2020 New Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas

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Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas

This just in. Sabyasachi just launched his first 2020 bridal collection titled ‘Sultana’ on his Instagram account. I can tell you this. It’s better than last years. The collection is so dreamy, romantic, you’re going to love it !

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas were the lehenga dupattas. They just make the whole look stand out. Beautiful dupatta borders not sure what you call it, but have a look.

Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas – FAVOURITES

Sabyasachi 2020 Heritage Bridal Lehengas

This Pretty (Is It) Peach Lehenga That Has My Heart

This was the first lehenga revealed in the Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas collection. It’s one of the more unique looks from the rest of the collection. Fresh colour, new look, it has some similarity from the previous years Namaste Easy collection. But really, I don’t mind it, do you? It looks gorgeous doesn’t it?

Gorgeous Never Seen Before Dupatta Borders Matched With That Stunning Maang Teeka

The best part about Sabyasachi’s new launches is you get to see the whole bridal look. Jewellery, outfit draping style, makeup look everything together. The core of the collection is all about heritage bridal wear, and this particular set of lehengas are just about that. Traditional at its core.

Summer 2020 Sabyasachi Bridal Lehengas

I bet in the coming few days the designer might launch more pieces in the Sultana collection. For now, these are the two heavy lehengas fit for the wedding. It’s again similar to the ones in Namaste easy collection minus the dupattas. The blouse design has also been kept similar to last year.

Lehengas For The Bride & Brides Sister

A lot of brides like to twin with their sisters on their big day. It looks super cute as long as the sister doesn’t pick bridal colours. Luckily, this set of Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas are perfect tones for bride and her sister to wear for the main functions. The lehengas are not too heavy, and the colours are well suited to our Indian skin tone.

Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas – Monochrome Outfits

This year Sabyasachi launched monochrome i.e. single one toned colour bridal lehengas. This particular, is it sea green lehenga was my personal favourite from the collection. The colour is gorgeous to wear during the day. For anybody looking for sober, subtle look for their big day, can totally look this one up.

I’m just thinking, if Sabyasachi lehengas were pseudo affordable, wouldn’t this combination look great for bride and bridesmaids coordinated look? Honestly, apart from that, I’m not the biggest fan of this look.

Had I not known this is from the brand Sabyasachi, I would’ve said it looks something similar from Lashkaraa. Don’t get me wrong, I love lashkaraa products, but this doesn’t feel anything spectacularly out of the box. Maybe we expect too much out of the designer now, right?

Royal Bridal Summer 2020 Sabyasachi Lehengas

Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas for summer showcased these pretty pastel shade beauties. I think these will be the more premium set of bridal lehengas for summer 2020. It’ll be interesting to see how brides style these monochrome looks with or without their counterpart Sabyasachi jewellery.

I am quite surprised at myself. I actually like the neckline of these bridal Sabyasachi lehenga blouses. Not too revealing, it’s beautifully yet modestly cut to bring the focus on the bridal jewellery. Btw, did you check out the Sabyasachi jewellery? Oh my god, looks gorgeous, right?

The gold lehengas and the ivory heavy embroidered Sabyasachi Sultana lehengas are definitely topping the list of bridal favourites from this collection. I bet a lot of brides are going to move towards these colours for their summer wedding.

Sabyasachi Sultana Colourful 2020 Bridal Lehengas & Sherwani

This year, Sabyasachi has launched coordinated men and women wedding wear for their spring summer looks. I’m not the biggest fan of that green shade, tell me if you are. But the mustard one is actually pretty. Might look really nice in pictures. We just have to wait and watch.

Among The Monochrome Lehengas, Is This One Super Pretty Mehendi Outfit

For those of you who love subtle look, but still want the outfit to stand out, this is perfect for that. You can play around with heavy jewellery and still get away with the dark heavy embroidered lehenga skirt.

Sabyasachi 2020 Sultana Summer Sarees

Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration

Sabyasachi also launched a bunch of these simple ethnic wear outfits including sarees and straight suit sets in his latest Sultana collection. Nothing too over the top, but all classic pieces to own. That is if you can afford to buy all of this.

My least favourite in this collection, if I can say that are these pop monotone coloured lehengas. No clue why they were made. They are basic, and honestly if you want something basic you might as well save some of that money of yours. But choice is choice, and I’m nobody to sway your decision. But to me, this was more of like meh, next.

Favourite Sarees From This Collection

Which lehenga/outfit from Sabyasachi Sultana Wedding Lehengas is your favourite?

  • Jewellery Courtesy: Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery collection @sabyasachijewelry
  • Photo Courtesy: Tarun Vishwa
  • Makeup and hair by deepa.verma.makeup
  • Model: @kanika.dev
  • Location Courtesy: Taj Falaknuma 

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