Haus Khas Has A Budget Lehenga Store And You’re Going To Love It!

by Namrata Nautiyal

It’s so hard to come across good budget lehenga store these days, especially in Delhi. Delhi as a bridal market is slightly on the expensive side. But the city does offer few gems of budget lehenga store’s that every bride should know of.

I’ve been following this brand called Ricco India for awhile now. On their Instagram page, I saw beautiful brocade and banarasi lehengas at affordable prices. They even did mainstream bridal lehengas and other cocktail gowns. So I thought, why not bring the focus on to this budget lehenga store today.

To shop at this Budget Lehenga Store, you need to have a minimum budget of INR 20k upwards. Ricco India’s lehengas and gowns typically start from INR 40k to INR 1.4 Lakhs.

If you’re planning on doing your wedding shopping in Delhi, make sure you check out my detailed blog posts on Delhi lehenga markets. I’m sharing all the links below:

Before we start, I should point out, that for the beautification of the post, I am only sharing some of their more extravagant designs. You can however look for more simple designs on their Instagram page, and on their website.

Where is Ricco India Located?

Ricco India has a shop in Haus Khas, New Delhi. If you are in Delhi for your lehenga shopping, chances are you are going to land up in Haus Khas and Shahpur Jat market.

Both these markets are known for designer bridal labels, as well as small boutique stores that do all things weddings. Usually Haus Khas and Shahpur Jat are labelled as expensive, which usually they are, but if you search well, there are some good affordable budget lehenga store here as well.

Ricco India Store Address:

Ok, now that you know where this store is located, let’s get onto the good stuff.

Budget Lehenga Store Ricco India – Outfit Styles

Beige And Blue Heavy Embroidery Anarkali Gown – INR 95,000

At Ricco India, you will find the following styles for your wedding:

  • Bridal and Pre-Bridal Lehengas
  • Cocktail Gowns, Ball Gowns, Western Gowns
  • Concept Sarees, Cocktail Sarees

I personally love their range of brocade banarasi lehengas. You know how banarasi has been in trend these past few years. Usually, it’s quite hard to come across good banarasi lehengas in budget. I found a few gorgeous ones in Ricco India’s collection.

Budget Brocade Banarasi Lehenga Prices

Pink Brocade Benarsi Lehenga With Ombré Dupatta – INR 39,000

Some of you might have a doubt in mind – how are these lehengas priced so affordable? From what I understand, it’s got to do with the fabric. Banarasi comes in a lot of different formats, and knowing which banarasi fabric you’re buying can give you an idea about pricing.

That said, honestly if you think the outfit looks good in person, just buy it. You’re going to wear the lehenga probably once. Ultimately, it has to look good. Plus, you’ll smile more knowing you have some money saved in your pocket to spend later.

Ball Gown Benarsi Bridal Lehenga Price – INR 65,000

If you’re looking for more authentic (read expensive) real banarasi options, then you can check out the links below. I’ve mentioned all the designers and retail stores you can go to for buying the best Banarasi bridal lehengas.

Ricco India – Real Bride In Banarasi Lehenga

She looks pretty good, doesn’t she? I think the brand is open to customisations. Their Instagram page shows a lot of *inspired* designs from Papa Don’t Preach, Manish Malhotra, Pakistani designs and pretty much from everywhere.

If you want something totally unique, and made from scratch and on a budget, then this could be the perfect budget lehenga store for you.

Mehendi and Day Function Outfit Ideas

Mustard Peplum Jacket Lehenga With Pink Tassels – INR 29,000

If you’re aiming for something light and fun for your mehendi or any other pre-wedding function, then this budget lehenga store has a bunch of options under INR 50k. I am sharing some of my favourites here.

Mustard And Mint Green Heavily Beaded Lehenga – INR 48,000

The only problem I’m finding about this store is, they have different pricing for the same outfit on their website. It’s quite strange. So ideally what I would suggest is, only buy after doing due diligence at the store. If you see something that’s worth the price they are quoting, go for it.

