New 2020 Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices Are Here

by Namrata Nautiyal
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In the past, I had mentioned that Sabyasachi bridal lehenga prices start anywhere from INR 5 Lakh to INR 10+ Lakhs. Well, guess what? Today is your lucky day. I just discovered that you can easily pick some nice 2020 Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices in the under INR 4-5 Lakh range as well. Today I’m going to be sharing a total of twenty one 2020 Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices.

Normally, a Sabyasachi wedding lehenga, the real heavy kinds start at a minimum price of INR 6 Lakh plus.

If you’ve missed any of my previous Sabyasachi lehenga, saree price alert posts. You can check the links below.

If your bridal lehenga budget is anywhere under the 4 lakh bracket, here’s some of the Sabyasachi bridal budget lehengas for you. P.S.All of these lehengas can be shopped online!

2020 Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices Under 5 Lakhs

Sabyasachi Red Classic Bridal Lehenga – INR 3.95 Lakhs & Sabyasachi Heavy Lehenga – INR 4.95 Lakhs

Finding a classic red Sabyasachi lehenga in the under 5 Lakh budget is a find! I’m telling you, so many brides have told me, it’s impossible to get this budget in Sabyasachi’s store. Sure, there are plenty of light weight, and pre-wedding options in the under 3 Lakh range, but not bridal-bridal.

This time though, I specifically found 5-6 red classic Sabyasachi lehengas in the under 4-5 lakh price range. Some of these creations you might have seen on brides, some are still quite fresh from the last collection that launched.

Maroon Red Gold Sabyasachi Wedding Lehenga – INR 3.95 Lakhs

This particular lehenga is a pretty old classic one. I remember seeing this lehenga for rent at Flyrobe back in 2016 I believe. But let me tell you, it’s a gorgeous-gorgeous piece to wear. It’s rich, heavy and an all out classic traditional beauty.

Lehenga 1 – INR 3.25 Lakhs Lehenga 2 – INR 3.95 Lakhs and Lehenga 3 – INR 3.95 Lakhs

I was talking to a bride recently who picked a Sabyasachi sharara for her mehendi look. The sharara was from Sabyasachi’s older collection. It turns out some of the prices from the older collections are still relatively more affordable that his recent new collections. In fact, the prices for older collections have remained somewhat same.

So if in case you have a particular look in mind say from previous years, it might be a good idea to find out the price. You never know, you might just get lucky with the budget of the outfit.

Red Sabyasachi Lehenga Price – INR 2.45 Lakhs & Lehenga 2 Price – INR 2.87 Lakhs

A lot of brides these days are opting for the simple, not too heavy bridal lehengas for their big day. They go heavy on the jewellery and accessories while keeping the overall outfit look bold in colour, but simple in design. If that’s the route that looks good to you, then some of these designs are quite pocket friendly while still being a hot designer look to own.

Sabyasachi Velvet Lehengas

Honey And Mehendi Classic Sabyasachi Lehenga Price – INR 3.25 Lakhs

I bet you’ve seen this gorgeous Sabyasachi lehenga from 2019 Charbagh Sabyasachi collection. It’s royal, opulent and the colour combination is a win for mehendi look. I have seen one or two brides in this outfit.

While Sabyasachi is known to not do any kind of customisations – be it colour, print, pattern. Nothing. But, if you’re worried about that cleavage showing blouse, let me tell you, Sabyasachi does normal blouse styles as well for this look. So not to worry.

Ruby And Feroza Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga – INR 3.25 Lakhs

Deepika Padukone Sabyasachi Dil Guldasta Lehenga Price – INR 8.95 Lakhs

Up until now, there were so many different quotes for this particular lehenga. It’s probably one of the more popular looks from Sabyasachi’s recent collections. Well, now you have the exact price of the outfit.

Bollywood Celebrity Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices

New Sabyasachi Namaste Easy Lehenga Prices

Mustard Yellow Lehenga – INR 3.95 Lakhs

Off late if you visit Brides of Sabyasachi page on Instagram, you’ll notice a lot of brides opting for lightweight, pre-wedding looks for their main bridal look. Honestly, it looks quite fresh and perfect if you’re planning a summer outdoorsy wedding.

Orange, Ivory & Hot Pink Lehenga Price – INR 3.95 Lakh each

Is The Price Same In-Store And Online?

Lehenga 1 & 2 Price – INR 3.95 Lakhs

Honestly, I don’t know. You will have to find out from team Sabyasachi. Due to the whole covid-19 situation, most of the designers are either going on sale, or clearing out their old stock. Unfortunately, Sabyasachi never really goes on sale-sale.

But whether the prices are same both at the store, and when purchased online, that’s something I’m not really sure of.

The one good thing that’s come out of this pandemic is most of the premium designers are now completely showcasing their designs on online e-commerce portals. In case, you’re sitting in a completely different city, country or continent, this is your chance to go on a full fledged exploratory research.

Based on your budget, you can really narrow down on your favourite designer wear.

Where Can You Find These 2020 Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices?

Lehenga 1 Price – 2.45 Lakhs; Lehenga 2 Price – 1.98 Lakhs & Lehenga 3 Price – INR 3.95 Lakhs

Sabyasachi Rose Pink Lehenga Price – INR 3,65,000

Featured Image Credits: Bride Evneet Kaur, Photo Credits: Reels and Frames

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How much time they take to make a bridal lehenga after ordering or selecting a lehenga ?..
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