This Bangalore Lehenga Shop Lets You Rent & Buy Wedding Sarees, Lehengas & Jewellery

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Bangalore Lehenga Shop

Do you know of any good Bangalore Lehenga Shop? Every time I published any article on city lehenga shopping guide, there was one human who would ask me about Bangalore.

I was about to write a long post on Bangalore Lehenga Shop’s when I came across this brand called Toute Studio. One look and I knew they deserved a different blog post altogether. When a brand gives you the option to rent + buy wedding sarees, lehengas, sherwanis, jewellery and accessories all in one place, you know it’s going to be a good option to look at for everyone.

So whether you are a bride, or have a wedding in the family, the collection of this Bangalore lehenga shop will make you smile. Both price wise as well as in terms of options.

I know so many of you have been looking for premium as well as affordable brands in Bangalore. From what I’ve heard, Bangalore is amazing for buying silks. Especially silk sarees. Remember Deepika Padukone’s gorgeous gold silk saree from Angadi Galleria? That one was from Bangalore. Even her traditional wedding saree was from the same store I believe.

But what if you don’t want to wear a traditional silk saree? How about a silk lehenga? Silk lehengas have been in trend this past year, and a lot of good mainstream designers are doing amazing stuff in silk. Banarasi silks to be specific.

What Bangalore and South India is known for are their Kanjeevarams. Luckily, Toute Studio has a beautiful collection of traditional Kanjeevaram silk lehengas which are available for both renting as well as for purchase.

BTW, if you don’t find what you want in the collection, Toute Studio claims to give the option to make it entirely NEW and you can still rent it.

Golden Pink Kanjeevaram Lehenga – INR 1,50,000

You can choose to wear these Kanjeevaram lehengas for your own wedding, or as a sister of the bride, or for any of the smaller functions. They are silk, so they have durability, plus they’ll always be in fashion.

1.5 Lakhs is a big amount, I agree. But you also have the option to rent it for a fraction of an amount. If you have a Bangalore wedding to attend, and want to wear a new outfit without burning a hole in the pocket, this could be it.

Rent it for INR 10,000

Olive Green Pink Jacket Lehenga – INR 65,000

A particular style that I’m loving from the Toute Studio collection are these jacket silk lehengas. They are beautiful with the long sleeves, and for anyone who doesn’t like showing too much skin. It’s stylish, yet traditional.

Rent it for INR 5,000

Red Gold Bridal Lehenga – INR 2,00,000

I saw a few bridal lehengas that are pretty, but very expensive. I wouldn’t personally recommend you to invest that kind of money buying these. But again, if you look at it from a rental perspective, they are not bad. Only because we are talking legit pure silk lehengas.

Rent it for INR 12,000

Green Kanjeevaram Bridal Lehenga – INR 2,25,000

Rent it for INR 12,000

Lehenga 1 – INR 1,50,000 & Lehenga 3 – INR 75,000

Truth be told, I haven’t personally gone and seen or checked what these outfits look and feel like. What I’m sharing with you is purely based on my research that I’ve done online of this Bangalore Lehenga Shop.

Till date, I didn’t really have an idea of what a pure Kanjeevaram lehenga costs like. So this post is sort of both educational for me, as well as a good base to start with. In the coming days, I will be doing a more detailed Bangalore lehenga shopping guide.

But for now, let’s look at some of the wedding sarees that this brand has in their collection.

Orange Pink Pure Kanjeevaram Saree – INR 43,000 & Dark Pink Kanjeevaram – INR 52,000

Rent it for INR 4,000 & INR 5,000 respectively

When it comes to silk, I know everyone has their preferences. Some like bold pop colours like pinks, and traditional reds whereas new age brides are going for more subtle looks. Depending on who you are shopping for, you can take a look at their collection that the brand has online. I bet they’ll have more in store. But it’ll give you an idea about price and look.

Again I do believe, that you will get better silk sarees at better pricing in the more mainstream Bangalore bridal stores. I am not sure. But I feel there might be more stores. But it’s good to know your options.

Pure Gold Zari Kanjeevaram Saree – INR 78,000

Rent it for INR 7,000

BONUS: Rent Bridal Jewellery at Toute Studio, Bangalore

Bridal Kundan Choker Necklace With Maang Tikka & Earrings – INR 42,000

Rent it for INR 4,000

I am not going to get into every single jewellery piece they have. You can have a look at their website. If you’re not too keen on investing in heavy bridal jewellery, and just want it for the big day. Then Toute Studio has few good heavy bridal sets. I am sharing one that I really liked.

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