US Has A New Designer Duo For Indian Wear And You’re Going To Love Them

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I know deep down we all love our traditional bridal wear options. But every now and then, we look out for something modern, glamorous, and different. Luckily for us Indians, we have so many wedding and pre-wedding functions, that we can really experiment with our looks.

I recently came across this US based Indian Wear brand called Queenly. They have an amazing collection of bridal and grooms wear, with a good number of options for modern brides.

If you are a bride to be based out of the US, I bet you’ve always struggled finding good Indian wear brands in the states, let alone find a good online website. I know it’s not for everyone to drop everything and come to India just to pick up that one lehenga or a saree.

With Queenly, you can browse their collection online, see prices, and they also provide bridal wear customizations and rent option!

What is Queenly?

Queenly is a US based South Asian brand which caters to the needs of modern Indian brides. Whether you are looking for your bridal wear, or pre-wedding outfit, they have a range of gorgeous lehengas, anarkalis, suit sets, as well as western evening gowns.

It’s a one-stop-online-shop where you can find outfits for yourself as well as for your groom. So it’s easy for you to coordinate looks and see what suits you best according to the theme for your wedding.

Even if you are not from the US, you should know that Queenly ships Indian wear worldwide. So whether you want to purchase any bridal wear, or do a complete customized outfit, you can still reach out to Queenly.

Know the Designers: Queenly by Puneet & Shipra

Queenly was started by the husband wife duo Puneet and Shipra. They are new designers based out of San Francisco, USA. If you are looking for high end premium bridal wear similar to the styles of Shyamal Bhumika and Sabyasachi designs, then you’ll love what Queenly has to offer.

What makes Puneet and Shipra stand out in the industry is they have a unique approach that’s fit for modern brides. As designers they provide options to purchase, customize, and even rent from them directly. The designers understand that no two customers’ requirements are the same. Their design style is all about intricate embroidery, hand-woven fabrics, and traditional crafting techniques which is what you get in their collections.

Every bride’s dream is to dress elegantly, just like a queen. Designers Puneet and Shipra want to bring out the queen in you. They believe that “every woman should have access to elegant, extravagant style for every special event in her life.”

How Much do Queenly Outfits Cost?

Queenly Bridal Lehengas prices start at INR 1 Lakh upwards. If you’re looking for heavy bridal lehengas, it can go up to INR 4-6 Lakhs. Queenly also does menswear sherwanis. Prices for menswear range between INR 50K to INR 1.5 Lakhs.

Quick FAQs You Should Know About Queenly

  • All the garments by Queenly are made in India.
  • Currently, Queenly only operates online, through their website. What this means is, there is no physical store that you can go to and browse their collection.
  • The brand ships worldwide, but their renting option is available only in the US.

Ok, now coming to the good part. Check out the gorgeous outfits they have in The Queenly Bride Collection.

Lady In Red Lehenga – $1,176 Approx INR 82,950

This is a traditional Lucknawi unique hand embroidered Chikankari lehenga with mukesh work. It’s a pure georgette lehenga.

The fabric and the overall design of the outfit makes it super chic to wear to your wedding. Remember seeing Priyanka Chopra’s all red wedding lehenga? Well, if you too have been obsessing over red on red, then this is my personal pick for you. You’re going to look beautiful, especially since Chikankari is all the rage this season.

Rosa Floral Lehenga – $5,515 Approx INR 3.80 Lakhs

This silk lehenga comes with golden handwork with a sweetheart neckline blouse, zardozi details, and a maxi-length silhouette.

If you want to opt for a more traditional looking lehenga, then this is a gorgeous piece to wear for your main wedding ceremony. The colour and work is classic but the lehenga choli design gives it the modern touch.

Given how heavy the lehenga is, you can opt to wear minimal jewellery to give it an elegant, timeless look. If you’re looking for a showstopper look to wear to your wedding or reception, try this beauty by Queenly.

Cecily Floor-Sweeping Lehenga

This glamorous floor-sweeping silk lehenga comes with hand painted florals on an embroideredblouse and skirt, including a flowy delicate train.

My favourite part about this dress is the train. I haven’t seen very many brides rocking such a look in Indian wear. So this is a pretty cool idea to try out for your reception night. You can always wear a western gown with a long train, but imagine doing that with a lehenga! I mean wow!!

Now, there are a bunch of other outfit options for brides that you can directly shop from  Queenly’s website. All of Queenly’s outfits have a distinct style that is different from any other outfit in their collection.

Let me know which one is your favourite!

Western & Bridal Gowns by Queenly

Lily Of The Nile Gown – $2,941 Approx INR 2.08 Lakhs

If you are having a pre-wedding shoot, or want coordinated bridesmaids outfits that are not your typical Indian wear, but something in between Indo-western, then check out these options by Queenly.

