Mumbai Vs Delhi Lehenga Shopping. Which City Is Better For You?

by Namrata Nautiyal
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A lot of overseas brides have been coming up with this question lately. Which city is better for bridal shopping? Delhi or Mumbai? I understand how you might be sceptical about Mumbai Vs Delhi Lehenga Shopping. Most of the designers, retail stores, budget brands or high end labels are present in these two cities. So if you had to pick one between Delhi and Bombay, how do you do that?

Before we begin, let me tell you there is no clear black and white answer as to which city is better between Mumbai Vs Delhi Lehenga Shopping. They both offer widely different things.

If you don’t want to read the long blog post here, I’ve also given a short answer to this question on Frugal2Fab Instagram.

Captured By Ministry Of Memories Outfits By Sabyasachi, Rimple And Harpreet, Shantanu Goenka Couture

In this post, I will share everything that I’ve understood over the years about Mumbai Vs Delhi Lehenga Shopping. I lived in Bombay up until my marriage, and post that I’ve spent close to four years now in Delhi NCR. So I do know a fair bit of difference between the two cities and what each one has to offer, but some of you might still agree/disagree with me. I’m only giving you my opinion.

What might be right for one person, may not be right for you. So in this post I will list down all the pros and cons, plus everything you need to know about both these markets, and you can judge for yourself which city is a better fit for you.

What Kind Of A Bride To Be Are You?

Anita Dongre Jaipur Love Bridal Collection

1. I have a specific look, design, colour in mind for my wedding outfits

Have you done like extensive research where you’ve bookmarked your favourite looks, and want, if not the same, but similar kind for your wedding?

2. I am looking for complete customisation, and unique never-seen-before outfits for all of my wedding looks

Basically, you don’t wish to purchase off the rack, but instead want your inputs included in your wedding outfit designs.

3. What is the duration of your wedding shopping timeline?

Do you have few days like less than a week to two weeks? Or do you have more than two weeks to shop for all of your wedding outfits?

4. I am a budget conscious bride? Or my budget is relatively open to different price points.

Do you want to stick to a hard budget say for instance, less than INR 50k for a bridal outfit, and less than INR 30k for pre-wedding outfits? Or are you relatively easy on your budget – that is higher than INR 1-2 Lakhs for bridal and similarly for pre-wedding as well? How much are you willing to stretch on your wedding outfit budget?

5. I want one store to handle all of my bridal outfits, as in most of the outfits at least. Or I want to shop from different outlets for every single wedding outfit

Think about this. If you want one store for all, ideally you should be aiming for giant retail bridal stores. Designers typically will have a particular kind of design that is unique to them. Sure, designers like Sabyasachi etc are a one store for all, but I’m not focussing on that. If you know what I mean. Think about it.

6. Do you know anybody in the city who can help you with your bridal shopping?

As in do you have anyone who can tag along with you navigating you through all the bridal markets in Delhi or Bombay?

Ivory Embroidered Astha Narang Lehenga – INR 88,000

Have you got an answer for every point? Ok, now let’s move on to understanding Mumbai vs. Delhi Lehenga Shopping. I assure you by the time you’re through with this long never ending post, you’ll figure out the answer. In case, you still have questions, you can always email me at

I mostly miss out on Instagram DM’s so please don’t be disheartened. I get a lot of junk there, and in the sea of DM’s it’s impossible to track actual queries and requests.

Mumbai vs. Delhi Lehenga Shopping

I’ve written extensively on both Mumbai Lehenga Shopping as well as Delhi lehenga shopping. I am not going to take you through all of that again. I am sure, you’ve read them enough. Throughout this blog post, I will share links wherever applicable, so you’ll still get a good idea.

Delhi Lehenga Shopping

Delhi Lehenga Shopping is divided in 5 major markets.

  1. Shahpur Jat + Haus Khas (Budget INR 30k to INR 2 Lakhs)
  2. Chandni Chowk (Budget INR 5000 to INR 3 Lakhs)
  3. Defence Colony (Budget INR 2 Lakh+) & Lajpat Nagar (Budget INR 20k to INR 50k)
  4. Karol Bagh (Budget INR 50k onwards)
  5. South Extension (Budget INR 50k+)

Of course, Delhi has lots of other areas which have small pockets of bridal wear shopping. But remember, we have a time crunch, and we only want to see the major bridal markets.

