What Are The Best Online Stores To Shop Sarees In India?

by Namrata Nautiyal

You know how we focus on lehengas so much. The reality is we end up buying more sarees than lehengas. Sarees are anyday better option in regards to long term investments, and let’s face it, we get more use out of them. So shouldn’t we spend some time to know what are the best places to shop sarees online in India?

Recently, on Frugal2Fab Instagram, I asked all of you to tell me which saree brands you follow, and love. So many of you gave me such good options. I thought I need to write up a post on where to shop sarees in India. So this post is a collection of all the labels you’ve suggested along with some gems I’ve found on the way.

P.S. I started this post thinking it’ll be a one post everything in one place sort of a thing. But there are so many brands I want to share. So think of this as part 1 to shop sarees post. I will write up another one on saree stores later on.

Best Online Stores To Shop Sarees In India

For Heavy Bridal Wear

Kanakavalli – For Pure Kanjeevarams

If you are looking for shop sarees that are high end pure Kanjeevarams for your bridal wear, then check out this store. They have both online as well as a store presence. If you ask me, I would never really recommend you to drop a bomb online to buy a saree.

Shopping for sarees, especially silk is more like an investment. you need to touch, feel, look at yourself in that saree before you make a purchase. That said, it’s always a good option to get an idea of the price range, details about the work and craftsmanship beforehand. That’s where browsing through Kanakavalli’s website makes sense. They have such an extensive range of sarees available on their website. You can really research prior to going to the store.

Kanakavalli Saree Price – INR 32,300

Kanakavalli Saree Prices

The brands kanjeevaram sarees start from INR 15k upwards and can go upto INR 1. 5 Lakhs. You can check out all of the sarees and the prices online on their website.

Kanakavalli Store Address – Chennai + Bangalore
  • Kingsley, 60 Spurtank Road, Chennai-600031
  • 5, Setlur Street, 5th Phase, Langford Town, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru
  • +919940515627, 04442855111, 9841065290

Deepam Silks

In the frame: BohoBalika wearing Deep Silks

If you’re shopping from overseas and can’t really make the time to come down to India to pick up heavy bridal sarees, then shopping on these websites is a very good option. They do pure silks in every format. Whether you want Patola, kanjeevarams or banarasi, they have it all. And what a gorgeous collection they have!

Royal Blue Kanjeevaram Saree Price – INR 35,998 & Fawn Wrinkle Crepe Saree Price – INR 9,998

If you want to see some real brides in pure Kanjeevaram sarees, then check out the link below. It’ll give you an idea of what colours, designs, look good for bridal wear.

Store Address:
  • No 67, Blumoon complex, MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001
  • 393 & 394, 11th Main road, Jayanagar, 3rd block, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560011.


Handwoven Kanjivaram Silk Sari with Kili Butta Border – INR 36,000

To be honest, I am not the biggest expert in understanding high end pure silk sarees. But in this post, my idea is to simply give you all the options I know of. You’ll have to do a fair bit of due diligence coz I personally only shop in store, and never online for sarees.

Now coming to Parisera, this also is a pretty high end brand which has all of the pure silk sarees from different parts of India. Just to give you a rough idea, it has like 3000 pages of just sarees! So I’m not going to get into the details of what they have and what they don’t but you can definitely browse through their collection.

Handwoven Kanjivaram Silk Sari with Maram Motif Border – INR 37,100

I am not sure but I think it’s a multi brand website, as there are multiple labels showcasing their sarees in this portal. But the brilliant thing about this brand is that they allow for a seven day exchange policy.

Store Address:
  • Primeside Retail Private Limited, No: 27, Senthil Andavar Street, Dhanalakshmi Colony, Vadapalani, Chennai – 600 026
  • Contact Number : +91-7338875064
  • Email : response@parisera.com

For Regular Occasional Wear Sarees


Muave Tussar Silk Saree Price – INR 6,500 & Red Cotton Silk Saree Price – INR 5,650

I was doing some research on where to shop sarees online, when I came across this brand. I absolutely love every single piece they have online. It’s not a bridal saree online store, but more to do with fashionable silks and cottons for modern women.

