The Best Toronto Lehenga Shopping Guide

by Namrata Nautiyal
Mani Jassal Toronto

Off late, I have been loving few lehenga brands on Frugal2Fab Instagram. A lot of these brands actually turned out to be from Toronto, Canada. Can you believe it? I know there is a big Indian community in Toronto, but to find so many good lehenga stores there, that’s a surprise. I never knew before this blog post that Toronto Lehenga Shopping could be a thing. But by the end of this post, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The lehenga market is HUGE!!!

So in this post, I thought let me do an exhaustive list of Toronto Lehenga Shopping. This post will include Toronto lehenga store names, details, prices (whatever I can find) and also talk a little bit about Toronto lehenga markets.

Now, some of you might wonder, how does a girl from Gurgaon know where to shop in Toronto, of all the places? Good question.

This one map has pretty much solved my problem of finding all of Toronto Lehenga Shopping brands. What I have done for this blog post is, do a fair bit of research online through Instagram accounts, and a whole lot of looking around on Google Maps. I swear in today’s date you can find anything on Google Maps, including lehenga shops in Toronto.

Naturally, I am sure, I will not manage to list down every single lehenga store name. So in case you know of any good stores in Toronto or around, please do let me know too. Would love to add your suggestions to the list.

Chandan Fashion

Located in Little India, it is home to the Gerrard India Bazaar, North America’s largest South Asian ethnic market. If you have a weekend to chill, you can shop, eat and have fun in this South Asian market.

Chandan Fashion was one of the first names I came across while researching Toronto Lehenga Shopping. They have an exhaustive website which details every outfit style along with outfit prices. You know how much I love knowing that and letting you guys know too.

If your bridal lehenga budget is anywhere between INR 1 to INR 3 Lakhs, you can visit Chandan Fashion. They have both online as well as in-store option available. So brides can basically look online and check out the different lehenga designs and know the prices prior to visiting the store.

What I loved about this brand was that they have a beautiful heavy bridal lehenga range to choose from. It’s not just the traditional colours you’ll find here, but even pastels, designer replicas and other silhouettes.

The heavy bridal lehengas are priced around CAD 4000 which is approximately INR 2.1 Lakhs.

Toronto Lehenga Shopping vs India Lehenga Shopping

Some of you might ask, why should we shop here when we can easily get more affordable pieces in India?

Well, truth be told, heavy pieces are expensive in India as well. It all depends on what design or style you’re seeking. If you find a piece that is instant love, then Canada or India shouldn’t matter in the long run. Legit designer lehengas are quite pricey in India as well. Plus, you’ve got to deal with the crowd, customer service, delivery headaches.

Now, coming back to Chandan Fashion, other than bridal lehengas, this store also keeps sarees, anarkalis, suit sets, etc. I haven’t been to the store, but I think it is worth a visit. I found some budget lehengas on their website as well priced in the INR 50k range.

They even have chikankari lehengas in the INR 25-30k price range which is pretty amazing if you ask me. In India, you won’t find a good designer chikankari lehenga under INR 60k at least.

Chandan Fashion Outfits For Bride & Brides Sisters

If you love pastels, I found these pretty pieces from their collection. Their Instagram page has quite a vast variety to look at. Not sure about individual lehenga prices, but they have a big collection of outfits with prices mentioned on the website.

Store Address:

Poppy Lane

I bet most of you might have seen or heard of Poppy Lane. I share so much from their collection on Frugal2Fab Instagram. They do gorgeous meetha colours that are so pretty to look at. Simple outfits, but beautiful. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the pictures.

White Poppy Lane Lehenga Blouse on the right – INR 6,800

Green Poppy Lane Blouse Price – INR 6,600

Poppy Lane is the dream-child of two curious souls following their passion for all things simple and beautiful. At Poppy Lane they hand-pick every piece of fabric, trim and thread that goes into the collections. They are truly committed to quality. 

Poppy Lane is a Toronto based online retailer specializing in ready to wear clothing. They mainly ship to Canada and USA. But few of their pieces they sell worldwide as well, I think.

Baby Pink Gold Embroidered Poppy Lane Dupatta (On The Right) Price – INR 7,880

The best part about them is, they don’t sell sets. Well, in some cases they do. But you can also buy individual pieces.

What that means is that you can buy your blouse, lehenga skirt, and dupatta separately. It gives a lot of room to experiment with different prints and styles. You can really make your own version of an outfit. Not to mention, it’s a cheaper option and you don’t have to get stuck with sets.

Second Grey Blue Poppy Lane Blouse on the right – INR 6,200

Grey Embroidered Poppy Lane Saree – INR 19,441

The thing about Poppy Lane is you always have to keep track of their collection. They keep updating it on their website every few months. So in case there is a piece you love, chances are it will go out of stock pretty soon.

