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by Namrata Nautiyal
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Chandni Chowk Lehenga Stores

Are you planning to do your lehenga shopping in Delhi? Then I bet visiting Chandni Chowk for lehenga shopping might have crossed your mind. Now, the million dollar question is, should you even be going there?

Every few weeks, if not months, I get some bride who is frustrated with lehenga designer prices, and wishes to pick up a slightly more affordable similar piece from Chandni Chowk. There is no clear answer to whether you will get it there, but should you even try?

Now, let me tell you something upfront.

I do not have exact Chandni Chowk lehenga prices per brand. It’s impossible to find out individual lehenga prices. A. They are not sold online. B. There is always negotiations involved. So it’s hard to put a fixed price on the item.

But here’s the thing. Since a year or so, a lot of these good premium Chandni Chowk lehenga stores have now started their own Instagram page. I bet most of you follow them there. It’s a good place to do somewhat a window shopping/exploratory research.

Lehengas by Dalmia Fashions

If you see a particular design you like, you know then and there, you will get similar designs at the store. Another thing to remember is if a lehenga looks expensive, it’s because it is. Period. Just because the store is in Chandni Chowk, doesn’t mean the price tag will necessarily match.

In fact, some of these lehenga stores charge if not more, than the same price points as any other lehenga designer from Delhi/Mumbai. That being said, if you have a comfortable budget of INR 1 Lakh plus, you should be able to shop a decent piece from this market.

In this post, what I’m going to do is share some of the latest bridal wear of famous Chandni Chowk lehenga stores. I would suggest stick to visiting these only. Unless of course you want a serious budget lehenga under INR 10-20k. Then this market has a ton of stores you can simply go door to door till the time you find the piece you like.

Famous Chandni Chowk Lehenga Stores

Dalmia Fashions

Dalmia Fashions is one of the more affordable premium lehenga stores in Chandni Chowk. If your wedding lehenga budget is anywhere between INR 80k to INR 1.5 Lakhs, you should be able to buy a heavy bridal lehenga from this place.

Store Address
  • 5743, Nai Sarak, Balli Maran, Jogiwara, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  • 011 4356 4848

NOTE About Dalmia Fashions

This happened yesterday. After I published this blog post, a bride got in touch with me via Frugal2Fab Instagram. She purchased a 1 Lakh bridal lehenga from Dalmia Fashions. This is what she had to say about her lehenga purchase experience. I am quoting it as is.

Dalmia Fashions is not a good choice. They just refurbish their sample pieces and sell it in the name of new. I got my bridal lehenga from them and there were so many fitting issues, the one they delivered was different from the one that was supposed to be. Please do not suggest Dalmia Fashions to anybody. They are only creating a good image on Social Media, but in reality it’s the complete opposite.

I just wasted 1 Lakh on my lehenga. There were fitting issues at final delivery, dupatta was different than what was agreed upon, blouse with different embroidery.

When shopping for your wedding lehenga, know this. For the stores, you are a one time customer only. It doesn’t matter to them if they please you or not. You’re never going back to give them repeat business. Sure, word of mouth has to count for something. But what’s one scorned bride over hundred happy ones.

But here’s the thing. If this were to happen to you, and yes, it can. Don’t be under the false impression that it won’t happen to you. Why would you want to subject yourself to all this heartache.

The good thing about buying from a legit designer is you know for sure their expert in-house karigars will look into any alterations/problems. You don’t have to run around to get the problem fixed.

At Chandni Chowk however, there’s always a herd of brides at these stores looking to purchase a good deal lehenga. None of the stores have the bandwidth to help your case in case it goes south.

Om Prakash Jawahar Lal

This particular store is one of the more famous and prominent lehenga stores in this market. If you are looking for a heavy wedding lehenga, then you can definitely shop here. Prices usually start upwards 1 Lakh. I’ve been told that the staff won’t even entertain you if you have a budget lower than that.

If your dream is to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga, but the price tag is not achievable for you, then you’ll see a lot of inspired pieces here. I’m sharing few of the real bride pictures. You might not get 100% same to same. But they do very similar replica designer lehengas.

Store Address
  • 354, 1st Floor, Naya Katra, Chandni Chowk Marg, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  • 011 2327 3312


Take a wild guess which designers design does this remind you of? Does it look similar to Anita Dongre’s signature gota patti bridal lehenga? Ah, now you see it.

The original Anita Dongre bridal lehenga costs between INR 5-8 Lakhs for a similar piece. Now that’s obviously a big amount to shell out, so this is your next best first copy alternative.

This flared lehenga reminds me of an iconic Sabyasachi lehenga. The design is a bit different, but the overall look is the same. Again, these bridal lehengas I believe are in the 1-2 Lakh price point. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So if your intention is to wear a similar looking premium designer bridal lehenga for a fraction of the cost, you should be visiting this store first.

