Latest 2020 Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga Prices Will…Shock You!

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga

Ok, let’s not be that dramatic. To just tell you upfront – All of Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga in this post cost between INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs. I’m sure if you’ve walked into any of the top a-list designer stores, you know this is pretty normal.

But I also know that for a large section of audience, some of these amounts might be shocking, to say the least. I mean imagine, you can either buy an entry level sedan with this amount, or invest in a lehenga.

But, with Tarun Tahiliani, you also have mid-range under 2 lakh lehengas that are not bridal per say, but you can opt for them for your sangeet, reception or cocktail event. If you want to check out the budgeted lehengas, scroll to the bottom of the blog post.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga’s are brilliant. The designer always comes up with new looks. That plus honestly, it’s a good thing that you know what kind of a budget you need to keep aside if you want to wear one of his designs.

In this post, I’m sharing all the latest 2020 Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga prices and pictures. In case the amount 5-10 lakhs scares you, you can look at the following designers for something under 5 lakhs:

Designers Who Have Bridal Wear Under 5 Lakhs

Ok, coming back to Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga and prices, here we go. Are you ready? Let’s drop the price bomb. P.S. All of these lehengas can be bought online through Aashni and Co.

Pink Bridal Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga Prices

Tarun Tahiliani Ombre Pink Embroidered Lehenga Set – INR 7,49,900

This is a contemporary bridal ensemble handcrafted in raw silk with heavy zardozi and resham french knot embroidery embedded with pearls and trellis insert paired with a blouse and tulle dupatta. Complete the look with ruby jewels.

I wonder if the kamar-bandh comes with the lehenga? That would be a nice delight factor, right? But sorry, bad joke. The lehenga on its own is a pretty piece. But 7 and a half lakhs is a big amount. Think about it.

Beige And Blush Embroidered Lehenga Set – INR 9,99,900

This is a heirloom-worthy bridal lehenga customized with laser cut trellis work in velvet highlighted with gota embroidery, diamond details and 3D flowers and paired with an embroidered blouse and tulle dupatta. Style the look with a statement necklace and maang tikka.

The most luxurious of the pieces from the latest Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga collection is this blush pink set. It’s has a more fun, contemporary lehenga blouse look. I’m not the biggest fan, maybe because I saw the price. What do you think? Like or love?

Tarun Tahiliani Light Pink Embroidered Bridal Lehenga – INR 4,19,900

This is an ethereal blush pink lehenga and blouse in raw silk accentuated with gota embroidery and paired with a ombre tulle dupatta. This look is perfect for a dreamy summer wedding.

Out of the three bridal pink lehengas, if I had to pick one, I personally love this one. Heirloom or not, this baby pink lehenga has so much details on it. Looks pretty nice with the work on the waist and the heavy border.

Tarun Tahiliani Classic Red Bridal Lehenga Prices

If I had to pick favourites from designers collection, it would be this section. His classic red bridal lehengas. They are gorgeous! Period. Super intricate details, royal look, and they are somewhat in the mid-budget section. At least from high end designer point of view. I’m sure there are prettier pieces in store. Maybe you can check that as well.

Red Embroidered Bridal Lehenga – INR 5,49,900

This is a vintage-inspired lehenga raw silk accentuated with zardozi, resham and french knot embroidery in vibrant colours, paired with a resham gara embroidery blouse and an ombre tulle dupatta. Style the look with kundan jewellery.

Red Brocade Embroidered Bridal Lehenga – INR 5,74,900

This is a traditional bridal ensemble customized in raw silk zardozi embroidered and a brocade blouse teamed with a brocade dupatta. Style the look with polki jewellery.

Look how stunning that looks, especially that gorgeous lehenga dupatta. This would be my favourite from this blog post if I had to pick one look. Let me know which look if your favourite from this list.

Red And White Embroidered Bridal Lehenga – INR 5,49,900

This is a regal bridal ensemble made in matka silk featuring gota embroidery and dori work highlighted with french knots and crystals. Paired with a V neck blouse in matka silk and an ombre tulle dupatta, this ensemble goes perfectly with polki jewellery.

For anybody looking for a Gujarati style Panesar look, can go for this lehenga. I’m sure the designer will have other options as well in traditional white red colour combination. But now you know what are the starting prices for these.

Kalidar Lehenga In Silk Dupion Featuring French Knot Hand Embroidery – INR 4,99,900

Brides In Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Wear

Other Bridal Pieces In The Collection

Coral Embroidered Lehenga Set – INR 2,24,900

Tarun Tahiliani designs a summer-perfect vibrant lehenga customized in mirror and cutdana embroidery and paired with a sleeveless blouse featuring mirror embroidery and fringe details. Style the look with polki embroidery.

I haven’t seen a prettier colour in mirror work in awhile. How stunning is this lehenga? Absolutely love love it. It might not be your typical heavy bridal piece. But nonetheless, I think this is that perfect unique look that no one else has.

Gold Peplum Blouse Lehenga Set – INR 4,99,900

This is a modernized lehenga handcrafted in silk highlighted with gota flowers and mirror embroidered paired with a peplum blouse and a tulle dupatta. Style the look with kundan jewellery pieces.

Colourful 2020 Lehenga Collection

My personal favourite in this series of latest Tarun Tahiliani Lehengas is this section. The colours are so bright, poppy, fun and playful. For anyone having a summer wedding, these are just pure gold to own. Yes, they cost money. A lot of it that too. But they look so good. Plus, I don’t think I’ve seen any of these lehenga looks anywhere so far. No cheap looking replicas whatsoever. *thank God for that*

Yellow Floral Embroidered Lehenga Set – INR 3,74,900

Tarun Tahiliani designs an opulent kalidar lehenga made in chanderi and sheer silk featuring a multi-coloured floral print highlighted with sequin embroidery. Style the look with rich heirloom jewellery.

Multi-Coloured Kalidar Lehenga Featuring Zardozi And French Knot Hand Embroidery – INR 5,49,900

Ombre Kalidar Lehenga Featuring Dabka Work And French-Knot Hand Embroidery – INR 5,99,900

Ombre Kalidar Lehenga Embroidered With Zari. Paired With An Embroidered Blouse And Printed Dupatta In Sheer Silk – INR 5,29,900

All of these lehengas can be directly purchased from Tarun Tahiliani’s official website.

BONUS: Budget Lehengas Under 2 Lakhs

Black Lehenga 1 – INR 1,39,900 & Lehenga 2 – INR 1,69,900

These budget friendly lehengas are perfect whether you’re the bride or brides sister. The price point is pretty sweet for a premium designer piece.

Lehenga 1 – INR 1,29,900 Lehenga 2 – INR 1,49,900 Lehenga 3 – INR 1,99,900

Lehenga 1 & 2 Price – INR 2,24,900

Which look was your favourite from this list?

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