They have a bunch of designs for bridal gowns as well as other lighter outfits in the western gown range. Prices for Queenly Gowns are typically INR 1.5 Lakhs and above.

What if for some reason, you are not 100% sold on the idea of shopping any of the above designs. It could be budget, it could be design, colour, I understand. A lot of times, as a bride, you might have a particular image in mind that you want to wear for your wedding. It could also be an inspiration from somewhere, or just your own idea. Well, don’t worry. Queenly has two more options for you.

  • Customise Your Dream Outfit
  • Rent an Outfit

I bet by now you realise that not many designers have these many offerings directly coming from their label. Even when shopping with Indian brands, you have to move on to third party e- commerce sites, or other Companies that provide various options of say buy, rent, etc.

With Queenly, their unique approach of understanding each and every customer’s need and directly serving them through their brand is pretty amazing. You only have to get in touch with the designers themselves, no other third party for whatever your need might be.

Customizing with Queenly

Customizing has never been an easy affair. Especially if you are a bride to be shopping from say USA, Canada or anywhere abroad for that matter. I personally am always petrified thinking I  need to give details about myself over the phone and wait patiently for things to magically be all right. It rarely happens, and that’s where Queenly’s easy customizing options comes into play.

The first thing you must know is that the brand is not going to make a replica for you. So, for instance, if you like a particular design from say ABC designer, no, the brand will not make same to same outfit for you.

So what does customization even mean?
  • With Queenly, you simply have to describe your dream outfit look.
  • Attach example images as reference.
  • They then review your request and provide a quote for your custom orders.

The best part is the brand gives you a quote within 2 – 4 business days. It is that simple. The only thing you need to keep in mind is they do not take custom orders for less than $250 (approx INR 18K) an outfit.

I come across so many brides who complain about reaching out to brands/designers only to be disappointed as they can’t get a one on one with the designer themselves. It is freaky when the designer’s team is handling your request, and you don’t have that kind of faith in them to understand your vision for the dress.

With Queenly, the designers Puneet and Shipra, they themselves get in touch with you, talk to you, and take you through the different stages of customizations.

Isn’t that awesome? This is where Queenly clearly stands out from other designers. They completely eliminate any ambiguity and headaches you might have interacting with multiple vendors, and people to get one outfit done. Everything gets done in house, and you are completely in touch with the designers throughout the customization process.

Rent An Outfit by Queenly

Anarkali Rent Price – $200 Approx INR 14,000

How many times has this happened with you? Every time you come to India, you end up shopping hoards and hoards of Indian wear to last you all year round for all the festivities in the US? Whether it is sarees, lehengas, or anarkalis, I bet you’ve spent a good couple of days hunting in India to get good affordable pieces to take back with you.

Well now, with Queenly you can just rent an outfit. Renting saves you tons of space plus, you’re not stuck with an outfit forever. You can also switch and wear something new and fashionable to all the ethnic wear occasions.

Queenly offers a rental option only in USA. At Queenly, you can even purchase their gently worn items at a discounted price. Renting at Queenly starts as low as $80 ~ INR 5,500 for a saree. Lehengas can go up to $250 ~ INR 17,000 depending on how heavy an outfit you pick.

Renting For the Bride

I’ve always said this before. If you are a bride to be, and more so a budget conscious bride, then a good idea is to mix up renting vs. buying. While I understand a wedding outfit is a challenging idea to rent out, you can totally rent out for smaller pre-wedding parties.

Say for instance, for any gatherings at home, or even for your pre-wedding shoot. You don’t really need to put in tons of money to keep buying a dozen heavy Indian wear outfits.

The brilliant part about Queenly is that you can buy any of these (available for rent) outfits. So it’s actually a win-win if you see. Whether you like any of the rental outfits, or the outfits that are available for purchase, the brand is pretty flexible in providing you with options of rent, buy or customize.

Renting For the Bride’s Sister

Floor Length Zari Gown – $150 Approx. INR 10,500

Unless and until you’re the bride, collecting and hoarding new Indian wear outfits makes no sense in today’s date. Nobody wants to wear the same outfit on multiple occasions. Renting gives you the option to save more both in terms of money and the space in your wardrobe.

Bronze Goddess Saree – $150 Approx. INR 10,500

Black is so much in trend in Indian fashion these days. Gone are the days when aunties frowned upon anyone from the bridal party wearing black to an Indian wedding. Now, it’s totally cool, and you should completely take advantage of this situation.

Black looks so good no matter what style you pick. Plus, just to make it more wedding-y, I think Queenly’s black with gold outfits look perfect for sangeet to any other pre-wedding occasions.

Renting for The Wedding Guests

Summer Sky Saree – $80 Approx INR 5,600

Sometimes, we don’t want to invest in heavy pieces. If you’re looking to attend any weddings, or just some Indian occasion like Diwali, or a puja in someone’s house, then these pretty simple elegant outfits are perfect for that.

Queenly Contact Details

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