The Only List Of Online Websites You Should Shop Indian Wear From

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I am going to let you in on a little secret. Every now and then, I get some bride asking me whether this X website is good (read legit) to shop Indian wear or not. When it comes to shopping Indian Wear, we all know it’s no Zara or H&M. Things are expensive, and to be honest, you want to invest in the right (original) item and not be left with some fake.

So in today’s post, I am going to list every single online website that I look at when suggesting designer labels to you all. This is like my personal list of where to shop Indian wear from.

From the past few days, I am in touch with an NRI bride to be. She is looking for multiple Indian Wear outfits to wear to her wedding functions. One option was to look at all the Indian online shopping sites. And then there was Instagram designers!

Let’s face it, not every designer is selling online. A lot of times, you follow Instagram pages and have to connect with the designer/ or their team to buy an outfit. It’s a scary place where you’re not guaranteed of anything (quality, look, material). So what should you do?

Perils Of Shopping On Instagram

Honestly, I have never shopped Indian wear directly from an Instagram only label. But I know a lot of overseas brides see this as one of their only few options. Here’s what you must keep in mind while paying big bucks to a designer/label selling only through Instagram.

  1. Photoshoot Images are meant to look nice. Ask the designer to share real client images in the outfit, or just regular photo of the outfit. No edits.
  2. Check in detail for the fabric, material, Kallis of the lehenga, and ask for other intricate details of the outfit. The only way to be sure about the outfit, is to ask and get the information.
  3. Customisation is a scary scary world to be in if you’re shopping on Instagram. Just to save up a few bucks here and there, the end product, the quality will be compromised considerably. Plus, you’ve no way of knowing till it reaches you. And who knows by then it’s too late.
  4. Almost every Instagram store is going to ask for upfront payment/advance. Once given is game lost. Not that you have any other choice. But be sure of what you’re getting yourself into. Designers want your order, and eventually, you will have to constantly hound them for updates.

I am in no way saying selling through Instagram is a crime. I myself promote a bunch of designers who only sell through Instagram and are pretty darn good. But having said that, there are others as well. Can’t take names here, you know. So careful!

Shop For Off The Rack Indian Wear Outfits

My only recommendation then to brides who are looking to shop Indian wear is first comb through every online website there is. It is a tedious task. But it cuts down on so much heartache later on when you receive the product. Legit online websites ensure that they send you the right stuff (the exact thing that you see in the picture), and there is minimal ambiguity.

How Do You Know A Website Is Legit Or Not?

A simple rule I follow is if you see something that is too good to be true kinda price, then probably stay away from it. Especially if you see a designer lehenga, with the exact photoshoot picture for a fraction of the price, then stay away from it.

There are countless websites on the internet that promote same outfits in different price points. Stay away from those as well.

After a point of time, you will get an idea of fake, resellers, Surat manufactured wholesale outfits etc. A bunch of websites also have product codes splashed on the top left or right of the image shot. They’ll usually have no designer names, or brand names, and you’ll find the same piece everywhere. The picture vs the actual outfit 99% of the time will always differ.

I had long back written a blog post on websites that you should avoid shopping from. I’ve only named a few, but seeing their products will give you an overall idea of what to stay away from.

6 Bad Lehenga Websites You Must Avoid At All Cost

Premium Designer Online Websites To Shop Indian Wear

Bridal Lehenga Designers With Websites

Black & Burgundy Embroidered Ritu Kumar Lehenga Price – INR 1,55,590

All those high end designer lehenga prices that I keep sharing on Frugal2Fab Instagram, well nobody is coming and telling me those numbers. They are all accessible online and for FREE.

Now of course, in case of designers like Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre etc they don’t share every single bridal outfit price of their collection. But that being said, they do share quite a bit to give you an idea about their label and price points.

