Updated List Of Online Websites You Should Avoid Shopping Indian Wear From

by Namrata Nautiyal
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My husband is always sceptical when I write blog posts like this. He keeps telling me, why do you want to get yourself into trouble? Stick to writing positive content. But you know what, the minute you or anyone else gets stuck after Shopping Indian Wear from these bad websites, it’s such a mood kill. And I say that in the most docile way. You know it’s downright pissing off. It’s one thing to get a bad quality product, it’s a whole another saga when it’s cheap replicas, and designer rip offs that look nothing like what’s shown in the picture.

In my last post, I shared with you’ll the ultimate list of genuine online websites for Shopping Indian Wear. You guys loved it! And so, I thought, this post is just the next natural question to be answered.

Every now and then on Frugal2Fab Instagram, I get someone with a DM asking me, is Natasha Couture ok to buy from? Is it ok to purchase from Nine Colours? and the list goes on.

I wrote a post on this very topic few years back. Today I can see that there are far too many websites that have cropped up, so think of this as an updated post.

6 Bad Lehenga Websites You Must Avoid At All Cost

Now, let me tell you upfront, everything I’m listing here is based on what I think. It means I am not comfortable buying from these websites. My blog, so giving you my opinion.

Updated List Of Online Websites You Should Avoid Shopping Indian Wear From

  1. Peachmode
  2. Mirraw
  3. Nine Colours
  4. Zipker
  5. Panash India
  6. Jomso
  7. Ltfab
  8. PayTM Mall
  9. Panache Haute Couture
  10. Big Bindi
  11. Inddus
  12. Jiofab
  13. Indian Cloth Store
  14. Mangaldeep
  15. Lady Bazaar
  16. Craze Demand
  17. Natasha Couture
  18. Mango Surat
  19. Bridal Lehenga Store
  20. Pavitraa
  21. Maharani Designer
  22. Fashion Mozo
  23. India Bazaar Online
  24. Fashion Webz
  25. Vastrova
  26. Yoyo Fashion
  27. House of Lehengas
  28. Gunj Fashion

I am also not 100% sure about Utsav Fashion and Manndola. If you ask me, I’d still put them in this list itself.

How Do You Detect A Bad Website For Shopping Indian Wear

There are a couple of ways in which you can judge for yourself if a website is genuine or not. For even a second if you feel in your gut, this doesn’t look right, then 99% you’re correct. After reading the points below, you’ll easily be able to differentiate the good vs. bad.

A Designer/Label/Brand Will Always Maintain Their Photo Backdrop

This is the easiest way to spot a real one from fake. If you follow any of the designers on Instagram, you will notice that designers tend to keep their backdrops for their outfit pictures same throughout. Yes, in some cases, based on outdoor shoot, or new collection, they might change things up. But it usually has a pattern.

But what if you don’t follow that many designers and don’t have the eye to tell a real one from fake? What do you do then?

So, an easy way to see this is go through any of the listed (bad) websites, and you’ll notice inconsistency in the lehenga pictures showcased.

Can you see how all four images are different? Backdrop different, style of outfits is different. Basically there is nothing consistent or similar in the pictures.

In the screenshot, you’ll notice Shraddha Kapoor’s outfit is for just INR 1,100 which already should raise a red flag. Second outfit I don’t know where it is from. Third lehenga is by Vasansi Jaipur. The fourth lehenga is actually a very expensive Reynu Taandon bridal piece.

Aqua Embroidered Reynu Taandon Anarkali Kurta Cost – INR 1,92,640

See the similarity between the fourth picture where Divya Khosla Kumar is wearing that blue gold lehenga and the Anarkali above? I mean even the colour scheme and design is same. You get the point right?

So if any website claims to see Bollywood designer lehenga, Bollywood replica lehenga just stay away from it. 90% of the cases they will put the original designer’s photoshoot picture and sell the cheap looking replica instead.

If you see a website selling high end designer lehengas for peanuts, just as a general guideline, chuck that website

That in the picture is an original Anita Dongre lehenga. You already know what Anita Dongre lehengas cost. They cost almost two zeros added to that price. The lehenga in the picture is one from her older collections, so I couldn’t find the exact price. But I found a similar Anita Dongre lehenga for you.

Blue Embroidered Anita Dongre Lehenga Price – INR 4.63 Lakhs

You can buy this lehenga on Aashni and Co.

Almost all the listed (bad) websites source from Surat manufacturers

Notice the product code mentioned on the top right of every image

How do I know this? On some websites, you will see product codes splashed on the model images. That should give you a good idea that it’s mass produced and sold to multiple vendors at different price points.

Surat is the hub of all things affordable in textiles. Almost all major retail brands get their outfits done from this city. Since they produce in such large scales, they can really bring down the price.

There are YouTube videos you can check out where these factories wholesale the lehengas starting at INR 500 bucks, which then ends up in all major cities and markets like Chandni Chowk, Bhuleshwar in Mumbai etc.

In fact, one can easily become a reseller by contacting any of these guys from Surat, and they’ll hand you the entire booklet of outfits that you see posted on these websites.

Even if the product codes are not listed, you will soon notice that most of the (bad) websites seem to have similar looking collections all priced under INR 5000 to INR 15000. It takes some time to get a hang of it, but you should be able to crack it after seeing few websites.

Now, coming to the tricky part. Few of the websites sell genuine high end designer lehengas at a pricey point, but still less than the original piece. In fact I found some of these websites itself looking so good, I had to double check the designer prices just to be sure.

Panache Haute Couture

This particular website has the crème de la crème of Pakistani bridal designers and Indian designers like Sabyasachi. They are still charging upwards INR 50k to INR 1 Lakh+ for outfits. However, you need to know all of these prices are wrong.

All of the Sabyasachi bridal lehenga prices listed on this site are around INR 1.5 Lakhs whereas you already know what Sabyasachi lehengas cost, right?

2019 Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices

If you are looking to buy high end designer lehengas online, you should only stick to the recommended (updated) list I’ve made on Frugal2Fab. Of course, I might have missed one or two websites here and there, but the majority of it is there.

Best Online Websites To Buy Lehengas From

Bridal Lehenga Store

Bridal Lehenga Store was one more website where I saw a bunch of premium designer outfits being sold at random high prices. For example, the outfit on the right most end is a Varun Bahl for INR 4,75,000 which is quoted as INR 69k on their website.

Just imagine having to loose that kind of money on something that’s not even genuine.

Red Beads and Sequins Floral Embroidered Motifs Varun Bahl Lehenga – INR 4.75 Lakhs

Vintage Garden by Varun Bahl | ICW 2016

Again, the only way to know this website is fake is to either know some of these designs on your own. The other thing is to see inconsistency in the photo backdrops. If you notice, few of the outfits listed on their website looks like a fashion show model posing, others are photoshoot pictures. It’s all over the place.

You need to especially be careful about these websites that charge you too much and still give you replicas and cheap fakes.

Featured Image Credits: Knots by AMP

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