Wedding Saree Styling Tips For Plus Size Brides

by Namrata Nautiyal
Wedding Saree Styling

No matter who you are, if you are getting married, you will be wearing a saree for some occasion. If you are a plus size bride, Wedding Saree Styling could feel a bit daunting if you’re not too body confident. Happens to the best of us. I am categorised in the normal to thin section, yet I have a bum that’s thrice the size of my boobs, making me look extremely disproportionate in sarees. You might not feel that’s a problem, but I get quite conscious.

Similarly, I know some of you brides are shy of showing your arms, or have a tummy situation that you’re not happy with, or something else. We all have that one thing we wish could’ve been better. So in this post, I thought let me bring you all of the Wedding Saree Styling tips, ideas, and mainly pictures that’ll help you feel more confident on your wedding day.

Keep in mind, I am no stylist, nor an expert. In fact, a lot of the pictures in this blog post are not even of plus size brides. That’s because I couldn’t find that many plus size brides in sarees on the internet. *true story* But still, there are a lot of good ideas on saree draping, styling and just overall colours and looks that you can bookmark for your wedding day look.

P.S. Before we begin, in case you’re a plus size bride to be, you might want to see some of the other articles I’ve written before on wedding looks for curvy/plus size brides.

Wedding Saree Styling Ideas for Plus Size Brides

Opt For Softer Colours and Silhouettes For Your Saree

Photography by Dhanika Choksi

I think the bride here is wearing a Lucknowi saree. Ivory and whites are totally in trend, and look really good with big chunky statement jewellery pieces. If you can have a look at the wedding photos, the bride looks so beautiful in her minimal yet elegant saree look. Her wedding is almost dreamy like.

Go For Elaborate Hair Dos That Bring The Focus Back To Your Face

The other thing I loved about her bridal look, is the hairstyle the bride did. If you notice, your eyes directly go on her beautiful smiling face, and that gorgeous hairdo on her.

Not that the bride has any flaw whatsoever, but just the choice of her saree and her overall simplistic look brings your eye back to her. Her face, her smile, her happiness.

Break The Monotony And Do Dark Vs. Light Blouse With Saree

Photography by Pixel Story

I wanted to share these simple easy to do Wedding Saree Styling ideas first because everyone can do this. We will look into fancy saree draping and other add ons later on in the post. But here, I just wanted to share with you what this pretty bride did for her wedding look.

I bet that blouse is not the saree blouse exact. She’s definitely got it done separately. But if you notice, it just breaks the look. The thin pleating of the saree pallu kind of slims her down, and you don’t really look at the sleeves or the overall figure on the top. Does that make sense? That + with the blouse not too OTT, the eyes again go to the brides happy glowing face, which is the point, right?

Opt For Softer Saree Fabrics & Colours

Photo Credits: ShutterDown Photography

I know this is not a wedding saree, but look, this bride chose this beautiful saree for her pre-wedding shoot. Easy to do, easy on the pocket, and you can still get all of those magical shots with your hubby-to-be.

Nowadays there are so many alternate fabrics like organza, tissue etc which you can even buy fabric rolls of, and make into a saree. They give an illusion of wearing something yet minimise and smoothen any harsh lines and figure cuts that you’re not too confident with.

Make Your Weakness Your Strongest Asset By Wearing Long Sleeve Embroidered/Lace Work Blouses

If chubby arms is your problem, try wearing flattering blouse designs, be it lace, embroidered or something different. Long sleeves, transparent sleeves all look really good with sarees. Also, considering it’s winters now, you can also opt for a backless sort of look, and go completely conservative in the front.

Wedding Saree Styling With Dupattas:

Add A Second Same Colour Dupatta Over The Saree

Whether you go for sheer or something more heavy (silk) like, a second dupatta can work more than one way to enhance your bridal look. If you are not keen on wearing a lehenga, but still want that drama, this is a good option to go for.

Also, a second dupatta can easily give you a slimmer look. While sheer is more from a style perspective, if you’re shy of showing off your curves, then go for solid colour (non-transparent) second dupatta. You can wear it in the same fashion as above, and it’ll still look very good.

Alternatively, you can also use a different colour second dupatta for your saree draping. Just use complimenting colours like this pretty bride has for her wedding. Orange and reds always go together and are quintessential Indian wedding colours. It’s bridal and you can also do lots of variations in photoshoots with your second dupatta.

Use Different Saree Draping Techniques

I know this bride is not plus size from any angle. But the idea behind sharing her wedding picture is to show the saree draping style. It’s simple, and elegant and you could do this for a reception night look.

Have Luscious Long Hair? Show Them Off

Even if you don’t, hair extensions can work like magic. Let your hair down, and build it up with jewellery and a dupatta. You’ll look fantastic!

If You Don’t Like Full Sleeves, Go For Below Or Just Above The Elbow Length

Let me know if you have any other Wedding Saree Styling ideas for plus size brides. I would love to include those as well in this post

Featured Image Credits: Z Molu photography

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Lav January 24, 2020 - 2:27 am

I usually love your blog and some of these tips are nice, but I don’t see a single plus size lady on this entire post.

Namrata Nautiyal February 5, 2020 - 9:01 am

Hey, you’re right. But it’s difficult to find real plus size brides images on the internet. In fact, I’ve mentioned it in the post as well. Instead, I’ve shared looks that a plus size bride can try out 🙂


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