New Gaurang 2019 Lakme Fashion Week Collection

by Namrata Nautiyal
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New Gaurang 2019 collection

If there is one fashion week collection to be excited about, it’s this. New Gaurang 2019 collection was all about traditions. The collection titled “Peshwai” is inspired by the 18th century fashion style.

New Gaurang 2019 collection showcased beautiful Paithanis from Maharashtra, bandhani work from Gujarat and Jamdani Kota work from Rajasthan. You know how these days every designer lehenga or saree pretty much looks one directional. I don’t know how to explain it. But there’s nothing strikingly different that they present after a while.

This collection by Gaurang Shah was the definition of different. The style might not appeal to everybody. But if you like old style, traditional, culturally rich garments, you’re going love every single piece from this collection.

Quick note: I do not have any idea about what Gaurang Shah outfits cost. They are nowhere available on the internet. So in case any of you’ll have any ideas, let me know.

Gaurang Shah Lehenga Prices

Lehenga 1 – INR 1,38,500 Lehenga 2 – INR 4,89,500 Lehenga 3 – INR 5,89,500

You can check out more of Gaurang Shah lehenga designs and prices on Aashni and Co.

What The New Gaurang 2019 Collection Peshwai is about?

“Peshwai is a novel textile experiment. It is a revitalization of 18th-century motifs with an innovative layout.” Gaurang adds, you will get to see the dull checker texture of Kota Doria become a beautiful canvas of jamdani; with an inlay of Persian patterns and mosaics, the age-old Kota cotton saree transforms into a new contemporary classic. The intricate mustard seed bandhani stresses the ornate weaves of the Peshwa dynasty. – Source The Hans India

Favourite Lehengas from Gaurang Shah’s 2019 Collection

I understand some of you might feel these looks are extreme level of traditional. But I can assure you keep this outfit next to any regular designer lehenga, and the colours and the richness of this outfit will pop like nothing else matters.

Paithani Sarees by Gaurang Shah

Anytime when you plan your trousseau, you should always have a mix of silks, fancy, and then wearable fashion in your list of things to buy. Paithani is like the banarasi of the west. I got gifted one paithani during my wedding, and it’s an amazing piece. I might not be wearing it anytime soon, but it’s like having a piece of art.

The only problem I find with new age fancy sarees is that todays trend is tomorrows doom. Whether it is sequins, ruffles, pastels, or pop, nothing sticks the test of time. Silks on the other hand, are like gold. Their value just goes up and up as the time passes.

Gaurang Shah’s 2019 Menswear Collection

if you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far, you should also check out Gaurang Shah’s last years collection. It was all about kalamkari work inspired from Ajanta and Ellora.

All image credits: Vogue India

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