Want Shells On Your Lehenga Blouse? This Is The Designer To Approach

by Namrata Nautiyal
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arpita Mehta summer lehenga

There are rare occasions when I love every single piece from a designers collection. It’s even more rare to find something for everyone in a single collection. So whether you are a modest bride to be, or a spunky one, you’re going to love the lehenga blouse designs in this post. Not just the blouse exactly, there are tons of fusion wear like cocktail sarees, ethnic outfits and more to see.

Arpita Mehta since last year has been designing some amazing fresh looks using shells on lehenga blouses. Her new collection heros these shells by using it on lehenga blouse straps, and on dupatta borders.

If you’re planning for a summer wedding, or have weddings to attend this summer, then this post will make sense to you. The only bit – Arpita Mehta is one of the more premium designers, so things are expensive.

Just to give you an idea, you need to have a budget of at least INR 1 Lakh plus to invest in one of her designed pieces. Now, keeping that aside, check out some of the favourites here:

Shells On Lehenga Blouse

Have you seen shells on an outfit before? I bet not. Last I checked, one of the Insta famous brides wore shells as her kaleere which was a total hit. From there on, this is the first time when I’m seeing shells being used as the ‘it’ factor in outfits. And boy, does it look pretty!

For The Risk Taking Modern Brides

Are the outfits risky to wear? Well, they are. But then, every designer these days is going the skin way, and I guess brides are asking for it too. Sabyasachi is doing it, in more ways than one can imagine. But in the case of designer Arpita Mehta, you still have other more wearable options if that’s what concerns you.

Favourite Lehenga Blouse in Gorgeous Classic Blues

I absolutely love *love* every single one of these deep blue pop lehengas and gharara. Whether you’re the bride, or the brides sister, all of these outfits will look amazing.

Can You Shop Arpita Mehta Outfits Online?

Yes you can! Before we go to the next set of outfit looks from her summer collection, I know a lot of you have this on your mind. Luckily, if you want to plan ahead and invest in an Arpita Mehta outfit, there are a few places you can check out prices and pictures.

While you might not find every single piece available for purchase online. You can still get an idea about outfit prices for previous season collections.

In the past, I have documented a bunch of Arpita Mehta’s collections and prices on Frugal2Fab. If you’re interested in checking that out, check the links below:

Arpita Mehta’s Summer Sarees

If you don’t want to wear a traditional saree, and still look your traditional bit, then these form fitted ruffle sarees are perfect. They look fashionable and the best part is the colour of the saree. It will look good on everybody.

Other Outfits In The Collection

Which outfit from this designers collection was your favourite?

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