Reasons to choose Delhi

Sabyasachi Lehenga. Shot by Hitched and Clicked

  • If you are looking for high end designer wear, just come to Delhi. There are far more options, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • If budget is not a concern, then come to Delhi. Shopping will be relatively easy breezy and the only thing that will trouble you is to shortlist from the big pool of options available.
  • You’ll have far more options in trousseau wear, and other festive wear collections that are way more pretty than what you get in Mumbai
  • If you have a good amount of time to do your bridal shopping, then choose Delhi. You’ll get all the latest trends, both budget and high end + there are more bridal markets here in comparison to Bombay.
  • If you have a clear picture of what you want, and just want to get designers/boutiques who can spin it for you, then Delhi is the place. Anything and everything gets made here + it’s so close to another big bridal market – Jaipur!
  • If you have enough days, you can also do a one day or two day tour to Jaipur and get lots of different designers that do amazing gota-patti and colourful bridal wear.
Inside Jaipur Lehenga Market – With Lehenga Prices!

Shahpur Jat + Haus Khas

Torani Jhulan Chanderi Crushed Marodi Skirt – INR 16,000 & Jacket – INR 30,000

I personally love Shahpur Jat for the sheer variety and good craftsmanship you get in one single market. It’s got everything from budget to high end popular designer labels all having their boutiques here.

I am including Haus Khas to this list, because Shahpur Jat comes under Haus Khas area. Some of the designers might write their address as Haus Khas, others might mention Jungi Lane in Shahpur Jat. They are all in the same almost walking/rickshaw distance area. You can cover this market in one day.

Why Should You Visit Shahpur Jat?

Pink Raw Silk Mirror and Sequin Embroidered Abhinav Mishra Lehenga Price – INR 89,600

If your answer to question 1 & 2 is yes, then Shahpur Jat is your lehenga destination. No matter what colour you want, what design, what customisations, everything is possible here. The designers have their kaarigars sitting right behind this market, so everything is done right here.

It’s a one stop shop where you’ll find amazing labels for your pre-wedding shopping, as well as trendy wedding accessories. There are also a few labels for bridal wear. But you’ll really have to deep dive into every store.

What I recommend is…

Ivory Festive Sequin and Mirror Embroidered Abhinav Mishra Lehenga – INR 89,600

Do some prior online research on labels in Shahpur Jat. You will find their basic designs if not full collections on their Instagram page. Try and connect with the brands prior to visiting this market. If you’ve done a fair bit of research before coming, it’ll be much faster and efficient in doing your bridal shopping within your timeline.

I can assure you, you will not be able to pre-locate every single label in Shahpur Jat area. You will miss out on a few. But that’s ok. As long as you know some labels, and get an idea of what you might find here, it’s a good day to spend in this market.

Chandni Chowk

Sudhir Bhai Saree Wale, Chandni Chowk Lehenga Price – INR 2,42,900 (Via Wed Me Good)

I have written so much on Chandni Chowk, that I won’t get into lehenga details here. You can check out my blog posts for Chandni Chowk lehenga designs and price points. But I will tell you this.

If you don’t know someone local who can guide you through Chandni Chowk, just junk the idea of going here. No matter what anyone tells you about budget, or whatever else. You will get lost and end up in a fake store. There are multiple stores with the same names. It’s going to very difficult for a first timer to figure out if they are in the right store.

The other thing is, if you are ready to spend big bucks, say INR 1 Lakh upwards, and want to visit the premium Chandni Chowk lehenga stores, only then it’s ok to come to this market. However, I’d still insist on tagging with someone who knows Delhi well.

There is a lot of bargaining and negotiating that happens here. If you’re not a local, and look even remotely international be it by your voice, or your look, they are going to know. And you really don’t want to overpay and get something mediocre in return.

Defence Colony + South Extension

If you are looking for high end premium designers, then Defence Colony should be the market for you to explore. Almost everyone whose collection you in bridal fashion week has a store here in this market.