Recently a real bride wore this gorgeous lehenga for her mehendi from Ricco India. Looks pretty great, doesn’t it? I think it’s all about working with the boutique designers at the store. You never know, you might just find a gem at their store address.

Mom & Me Outfits by Ricco India

If you’ve been searching for a brand that will do coordinated looks for you and your son/daughter, then this is your store. The outfits look so cute, and knowing that adult lehengas are affordable, I’m sure so would the kid outfits. Not sure of the price here, but you can check it out with the brand.

I also found one (this) mirror work lehenga in their collection. Mirror work lehengas are everyone’s favourite, but they also cost quite a lot. I’m sure you’ve all seen what Abhinav Mishra mirror work lehengas cost.

Cocktail and Engagement Gowns

Structured Red Ball Gown Price – INR 85,000

Haus Khas and Shahpur Jat are good markets in Delhi to look for cocktail/ engagement/ reception gowns. There are multiple designers and boutiques that do amazing custom dresses and ball gowns.

I found so many different styles of evening gowns in Ricco India’s collection. Your head will spin just looking at the options. There’s everything from fit and flare, to full flare, bling-bling and Indo-fusion gowns in their collection.

Blue Structured Cocktail Gown – INR 78,000

Structured Cocktail Gown – INR 1.4 Lakhs

How Do You Know If The Brand Is Genuine Or Not?

At this point, I think we should touch base upon how to find if a label is genuine or not. There are couple of things you can look at. From Ricco India’s perspective, here’s what I looked at:

  • All of their outfit pictures have Ricco India mentioned in the same exact format.
  • All of their outfit pictures also have a similar kind of a backdrop. Mostly the pictures are clicked in the showroom with background images blurred. Both these points will show you consistency, and knowing that it’s the same agency which is clicking the pictures.
  • The brand has a lot of real bride photos that they share on their social media as well as on their main website. Seeing actual humans wear the brands clothes is the *most* important bit in judging any label.

All in all, I think it is safe for you to shop from this store. I might not recommend you to shop their clothes online. But there’s absolutely no harm in visiting their store and checking their products out.

Red Gowns and Lehengas

Red Sequin Work Lehenga With Feather Dupatta – INR 51,000

If there is one colour that dominates Ricco India’s collection, it’s got to be red. Remember seeing Priyanka Chopra’s red lehenga? Or Deepika Padukone’s red evening gown?

If you loved those looks, then you will love Ricco India’s red collection as well.

Bride And Groom Co-it’s Cocktail Set – INR 51,000

Pink Beadwork Cocktail Gown – INR 71,000

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Manvi sharma August 23, 2019 - 3:45 pm

Absolutely loved their collection with so many vibrant and latest trends ! The prices are quite a surprise.. loved this blog! Turns out to be really helpful.

Rohit Patel August 24, 2019 - 12:37 pm

Palkhifashion has a huge collection of Chaniya Choli.
Designer Chaniy Choli 2019

Anjali September 5, 2019 - 12:07 pm

This is really a beautiful women lehenga collection.

Harjinder November 22, 2019 - 9:47 am

How i ordered

Meetali December 4, 2019 - 9:44 pm

After seeing your blog I went to Ricco India… first of all let me tell you that this is a really small store quite difficult to find…we kept roaming around and no one there told us in which gali the store is.. finally we found it and guess what the store had nothing in budget…the good stuff starts at 70000 plus and 40 k stuff was not good for buying…lastly the behaviour of the girl sitting at the counter was as if I had entered a sabya store…guys pls check that store only if u have so much time left in your wedding…otherwise don’t waste your time and money..u will definitely get much better stuff at chandni chowk…

Namrata Nautiyal December 5, 2019 - 8:28 am

Hey Meetali,
Firstly, I am so sorry you had that experience. A couple of brides who picked their outfits from Ricco were quite happy, and hence I put up the post. Now that I think about it, yes they all had a decent time period to get their lehenga. So maybe it wasn’t that urgent for them. But reading your comments, I think the store pretty much sucked, right? So here’s what I will do. Will add your review in the blog post itself so that others know fully well what to expect when they visit this store.


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