Initially, all of these Chandni Chowk lehenga stores started off as replica stores. You would find anyone from Manish Malhotra, to Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani bridal lehenga lookalikes for a whole lot less.

But now, these stores have become big brands. They have their own website, PR team, and a massive online presence. You can’t just walk into any of these stores. You have to book an appointment just like you’d do at any famous designers store.

I guess the idea is to give you the same premium feeling. But more than that, I know for a fact, they get crowd like anything. It’s always jam packed. The downside of that is, it kills your negotiating power, because there’s always demand for replicas.

Store Address:
  • 242, First Floor Main Road Outside Katra Pyarelal, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  • 011 2327 5488

Asiana Couture

If I had to pick one lehenga store from Chandni Chowk, I’d pick this one. Real brides love this brand. The variety, in terms of wedding lehengas to reception, cocktail. It’s almost like a one stop shop.

Naturally, Asiana Couture is expensive. Their bridal lehengas can cost anywhere between INR 1.5 to 3 Lakhs for a single outfit. Now you’ve got to decide whether you wish to spend that much here, or on a designer lehenga.

The thing is you will see a lot of ‘inspired’ designs along with their original designs giving you a nice mix of outfit choices. Whether you’re hell bent of a designer copy or just want a heavy good looking lehenga for a lesser price, this lehenga shop is worth a visit.

Store Address:
  • 652, 655, Katra Hardayal, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  • 011 2326 9452


If you want to wear the latest trend but with a more affordable price tag, then these stores are perfect for you. Plunging necklines has literally been introduced just a couple of months back, and already brides are seen wearing them.

These stores take hardly 15-20 days to bring out the latest trends in their collection. It’s like Zara but in Chandni Chowk.

Store Address
  • 1220, Maliwara, Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  • 011 2325 3739

What Should Be The Reason For Shopping In Chandni Chowk

  1. You want the best first copy of a premium designer lehenga, say Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra or Anita Dongre etc etc. Or, your lehenga budget is under INR 2 Lakhs and you want a heavy designer looking bridal lehenga
  2. You want a highly customized unique one of kind lehenga for your wedding. Premium designers normally don’t customize their designs at all, but at Chandni Chowk, anything is possible.
  3. You don’t care about the Chandni Chowk tag, and just want that celebrity lehenga look for your wedding.
  4. Your lehenga/pre-wedding lehenga budget is under INR 30k, or even lower. Then this market is perfect. You can pretty much go from one store to another till you find the best piece in your price range.
  5. If you are looking for affordable wholesale price wedding invitation cards, wedding favours, accessories, wedding guest gifting outfits etc, then this market is worth visiting.

Of course, there are tons of Chandni Chowk Lehenga Stores that I haven’t mentioned in this post. You can get a detailed look at the complete list in my previous blog post. I am sharing the link below.

Chandni Chowk Lehenga Shopping Guide (Budget INR 5000 to INR 2.5 Lakhs)

Other Chandni Chowk Lehenga Stores To Consider:

Some of the other good Chandni Chowk Lehenga Stores you can visit are:

  • Kalashree Regalia
  • Ram Kishan Sarees
  • Pakeeza Plaza
  • Mehar
  • Tek Chand Arjit Goel
  • Sudhir Bhai Saree Wale

If your Lehenga Budget is INR 1 Lakhs to INR 2.5 Lakhs,

Lehengas by Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Try visiting some of the other not-so-premium lehenga designers. My absolute favourite two designers at the moment are:

I mean rather than sashaying in a replica, why not pay the same amount and wear an original piece that noone has seen before?

Photo Credits: House of Misu

The good thing about both these labels are they have their collections uploaded online with prices. While Megha & Jigar have their own website and are present on other e-commerce sites. Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor collection can be seen on Aza Fashions. They have uploaded some of the more heavy bridal pieces online, so you get an idea about the price.

If you love pastel lehengas, or mirror work lehengas, then Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor has outfits in the price range of INR 1.5 to INR 2 Lakh range. You can also see delicately embroidered lehengas and other indo-western ethnic pieces in her collection. Her signature style is shararas, and they look beautiful. So definitely check that out as well.

Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor Store Address
  • Shop no 10, Silver Pearl Building, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
  • 022 6577 7728

Lehenga 1 – INR 74,900 & Lehenga 2 – INR 58,716

Lehengas by Megha & Jigar

Megha and Jigar are perfect if your lehenga budget starts from INR 50k to INR 1 Lakh. They have an amazing range of bridal wear collection from low to high price. If you’re anyways going to be spending a lakh or so on your wedding lehenga, you might as well see some good designer pieces while at it.

Megha & Jigar Store Address
  • House No 3, Ground Floor,, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
  • 011 4101 1233

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