South Extension is my personal pick for bridal sarees. There are so many good retail brands here that do gorgeous bridal wear, both sarees as well as lehengas. All your Meena Bazaar, Divani, Frontier Raas, Nallis etc are located in South Ex. In fact, if you’re looking for Pakistani bridal dresses, that too is available in South Ex.

For your mums sarees, or trousseau wear, you can check out this market. There are gorgeous-gorgeous silk options, expensive, but very pretty.

Karol Bagh

Honestly, I haven’t really explored this market much. But from what I understand, there are lots of retail bridal stores here. Whether you’re looking for evening cocktail gowns, or bridal lehengas, they have it all.

Prices are not that budget friendly. You might get something under INR 50k, but it might not look at that great. So, if you have a 50-1 Lakh price range, you might still manage to get good stuff here, but otherwise I’m not too sure.

Banarasi Saree + Lehenga Shopping in Delhi

Weaver Story Handwoven Gold Silk Tissue Saree with Twin Leaf Motifs – INR 43,000 & Handwoven Powder Blue Tissue Cutwork Patola Saree – INR 35,000

Off late, everyone wants to wear at least something banarasi to their wedding, or even for a family wedding. Banarasi is back in trend, and there is so much you can do with this fabric. From sarees, to lehengas, and even sticking to just a dupatta, there are quite a few options.

If you’re planning to shop banarasi in Delhi, there are quite a few dedicated stores for that. Listing my favourites here. I’ve also written a detailed blog post on banarasi lehenga and saree shopping in Delhi. You can check that out, as there are prices mentioned in that post.

  • House of Raisons
  • Ekaya Banaras
  • Bageecha Banaras
  • Weaver Story

Weaver Story Handwoven Banarasi Lehenga In Blush Pink Color With Meenakari – INR 78,750 Handwoven Banarasi Shikargah Lehenga In Royal Blue – INR 78,750 & Handwoven Banarasi Kadhwa Lehenga In Black With Meenakari – INR 51,000

You can also shop banarasi sarees from any of the South Extension stores like Meena Bazaar, Frontier Raas etc.

How Many Days Will You Require For Delhi Lehenga Shopping?

Typically if you have 1 to 2 weeks, then you’re good to go. I say this because not always will you find a dress that perfectly fits and can be picked up the same day. You need to give some time to the store/designer.

Eventually it all depends on what you’re looking for. If in case you find everything in one market, you might be done within a week. If you are one of those confused can-never-make-a-decision sort of a bride, and I know I’m one of them, then better head to Mumbai. Delhi will only confuse you more and more with options and different price points.

I should warn you that every single Delhi bridal market requires minimum of one day to explore everything. And even then, you might not be able to go into every single store. This holds true for all the 5 markets I’ve listed. There is a lot you can see in Delhi. So the main thing is to pick and choose your market beforehand.

Mumbai Lehenga Shopping

Blush Pink Blue Veer Design Studio Lehenga – INR 95,800

If you are looking for a fuss free experience, with minimum heartache, then go to Mumbai. There are only a few major markets you’ll need to explore, and there you’ll find everything. Budget to high end. So basically problem=solved.

  • Santa Cruz + Irla Market (Budget INR 15k to INR 2 Lakhs)
  • Marine Lines (Budget INR 40k to INR 1.5 Lakhs)
  • Juhu Tara Road (Budget INR 1 Lakh plus – high end designer labels)
  • Kalbadevi, Bhuleshwar (Budget INR 5000 onwards)

Of course, there are multiple bridal stores both high end and budget scattered all over the city. I’ve heard there are a bunch of good budget stores that have opened in Navi Mumbai area. But I am only listing the ones where there are a bunch of bridal shops in one lane.

