30 Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees I’m Loving This Month

by Namrata Nautiyal

I just realised after all the lehenga-lehenga talk, I need to talk about wedding sarees. Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees to be more specific. We all need it, whether we like it or not. Plus, recently, even traditional kanjeevaram silks are looking so good and trendy. It’s surprisingly refreshing.

Few days back, I was browsing Pinterest, and I found amazing Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees worn by real brides. If you’re wondering what a Bridal Kanjeevaram Saree costs, their price depends on where you purchase it from, the authentic silk, and the amount of zari on it.

Photo Credits: Mansi Sidhpura Photography

Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees prices can start from INR 10,000 all the way to 1 Lakh plus.

In this blog post, along with sharing my favourite 2019 Kanjeevaram Bridal Sarees, I will also mention saree designers wherever I can find the information. In case you’re interested in just the store names, the next blog post on Frugal2Fab will answer all of those queries.

If you’ve been beating yourself up to find that perfect lehenga in your budget, and are just on the verge of giving up, don’t. You need to see this blog post just to know how awesome real brides look in their fantastic Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees.

The best part is you can even get a Kanjeevaram saree to look like a lehenga style. It’s all about draping, and any parlour should be able to do it for you. I recently shared a picture on Frugal2Fab Instagram showing a lehenga saree draping style. It looked so classy, and I bet the overall cost was way lower than a designer lehenga.

Lehenga Saree Draping Styles

Photography by Scraphouse Media

What I love about this traditional silk saree variant is, you don’t need to necessarily wear a super heavy looking one. Even basic kanjeevarams look very nice, especially for the main wedding ceremony. If you’re hell bent on a lehenga, you can try investing in a kanjeevaram saree for your smaller events.

If it is a mehendi function, go for bright yellows with red, if it’s your wedding, then you have infinite shades and combinations you can choose.

Photo By Pixel Chronicles Production

Gone are the days when Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees were just for the South Indian brides. If we can all wear shararas, and lehengas inspired from the North, I think we can have an open mind about wearing tradtional Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees as well.

They come in so many beautiful shades, and the best part is a saree is for ever. You can pass it down, wear it a thousand different times, and it will still look elegant.

Favourite Bridal Kanjeevaram Saree Colour – Gold

Photo Credits: Arunitan Studio

Photography By Minchu Studio

If you want to keep things classic, and want to look 100% Sona, then go for an all gold heavy zari work bridal kanjeevaram saree. You cannot go wrong with this, and I bet all eyes will be fixated on you.

Remember even Deepika Padukone wore an all gold Kanjeevaram saree for her Bangalore reception.

Photo Credits: Light Bucket Productions

Usually a pure silk Kanjeevaram like the one in the picture are quite expensive. They are an investment. I am not sure of the exact price range, but you need to keep aside at least an INR 40k plus for something like this. In fact I feel these kanjeevaram sarees go all the way to a cool INR 60-70k kinds. You can correct me if I’m wrong.

Traditional Red Gold Silk Kanjeevarams

Photo Credits: Parimal Moharle Photography & Wanderlustby

I remember back during my wedding shopping days, I picked a Kanjeevaram traditional gold red saree for the main pheras. I went to this store called Balaji Silks in Mumbai. They had silk sarees starting at INR 3000 all the way to INR 50k plus.

Photo Credits (1st two pictures) : Vijayeesam

Pretty much anything and everything was available at your budget. You won’t believe me, but I bought my wedding saree for INR 3000. Call me crazy. But I was having a midnight shaadi, and I didn’t want my wedding saree to be drenched in sweat, and smoke all at the same time.

Instead, we got my mum a super heavy, read expensive banarasi saree that she absolutely loved. I spent a good amount of her saree for the wedding simply because A. She is the mum. B. She was going to be walking around everywhere greeting everyone, and I wanted her to look like a million bucks.

No one at the wedding even realised my saree was a budget saree, and it looked good. So served the purpose and was extremely easy-peesy on the pocket. Not saying you need to do what I did. But also saying, money and budget should never be a pain point.

Saree by Casi Pillai. Blouse by The Blouse Factory by Prabalini

If red gold is not your thing, go for Pinks

Photo Credits: The House On The Clouds

I think I started framing this blog post after seeing this brides Kanjeevaram Saree. It’s traditional, yet the blouse embroidery makes it on trend. You can see only a bit of her blouse design, but I bet she’s got it customised by some designer.

In case you’re wondering bridal blouses with embroidery, and you know the fancy kinds, they are expensive as hell. It can go anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 1 Lakh for a single blouse.

Photo Credits: Lumiere Wedding Company, Vijayeesam & One Fine Day Pictures

I wrote a blog post couple of months back on where to go shopping for heavy bridal saree blouses, and that’s when one of the designers mentioned their price range. If you have a local boutique who does good blouses, and you want to stay within budget, you might have to opt for that instead.

The Best Chennai Bridal Blouse Designers

Ok, I know this last picture is actually banarasi saree and dupatta on the groom. But look how pretty it looks. It’s simple, elegant yet the photo looks bomb, doesn’t it? The other thing you can do with your saree in case you’re not a saree person, is transform it into a lehenga post wedding.

Silk lehengas are totally on trend now, and I don’t know if you know this, they are hell expensive. I don’t know of a designer/boutique which can turn a saree into a lehenga, but it’s worth it to research if you can get it done.

Another Budget Idea: Twin with your sister at the wedding!

Photo Credits (1st Picture): Wedding Bells Photography

I might be sharing only South Indian brides images here, but you can totally do this for a pre-wedding function. It’s super cute, and an affordable option as compared to doing two designer lehengas.

If you want to experiment, these should be your colours in consideration

Saree by Gaurang Shah. Photo Credits: Stories by Joseph Radhik. Jewellery by Sunita Shekhawat

I fell in love with this saree the minute I saw it. The colour, the draping style, the contrast of the saree blouse, just perfect. When you are shopping a silk saree from a designer, that’s when you know things will always be perfect. If you have a budget that lets you make an investment in your wedding saree, I would recommend checking out these labels:

Saree by Casi Pillai, Couture by Rani, Revathi Tailoring, Photo by Black Magic Creations

Top Silk Saree Designers:

Classic Ivory, or is it Silver?

Saree by Mugdha Art Studio. Photo Credits: Vijayeesam

By now you know I am colourblind. So I will leave it up to you to correct me regarding the shade of this saree. But, that aside, doesn’t this look spectacular, not to mention different that anything else you might have seen.

Mugdha Art Studio is quite famous in south. She does amazing bridal lehengas, and sarees. I think her designs are expensive, think under 1 Lakh, I might be wrong. But her designs are quite unique and special.

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Wonderful bridal silk saree collections…

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