5 Delhi Wedding Photographers That Charge Under 1 Lakh Per Day

by Namrata Nautiyal
Mohit Jaura Photography

In weddings, there are a couple of categories that come under big purchases. Brides outfits, your wedding venue, decoration and your photography costs. While you can save on all other categories, photography is one category where you must splurge.

A good photographer can get you memories of a lifetime. A bad one, on the other hand, will only get you regrets everytime you see your photos. It’s not just about the cinematography, but more so capturing the right moments of a brides journey throughout her wedding and pre-wedding functions.

Nowadays, there are so many photographers out there that charge crazy amounts of money. It’s honestly hard to tell which one is good for what price. So I thought in this post, let me tell you how I go about scouting wedding photographers.

Today, we will look at Delhi Wedding Photographers that charge under 1 Lakh a day for both candid + cinematography.

How To Find Good Wedding Photographers

There are a couple of ways you can go about your search for the perfect wedding photographer in your budget.

  • Google Search – Just type out wedding photographers in your city, and you’ll get tons of names and listing to look at
  • Always read customer reviews. The more (good) reviews, the better. Sometimes a wedding photographer might be great in his photography skills, but might lack majorly in delivery and service. You don’t want to keep calling them to get your photos. In some tragic situations, you might get your pictures a year later. True story. Has happened to quite a few brides.
  • Go through various wedding websites like WedMeGood that showcase a verified list of professional wedding photographers in Delhi among other cities. It’s the quickest and easiest way to look at photographer names while knowing their charges.
  • Check with other bride friends who’ve recently got married. I bet they must’ve done an extensive research. Get their notes on who’s good and start making some calls.
  • Do heavy Instagram search, and look for consistency in photo edits. For any photographer, go through the whole list of photos they’ve uploaded on their page. Look for how they edit day photos vs night photos, sangeet pictures, haldi etc etc. All the functions that you may have. Every photographer has a unique style, so going through their Instagram page will give you a good idea of their photography style.
  • Stick to one photography agency for the whole wedding. You’ll get a better pricing + you don’t want to deal with multiple vendors. Besides, two agencies for the same work hardly get along well, if you know what I mean.

Delhi Wedding Photographers – Budget 50k a day

Let’s Get Wed – Budget INR 50k

  • Candid + Cinematography – INR 50k for one day
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 15-20k for a day shoot

Whenever you search for wedding photographers, look for consistency in their photo editing. A lot of times because brides ask for budget, a photography team might agree to your budget, and then later just outsource the work (editing) to a freelancer. You end up paying more for less.

What I love about this team is that their pictures are crisp, clean. All images look good, and not overtly edited or crazy things done to it. Simple and effective.

Mohit Jaura Photography – Budget INR 50k

  • Candid + Cinematography – INR 45k for one day
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 30k-35k for a day shoot
  • Traditional Phtoography starts at INR 25k per day

You know how most Indian Weddings happen at night? It then makes sense to pick a wedding photographer who creates magic with background lights. I absolutely loved every single picture of Mohit Jaura from his night wedding series.

The Seven Vows – Budget INR 50k

  • Candid + Cinematography – INR 50k for one day
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 35k-40k for a day shoot
  • Traditional Phtoography starts at INR 5k per day

If you are looking for gorgeous bridal portrait shots, then this photography team is perfect for you. They have a similar style as Mohit Jaura and majority of their photos on Instagram were of night time clicks.

Delhi Wedding Photographers – Budget Above 50k per day

Subodh Bajpai Photography – Budget INR 80k

  • Candid + Traditional (Photo, Video) + Cinematography + Album – INR 80k for one day
  • PreWedding Functions prices are at INR 4,000 per hour includes Candid + Traditional (Photo, Video) + Cinematography
  • Engagement/ Reception Candid + Traditional (Photo, Video) + Cinematography + Album – INR 50k
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 15k for a two hour shoot including 2 mins Video and 20 processed photos
  • Traditional Photography starts at INR 5k per day

Subodh Bajpai Photography is based out of Lucknow, Kanpur and Delhi. So you can have your wedding in any of these three cities and hopefully will not have to pay for travel or accommodation.

Their website details their packages pretty well, which I love. It’s easy to understand and you know exactly what you’re going to be paying and what the deliverables would be.

The Wedding Files – Budget INR 90k

  • Candid + Cinematography – INR 90k for one day
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 25k-30k for a day shoot
  • Traditional Phtoography starts at INR 15k per day

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