Yami Gautam’s Emerald Green Anita Dongre Lehenga Price – INR 3.71 Lakhs & Mira Kapoor’s Velvet Maroon Anita Dongre Lehenga Price – INR 2.05 Lakhs

Anita Dongre specifically, shares pretty much all of her fashion week outfit prices on her website. Now, because designers have multiple new collections coming throughout the year, some of the outfits are eventually removed and you end up missing the prices. But what’s interesting is that you can also see glimpses of heavy bridal lehenga prices as well on these websites from time to time.

Manish Malhotra recently launched his website and he too has shared some of his basic lehenga prices along with other Indian and fusion wear. If you want to look at his bridal lehenga prices, you will have to search on other multi-brand online websites.

Beige Jayanti Reddy Lehenga Paired With Off Shoulder Wrap Cost – INR 2.5 Lakhs

Falguni Shane Peacock and Jayanti Reddy have newly launched their websites. They list all of their latest designs with prices. So shopping with them is pretty transparent. All of their latest collections are uploaded on their website.

Premium Pre-Wedding Brands/Designers With Their Own Online Websites

There are a bunch of amazing designer brands that do gorgeous mehendi outfits, quirky style, and basically all things pre-wedding. If you’re looking for that, then check out these links:

I bet I’ve missed out quite a few labels from this list. Can’t recollect all of them. But as and when I stumble upon names, will add on to this list.

Papa Don’t Preach Mustard Outfit – INR 1.65 Lakhs & Baby Pink Outfit Price – INR 1.3 Lakhs

I particularly keep an eye out for Papa Don’t Preach, and Astha Narang. They constantly update their website with their new collections. It’s the perfect place to check out all the latest available designs and get an idea about the prices.

A lot of times designers tend to hike their prices as the years go by. So something you might have known or seen say 2-3 years back, may not be true today. A classic example of that is Abhinav Mishra. His designs were so affordable back in 2015, and now, he’s gone in the premium designer bracket. Of course, his outfits are crazy unbelievably stunning, but the price point breaks your heart a bit.

Designers With Full Collection Online On Other Websites:

Tri Color Sequin and Mirror Embroidered Abhinav Mishra Lehenga – INR 84,000

Powder Blue VVani Vats Lehenga Price – INR 55,500

There are certain designers who stick to sharing their outfit prices on multi-brand websites. You need to have an idea of where to find them. The easiest way to search for any designers outfit prices is to do a basic google search. *Shop Designer Name*

I am listing down all the popular designer labels with their full collections available online. If you ever want to Shop Indian Wear in a healthy budget, you must check these out first.

Shop these and countless other designer labels on the following listed websites. Something you need to know is most of these designers and others will be present on multiple websites. Even the collections available differ on different portals. You need to cross check every single one of the six websites listed below, to see maximum outfits.

Shop Indian Wear on Multi Designer Online Websites

  1. Aashni and Co.
  2. Carma Online
  3. Ogaan
  4. Aza Fashions
  5. Pernia’s Pop Up Shop
  6. Couture Yard

These are legit websites which are transparent in terms of shipping costs, the authenticity of the product they are selling, and mostly ship worldwide. If you’re ok to pick off the rack Indian wear, then these are the websites you need to stalk daily.

A lot of them also provide discounts during sale season. A good habit is to check what’s the best price on the outfit available on these websites, vs. what the designer is charging if you contact them directly.

Online Websites Based Abroad That Sell Indian Wear

Designer Mani Jassal For Her Engagement wearing Mani Jassal

There are tons of Indian Wear brands/websites that sell ethnic wear. These labels are based out of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other places as well. Some of the websites that I love and follow are:

  1. Poppy Lane
  2. Mani Jassal
  3. Walia Jones
  4. BChic
  5. WellGrommed Inc
  6. Loukiya
  7. Fabilicious Fashion
  8. East and Grace
  9. Lashkaraa
  10. Samyakk Clothing

Browsing through these websites has helped me write some of the overseas lehenga shopping guides like:

Green Gold Brocade Poppy Lane Skirt – INR 15,000 & Coral Gold Ruffles Dupatta – INR 7,400

Brands like Poppy Lane, Walia Jones are budget friendly. Walia Jones hosts a bunch of mid-affordable lehenga designers whereas Mani Jassal is more premium.