Suta Bombay

Saree 1 – INR 3200 & Saree 2 – INR 2100

For simple, everyday sarees that you can wear to work, or just out for brunch, check out Suta Bombay. They do simply cotton sarees and wearable blouse designs that make the overall look perfect for the everyday woman.

The best part is prices are super affordable, and they have great variety. All of which can be shopped online through their website or at their store.

Deer Lotus Embroidered Blouse – INR 5100 & Pink Gota Patti Blouse – INR 2100

With sarees comes a whole lot of saree blouse concerns. If you are interested in some simple blouse designs, check out the link below. I have listed all the designs that you can easily get done by any tailor.

Suta Bombay Address:
  • B wing- 519, 5th floor, Pride of Kalina, Co-op. HSG Soc. Ltd., Kolivery Village, Sunder nagar road no-2, Kalina, Landmark- Opposite Golden Orchard-1, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098
  • 082915 79185


Love organza? Then this is the store for you. Picchika does beautiful whimsical floral organza sarees that are hand painted. They are a Jaipur based brand. Their designs are feather light and are perfect for wedding guest looks, or even for your trousseau.

Rose Pink Organza Saree Price – INR 17,500

Yellow Soft Organza Saree Price – INR 16,500

Organza by default is slightly on the expensive side. Most of the sarees in Picchika’s collection are also priced somewhere in the mid-budget range of INR 20k or under. They also do organza floral lehengas for INR 25k if you’re interested.


Cornflower Blue Dhakai Jamdani Price – INR 8,242

If you are interested in traditional Bengali sarees, then Bunavat has everything that you need in various price range. They even have sarees from Odisha in their collection.

Chakori Ethnic

Handwoven Chanderi Tissue saree – INR 9400 & Handwoven Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Saree – INR 9700

Chakori Ethnic is my recent finds on Instagram. It’s run by this one lady who pretty much dresses and models every single saree that’s up for sale on their website. It’s a great way to know what a saree will look like once worn.

Their prices are somewhat mid budget mostly under 10k. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t really understand one saree from another, and relies more on the look of the garment, going for these online labels makes more sense.

Handwoven Linen Checked Saree Price – INR 5600

For example, just yesterday I picked up a tussar or matka silk saree (not sure which one it is) from Fab India. It cost me like INR 10k. Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful. But even a dodo like me knows that no tussar is supposed to cost that high. But Fab India being Fab India, I mean they are selling cotton plain crop top lehenga skirt for like 8k. It’s such a crime come to think of it.

So rambling aside, if you’re a newbie in saree shopping especially online, you might as well start with brands that showcase the complete look of a saree in their pictures, and are reasonable at the same time. Make sense?

Banarasi Kadhwa Jari Georgette Sari – INR 6800, Handwoven And Hand Embroidered Tussar Silk Saree – INR 6900 & Banarasi Kadhwa Jari Georgette Saree – INR 6800


Green Linen Silk Jamdani Price – INR 8,200

If you are looking for a Delhi based saree store that also sells online, then Aditri is a good option to look at. They have a range of different kinds of sarees from Jamdani, to linen, baluchari, Kantha and more.

They also have silver jewellery and other forms of tribal oxidised jewellery being sold through their website. So you can easily mix and match and shop from this one place.

White Blue Matka Silk Jamdani – INR 9,900 & Golden Yellow Katan Silk Price – INR 7,500

Store Address:
  • A 10 / 70 B, Kalkaji Extension New Delhi – 110019
  • +91 9354875047
  • contactus@aditri.co.in

If you still want some more saree inspiration, you can check out some gorgeous high end Sabyasachi saree posts I’ve written in the past. I’ve also shared Sabyasachi saree prices if you’re interested.

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The wedding day for a woman is a monumental day of her life. She is going to start a new
chapter of her life after all. And she needs the perfect attire to step into this new phase of her
life. For ages, women have made a pure banarasi silk saree a part of their bridal trousseau.
Imagining a bridal trousseau without a banarasi saree and a dupatta is unthinkable!

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