2019 Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga Collection

by Namrata Nautiyal
Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga

Its that time of the year again. Sales are coming towards the end, and new designer collections are out. Just yesterday, Sabyasachi launched his Charbagh Bridal Lehenga Collection on his Instagram page. For anyone who is looking for wedding inspiration, there’s lots to see and love in this post.

Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehengas are divided in four parts:

  • The Devi Collection (All red traditional bridal lehengas)
  • Nargis (The more modern bridal lehengas)
  • Chowk (Giving tribal Maharani vibes)
  • Isfahan (Opulent bridal lehengas)

Unfortunately, Sabyasachi hasn’t really written much about each of these four different sets within his collection. So for now we will have to make do with just the pictures.

There are over 50 pictures in this blog post, but I didn’t even try to count the number of new outfits in his collection. Let’s just say, there are a lot of new Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga for you to select here.

2019 Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga and Menswear

The Devi Collection

If you are looking for traditional bridal red for your wedding, then Sabyasachi’s this collection has quite a number of options for you. All the outfits in the Devi collection have the same bright shaadi red going on, which personally I love. The colour is a classic.

I found designs ranging from simple, like the one in the picture above, to some really heavy work red Sabyasachi bridal lehengas in this selection as well. You can start bookmarking the one you love.

Keeping up with his latest neckline design from earlier this year, it’s the same for the winter collection as well. If you are conservative about what you’re willing to show during your wedding, some of his lehenga choli’s plunging neckline might be a problem for you.

I am not sure if the designer gives an option to change the neckline, I think he might be. For some time I thought maybe the idea behind having those necklines is to promote Sabyasachi heritage jewellery ๐Ÿ˜€ Come on, think about it. If you’re going to have a heavy bridal blouse up high, and then add some even heavier jewellery to it, things might not look very nice. The bare neck here gives you an option to play with more statement pieces.

I absolutely love Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga that the plus size model is wearing here. The design is so flattering on her, and quite honestly I don’t mind the blouse designs on her that much. Do you?

How stunning is that last lehenga in the picture. It’s plain red, but do you notice it has full sleeves blouse and that gorgeous lehenga border? Stunning isn’t it? If you’re going for a more classic elegant sort of a look, then this would be my pick for you. This particular lehenga is going to look fabulous on any and every bride.

Nargis – Destination Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga

What you’ll instantly notice between the four divisions between Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga’s is they are all very very different in style. It’s almost like four different collections all together. It’s just that Sabyasachi has so much creativity in him, he just gave us everything in one.

This particular collection gave me a lot of Anushka Sharma’s wedding lehenga inspired vibes. I don’t particularly know why this is destination wedding range, but if the designer says so, it is. He’s the master of his craft.

At this point, I think I should warn you about a couple of things that have been brought to my notice about Sabyasachi bridal lehengas:

  • His prices have significantly gone up!
  • The lehengas which were priced X before, have also now been revised with at least a 25% increase. In fact in some cases, lehengas prices have now more than doubled.

From what I understand, if you’re looking for any bridal-bridal lehenga from Sabyasachi, you need to keep aside at least 5-6 lakhs at the very minimum. It sucks, but what can one do.

I have written quite a few posts on Sabyasachi lehenga prices, unfortunately, as of today most of those prices are invalid. You can still look at it like a base price, but 90% chances are the new revised prices are much higher than what I’ve quoted.



The most royal and premium looking bridal lehengas came from this selection called Isfahan. I googled the word and it seems the word means a city from Iran. Makes sense, coz the first time I saw this yesterday, I thought it had some middle eastern flavours to it. Even the way the photoshoot is done, low lights, and the palace room behind, it’s all very dark yet rich.

What did you love the most in Sabyasachi Charbagh Bridal Lehenga collection?

Sabyasachi 2019 Charbagh Collection Prices

Couple of days back, I got a DM from Frugal2Fab Instagram follower Priyanshi mentioning some prices from the Charbagh Collection. I thought you’d be interested to know them. So sharing these here:

Green & Red Sabyasachi Kurta Sharara – INR 1.7 Lakhs each

Sabyasachi Blue Straight Cut Suit Set – INR 2.5 Lakhs

So many of you’ll asked for this outfits price when I posted it on Frugal2Fab Insta, well now you know what it costs. It’s beautiful, but no surprises there, it’s expensive. To be honest I didn’t think this would be the magic number for this dress. Can you imagine, for this amount, you can easily pick a bridal lehenga and then some. But anyhow, premium is called premium for a reason.

Sonam Kapoor’s Sabyasachi Outfit Price – INR 2.5 Lakhs

I don’t know what this outfit style is called? Maxi? Long dress? Whatever it might be, now you know what it approximately costs. I say approx because with Sabyasachi prices you never know. One day it’s something, the other day it is an extra zero added to the outfit.

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