With websites like Lashkaraa and Samyakk, you need to check it out properly before shopping from them. They are good, but personally I haven’t had experience with either of them. There are a bunch of YouTube videos on Lashkaraa outfits, and usually I’ve read decent reviews about them.

Online Websites That Sell Indian Wear Under 15k

White Gold Pom-Pom Blouse – INR 8,600 & Peach Mogra Halter Blouse Price – INR 10,000

There are also a bunch of other designer labels that have their own individual websites. If you’re looking to shop non-bridal outfits, more like occasional wear for a friends or family’s wedding, then check these out:

6YCollective always makes lehengas and anarkalis priced under 10k. In fact, during sale season, you can actually get a decent lehenga for around 5000 too. Their label is perfect if you want to shop Indian wear within budget, and still wear some trendy Indian wear outfits.

I have written so many blog posts about 6YCollective. Honestly, I think its a crime to still be talking about them. But I understand budget is a big deal for a lot of people, and unfortunately, at this price point I’ve only found them to be consistently good over the years.

Label Kanupriya is my recent find. Her outfits are also good for wedding guests, or family weddings. She also does a one off brocade and banarasi lehengas on budget.

Shop Indian Wear From Retail Lehenga Online Stores

  1. Vasansi Jaipur
  2. Talking Threads
  3. Veer Design Studio
  4. Kalki Fashion
  5. Purple Pink Couture
  6. Varuna Jithesh
  7. Ricco India

Aqua Blue Lucknowi Lehenga Price – INR 32,900

Blue Silver Embroidered Kalki Fashion Lehenga Price – Approx INR 1 Lakh

There are a bunch of big retail brands and standalone labels that have their store as well as an online website. Kalki Fashion is one of the big names in this list. You will find everything from low to high end bridal wear and other occasional wear in their collection.

They even share celebrity outfit prices, which are great. If you have a budget of under 1 Lakh, you can totally shop from this store.

Varuna Jithesh is probably one of the only South Indian labels I’ve found that has an online website with outfit prices. Although there are tons of amazing designers in the south, this is probably the only one you can check out online.

I literally just today found out about Ricco India’s online website. Their prices are unbelievably good, making me a little bit doubtful about the quality. But here’s why I’ve added them to this list.

Pink Brocade Banarasi Lehenga – INR 39,000 & Ball Gown Benarsi Bridal Lehenga – INR 65,000

Copper Gold And Beige Couple Set (Lehenga + Sherwani) – INR 1,02,000

They have hoards of client (real brides) pictures all over their social media. All the brides look great in their bridal wear. They are a Delhi based label, and it could be good idea to check them out as well.

Now for the million dollar question…

Where Do I Find Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices?

Sabyasachi Green Silk Brocade Banarasi Lehenga Price – INR 2.65 Lakhs

2019 Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices

This is my fourth year of wedding blogging which means four years of stalking Sabyasachi. I am not the biggest fan of the brand. After a point of time, it gets tiring to look through the same label, but I know what a fan following Sabyasachi has. So for all of you Indian and NRI Brides, I make sure anytime I come across any Sabyasachi prices, I better share it.

There are a couple of websites that give out Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices:

  • Carma Online
  • Pia Ka Ghar
  • Aashni and Co.
  • Luxepolis

Red Gold Sabyasachi 2019 Lehenga Price – INR 5 Lakhs

Luxepolis is an online website where you can sell your Sabyasachi lehenga, and buy a second hand piece for a discount. Pia ka Ghar and Aashni and Co have recently just stopped showing Sabyasachi prices. You need to contact their team for any outfits price details.

So unfortunately, all the prices that were ever uploaded online looks like that is end of it. However there are tons of brides, and other women that keep mentioning new Sabyasachi prices. Remember that iconic Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone’s Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices. We know it all. In case you’ve somehow missed it, you can check it out below:

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