Reasons to choose Mumbai

  • If you have a serious time crunch, then come to Mumbai. You’ll be through in less than a week. In fact, you can pretty much cover most of the major bridal shopping areas in 3 days.
  • If you are not too designer conscious, and are ok with retail brands selling bridal wear, then Mumbai has a better collection for the price you pay.
  • If you are a budget bride, don’t think twice, come to Bombay. Delhi will make you cry, and I’m not kidding. Everything is grand and expensive in Delhi. Ask any Delhiite, and they’ll say 50 to 75k is budget. No its not.
  • If you’re not too good with negotiating, and want an easy-breezy wedding shopping experience, then too Bombay is better suited for you.
  • Silk sarees are better priced in Mumbai. Other than the usual store Nallis, you can also go to Dadar and shop banarasi and heavy bridal sarees under INR 40k.
  • A big advantage of shopping in Bombay is you don’t need anyone to chaperone you around. Even if you’re out on your own, you’ll be fine. There isn’t much of a bhool-bhulaiya here, and you won’t get lost. Stores, directions, locations are pretty accurate and easy to find out. Plus, even if you ask strangers for help, I assure you they won’t mislead you anywhere else.

Things I don’t love about Mumbai Bridal Shopping

  • Overall the style in Mumbai is more towards traditional bold, pop colours. The minute you enter a retail store, you might not find exact designer looking pieces that you might have bookmarked on your Pinterest.
  • Even if Delhi is loud and bling, it knows how to do classy really well. For instance, in Mumbai you might not find very many brands who will get you gorgeous gota patti designs in sorbet or pastel shades, whereas in Delhi, I’ve seen some really pretty gota patti shararas being sold in malls!
  • Another thing you need to keep in mind is there is no alternate to Shahpur Jat like market in Bombay. You’ll just not find it here. That itself is a big negative I feel.

Santa Cruz + Irla Market

If you’ve made up your mind about shopping in Bombay, Santa Cruz and Irla market should be your first stop. This market has everything from designers to retail bridal stores, and even dirt cheap budget lehenga brands.

I’ve written in excruciating details about this market in my Mumbai lehenga shopping guide, you might want to have a look at that as well. It has prices mentioned.

Chamee and Palak For Mid-Budget Brides

Chamee and Palak Lehengas – Budget INR 40k to INR 1.2 Lakhs

My personal favourite in Mumbai for budget bridal wear is Chamee and Palak. Their designs are gorgeous, and irrespective of whether your budget is INR 50k or INR 1 Lakh, you’ll find lots of options in their store.

Ritu Seksaria For Banarasi Lehengas and Sarees

So many of you’ll have been asking me lately for banarasi options in Mumbai. Here’s a good one. I should tell you, this designer doesn’t only do banarasis. But you can find lots of silk options in lehengas and sarees at her store.

I do not have any idea about pricing, but it will be priced lower than premium designer banarasi outfits. At least that’s what I’m hoping. In case, you have any idea about pricing, let me know.


Roopkala is one of my personal favourite in retail bridal stores. You will find everything from bridal lehenga to other lighter pre-wedding options as well. Usually, if you have a budget of INR 40k up, you should be able to shop here easily.

They have multiple outlets in the city. The main one is in Marine Lines, and they also have a big store in Santa Cruz. So you can pretty much visit both the outlets to find your perfect dream outfit.

Mumbai Bridal Shopping For Sarees

The above picture is just to beautify the post. This is not from Balaji Silks

I think I’ve mentioned this store a couple of times before. There is a store called Balaji Silks in Bhandup. It’s a standalone three floor store which keeps everything in silks. Whether you want to shop your wedding saree, or just gifting silk sarees, you will find tons of options.

I did all of my saree shopping from this one store. They give amazing bulk purchase prices, and the people at the store are really good. (not sponsored, just telling you from my personal experience)

In fact, I’ve sent a bunch of other brides there, and they’ve shopped quite a bit from this store. More than banarasi, I absolutely love their collection in paithani and kanjeevarams. If you are shopping with your folks, you might find your mums saree here, or even sarees to gift to your in-laws side.

Kanjeevarams start at INR 3000 and go all the way upto INR 30,000. Paithani’s last I checked were priced around INR 12-15k onwards.

Other good silk stores are all located in Dadar West. I don’t recall all the names, but there are a bunch of stores right next to the station. Paaneri, and Silk House are few names. You can check out all of those as well.

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