So if you’re eyeing something, might as well decide soon to get it. The brand also does sale every now and then. I am not aware of their sale season as such, but on their website they do have clearance sale etc. So keep an eye out if you’re looking to score at a budget deal.

Poppy Lane Outfit Prices

Black Gold Poppy Lane Blouse Price – INR 7,300

Store Address
  • Poppy Lane operates out of their residence. To visit them, you’ll need to book an appointment for a cost of CAD 15 on their website.
  • Poppy Lane Instagram

Sartaj Fashion

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no clue what Sartaj Fashion outfits cost. But the reason why I wanted to mention them in the list is to show you the range of collection they have. There are some gorgeous pieces for reception night as well as the main wedding ceremony.

Their style is quite bold. So you will see a lot of deep dark shades with heavy embroidered work. Their instagram page also showcases a lot of menswear sherwanis. So in case you are looking for both bride and groom matching outfits, this store might be the place for you.

In case any of you’ll have visited this store, do let me know the price range, so I can include that in this list. I have a feeling prices are not going to be all that budget friendly looking at the designs.

They are old, traditional designs, but classic pieces. If you’re looking for more of a contemporary look, with modernness to the outfit, maybe Sartaj Fashions is not the best option for you.

However, if traditional styles, and classic bridal colours is what you’re looking for, then this brand has a lot of options for you.

Store Address

Mani Jassal

The Mani Jassal brand is a luxury evening wear and bridal brand from Toronto, Canada started by designer Mani Jassal in 2014. Her designs are for the rebellious women. She intends to allow women to express their strength and choices through design. The use of unorthodox cuts and design choices sets her brand apart.

Her designs are modern, perfect for brides who like simple yet edgy looking outfits. If your style is fun, flirtatious, then there are lot of good outfits in her collection. A lot of her designs are also fit for bridesmaids, pre-wedding functions and also for casual ethnic wear.

Aurora Lehenga Skirt (1st Image) – INR 1,17,500 & Flowerchild Lehenga Skirt (2nd Image) – INR 1 Lakh

Lal Isha Lehenga Set – INR 78,718

Her designs are very expensive. The good thing is, her website showcases every single outfit from her collection. So you know exactly what you’re going to be paying to own a Mani Jassal.

Most of her outfits are sold in individual pieces, and not in sets making it sort of easier to purchase. That being said, when you look at the overall pricing of a set, it might pinch your pocket significantly.

Floris Full Sleeves Embroidered Blouse – INR 21,000

International fashion blogger Diipa Khosla recently wore multiple outfits by Mani Jassal for her pre-wedding functions. Even her bridesmaids were dressed in Mani Jassal. In case you’re interested to see those pictures check the link below.

Diipa Khosla Udaipur Wedding Photos

Diipa Khosla’s Dino Bustier Blouse Price – INR 15,140

Store Address:

The Saree Room

Sophia Full Sleeves White Blouse – INR 4,648 + Mustard Lehenga Skirt – INR 8,300

If you are looking for an affordable brand, the saree room is perfect. They have basics like crop tops, lehenga skirts at a decent price. The designs are simple a-line cuts with full sleeve blouses which are fuss free and look great on everybody.

I would suggest this brand for all the smaller ethnic-wear functions. You can easily have these pieces in your wardrobe and mix-and-match for different occasions. From festivals, to your besties wedding, all these fun monotone colour outfits will look great.

Lehenga 1 With Blouse – INR 17,400 & Yellow Scarlet Blouse (2nd Image) – INR 4,648

Store Address:
  • 213 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G5, Canada
  • +1 888-512-3110

For Sarees & Jewellery,

Why am I sharing saree and jewellery brands in Toronto Lehenga Shopping post? Well, one because, these brands have such good stuff, I just couldn’t help it but share. Also, you can easily wear a saree as a lehenga. So there, see the connection?

One of Instagram’s favourite blogger Tia Bhuva who also happens to be from Canada does these amazing tutorials on different saree draping styles into a lehenga. I did a blog post about her some time back. You should definitely check it out. A lot of these Maya’s Boutique sarees go so well with the saree-lehenga look. Let me know if you ever try these saree draping styles.

How To Style A Saree As A Lehenga

Maya’s Boutique

I bet you have seen this particular saree blouse design, and this picture somewhere on Instagram before. It’s such an iconic piece. Sometimes traditional also looks every bit modern and in trend than any other trending style. Something like this particular saree with the full sleeves blouse is classic, eternal piece to own.

Coming back to Maya’s Boutique. This brand is mainly about temple jewellery. You can shop their jewellery collection online on their website. But their Instagram page also showcases gorgeous silk sarees. So if you like traditional sarees with modern saree blouse designs, this label is for you.

