture on Google Images. Run a search. Google Images search will bring up everywhere that particular outfit has been posted. Invariably, you should able to find the link to the original page where the design was posted. That or if you see the particular image shared across different portals, it should ring some warning bells.
  • Check if there is any watermark on the outfit photo. In case there is, check if the same watermark is present in other pictures on the Instagram Account’s page. If the watermark says anything other than the account name, you know that’s fishy. In case you don’t see any watermark, follow the next two points.
  • If you’re unable to locate the source of the original design, check with the Instagram store to send you videos of the outfit, customer images of the outfit, and ask them to send you multiple images of the outfit. If it’s picked up from somewhere else, chances are they have only 1-2 pictures with them.
  • Ask the Instagram store point blank if this is their creation, or would they be replicating the design.

If you’re seeing this post, then lucky you, you now know where to shop Poonams Kaurture outfits from. Here are some of my favourite looks from her collection.

For The Bride

I loved this piece from Poonams Kaurture collection. It’s a relatively older piece, so couldn’t find the price of the outfit online. But in case you like it, you can check with their team. It’s a ruffled layered lehenga with the dupatta (which is also ruffled) tied from the back like a saree. Pretty cute, isn’t it?

Red Bridal Lehenga – USD 595 INR 44,500

Love Black Lehengas? Here’s A Few I Loved

Black Brocade Lehenga – USD 640 – INR 49,000

If you’ve been looking for a designer black lehenga in the under 50k range, then this label has a bunch of designs for you. You can check them out on their lehenga page online. I absolutely love this brocade design. It looks bridal and you can choose to wear this for a cocktail night, or even for any evening function.

Black Gold Brocade Lehenga – USD 640 – INR 49,000

Lehenga 1 – USD 675 INR 51,500 Lehenga 2 – USD 695 INR 53,000 and Lehenga 3 – USD 640 INR 49,000

How To Contact The Designer?

  • Send an email to poonamskaurture@hotmail.com
  • Fill up their online enquiry form on their website
  • DM the designer on their Instagram handle.

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