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by Namrata Nautiyal
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banarasi bridal saree

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Indian saree appreciation post. Recently, I found quite a few brides in sarees for their main ceremony. Technically, I think majority of the population still wears a saree to their wedding. It’s just that internet portrays lehenga to be major instead of sarees.

But the part which is interesting about this post is, every bride in this section has chosen to wear a different saree fabric. Some have opted for traditional banarasi saree, others paithani, Kanjeevaram and so on. So if in case you are about to get married, and are thinking what kind of sarees to invest in, this will be quite informative. Whether it is for your main wedding or your trousseau, there are quite a few brides in sarees to check out for your inspiration.

So here we go. First up, my favourite brides in Banarasi sarees.

Real Brides in Gorgeous Banarasi Bridal Sarees

Bride in Sabyasachi

A classic red gold zari work banarasi saree is always a good option to go for. You’ll never go wrong with this. The colour, the whole look of the outfit screams bridal. That with an additional heavy work dupatta can instantly lift the look to make it slightly more contemporary.

Obviously, this particular wedding saree being from Sabyasachi had to look a certain way. But, you can also go with banarasi saree bought from any major retail store in your city. Eventually, it’s the fabric and the work that’s on the fabric that makes the look. If you like the dupatta part of it, you can always buy it separately from any of the fabric markets in your city.

Bride in Sabyasachi

How Much Do Sabyasachi Banarasi Sarees Cost?

Some of you might be wondering this after seeing these two brides in their gorgeous banarasi wedding sarees. Technically, I don’t have exact prices. But I can tell you this. Sabyasachi banarasi sarees cost anywhere from INR 1.5 Lakhs to INR 4 Lakhs. Could be more too. You just never know these things.

Sabyasachi Red Banarasi Saree Price – USD 2,795 ~ INR 2.06 Lakhs

Long back, one of the online websites shared this Sabyasachi saree price. Now, this being somewhere in the 2 lakh range. You can expect the current season sarees will definitely be in the 3 Lakh-ish price range. In case any of you’ll have any prices, do tell. Would love to update this in case I’m wrong.

If you’re still interested in seeing some other Sabyasachi saree prices, then check the link below:

Brides in Paithani Saree

Typically, one sees more Maharashtrian brides opting for Paithani saree on their wedding day. It’s almost like a custom similar to Panetar saree for Gujaratis or Kanjeevaram for South Indian brides.

The thing to note here is, Paithani looks stunning regardless of whether you’re maharashtrian or not. Not long back, one bride wore this gorgeous (not) paithani saree but just added a paithani border to her saree. It was designed by Neeta Lulla, and the whole look of the outfit, the drape etc was very Maratha inspired. You’ll notice the saree is georgette or something. Not sure. But check out the photos below. Looks pretty, right?

Bride in Neeta Lulla

If for some reason you don’t have access to Indian saree stores, then you can also check out the list of saree stores online. I have collected a bunch of bridal saree stores, some casual ethnic saree stores, and more in the list below:

What Are The Best Online Stores To Shop Sarees In India?

Brides in Net & Sequins Sarees

Bride in Sabyasachi

Not my favourite, I have to admit. But if you’re looking for a saree that’s versatile enough to be re-worn in the future, net and sequins can be a good option for reception wear. These days, lot of brides are also opting for this look for their abroad destination weddings. What do you think about this style?

Brides in Traditional Kanjeevaram Sarees

Too confused which saree to go for? Then stick to basics like a heavy Kanjeevaram. You’ll easily be able to buy it in all big retail stores + there’s high reusability of Kanjeevaram later on as well.

If you love Kanjeevaram sarees and want to see some more Kanjeevaram wedding saree inspiration, check out this post below:

30 Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees I’m Loving This Month

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