Store Address:


If there is one brand I absolutely fell in love with for their collection, it’s got to be Asiyans. I have a thing for silks, so whenever I see someone doing it so well, I know I have to share. There are so many things I love about this brand.

For all those of you planning to do a coordinated bridesmaids look, going for silks is such a brilliant idea. Not many are doing it, and it is way more easier to coordinate sarees than find lehengas. Plus, sarees have so much more useability than a lehenga.

I unfortunately don’t have saree prices. But silk is silk. No matter where you shop from, you will know the exact price range at least. In comparison to lehengas, going for sarees is anyday better on the pocket.

Store Address:
  • 3601 Lawrence Ave E #23, Scarborough, ON M1G 1P5, Canada
  • +1 416-438-6568
  • Asiyans Instagram

Brampton, WoodBridge, Mississauga Lehenga Shopping

While researching Toronto Lehenga Shopping, I found a bunch of amazing bridal stores in and around Brampton. From what I understand, it’s roughly a 30 minute drive from main city Toronto.

Now I figured, I will not be writing a separate Brampton lehenga shopping guide anytime soon. So I thought why not add all the details to this post itself. You don’t mind do you?

Frontier Heritage

This store has basically got all things bridal. If you like traditional styles, bold colours, lots of heavy embroidered work and a heavy lehenga, then this is your place. I was browsing through their Instagram account, and even Mindy Kaling shops from here! So you know they must be doing something right.

Again, I am not sure of the prices, or the price range. In case any of you’ll have been here, maybe you can tell me and I will update the info soon. Frontier heritage also keeps a lot of heavy party wear fancy sarees. So in case you’re not too much into silks, and want something modern and new-age, then give this store a visit.

Store Address:

The New Delhi Company

When I started framing this blog post on Toronto Lehenga Shopping, I always had this brand in mind to write about.

I have been following The New Delhi Company for many-many months now. I absolutely love their designs. They do everything from traditional to modern bridal outfits. Mainly, you’ll find bridal lehengas in their collection.

But what’s good about them is they also customise basis what you have in mind. In fact, their website pretty much showcases how to go about ordering a customized outfit from them.

I have never checked with them their outfit prices. Maybe I should. But they look good. In fact, some time back, I even saw a very nice Priyanka Chopra inspired red bridal lehenga. You know the same Sabyasachi wedding lehenga she wore for her Jodhpur Wedding.

The New Delhi Company Lehenga Prices

One of my followers just got this info for me. Bridal Lehengas range between 2000 CAD to 7000 CAD which is approximately INR 1 Lakh to INR 3.6 Lakhs. Depending on the heavniness and complexity of the design, prices can go up significantly.

However, the good thing about them is, you’re assured of quality. Quality never comes at a discounted price. So if you are looking for a quality good product and have a decent budget to back it up, this brand I would highly recommend.

Store Address:
  • The New Delhi Company, 7600 Highway 27, Unit #4, Woodbridge, ON, L4H 0P8
  • Email: | Tel: 905-264-6264
  • The New Delhi Company Instagram

Saira Sheikh Bridals

I couldn’t find too many outfit pictures from this label. But I saw their store pictures, and the place is humongous. If you’re looking for shararas, jacket lehengas, or Pakistani style bridal dresses, then this is your store.

They have everything from jewellery to grooms wear and even family outfits in this sprawling 6000 sq ft shopping store.

Store Details:

Wellgroomed Designs Inc

Long, long ago I had written a blog post on this particular bridal brand. Their lehengas were simply out of this world gorgeous, and the best part was all of their outfit prices were updated on their website.

In this Toronto Lehenga Shopping post, I thought let me instead share real brides pictures. If you want to see a detailed list of bridal outfit prices, check the link below:

Wellgroomed Lehenga Prices

Their outfits are premium priced, but they have an amazing range to choose from. Sadly, I don’t think their website is updated with their latest designs or prices. I am seeing the same outfits still there from my blog post days. So you know it’s pretty old.

But it’ll give you a good idea about their price range and the kind of styles you can find at this store.

Store Address:

Bombay Trendz

Store Address:
  • 801 Matheson Blvd West, Mississauga, Ontario, L6V 2N6 
  • 905 – 890 – 8902,   416 – 388 – 9410 
  • Bombay Trendz Instagram

For Indian Designer Labels,

Try Live The Collective. They have designers like Devnaagri, AM:PM, Payal Singhal, SVA Couture, Madsam Tinzin, Varun Bahl, and Pratyusha Garimella. Although none of these labels are your bridal-bridal labels, you will still find amazing pre-wedding selection here.

Did I miss out on any Toronto Lehenga Shopping Brands?

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