Where Can One Shop Wedding Jewellery Online

by Namrata Nautiyal

A few of my Frugal2Fab Instagram followers who also happen to be newbie brides have given tons of suggestions on where to shop Wedding Jewellery online.

A couple of days back, a bride reached out to me on DM and asked me how come I don’t talk wedding jewellery on Frugal2Fab that much. Truth be told, personally, I am not all that much clued onto jewellery. The last time I shopped for heavy bridal type jewellery was for my wedding. That was three years back. So cut to today, I thought let me simply ask around to more experienced fellow brides who can really help in suggesting some amazing labels.

Some of these wedding jewellery labels are expensive. Even though few of them are not real-real as such. But there are some affordable ones too. So keep a pen and paper ready and start bookmarking your favourites.

Bride and Bridesmaid Jewellery by Outhouse Jewellery

In this post, I am listing every single jewellery label (with prices, wherever I find the info) for you all to see. Some of these labels are all tried and tested by these brides, and they swear by the awesomeness of it.

Shop Wedding Jewellery Online – Favourites


This is an Ahmedabad based jewellery brand. You can shop both online, offline and through their whatsapp/instagram store.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your bridal jewellery needs, then Mortantra is the place you should make your first stop. They have everything from chokers to passas, rani haars, earrings and more.

Mortantra Jewellery Prices:

Gold plated dangling bridal earrings typically start from INR 6500. You will find pretty pieces in the under INR 10k price range. I saw one bridal choker jewellery necklace priced for 25k.

Shop Mortantra Jewellery Online

Aashni & Co. has limited selection of Mortantra jewellery that you can browse through to get an idea about the make, price, design.

Mortantra Store Address:

 9 GF, Aarsh Complex, Besides Ratnakar-2, Prernatirth Derasar Rd, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Raabta By Rahul

Raabta Jewellery Prices:

Gold plated dangling bridal earrings typically start from INR 6500. You will find pretty pieces in the under INR 10k price range. I saw one bridal choker jewellery necklace priced for 25k.

Shop Raabta Jewellery Online

Carma Online, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, Aashni & Co. have few designs that you can check for prices.

Raabta Store Address:

 2643-2650, Pyarelal Rd, Block 46, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005

Amrapali Jewels

Sonam Kapoor wedding jewellery was designed by mother Sunita Kapoor with Amrapali Jewels

If you truly want a celebrity feel, then you can check out Amrapali Jewels. Everyone from Sonam Kapoor to Fashion Blogger Diipa Khosla wore this brand for their wedding and post-wedding parties.

Shop Amrapali Jewellery Online

The brand has their own website Tribe by Amrapali where you can shop both jewellery, celebrity jewellery and bollywood movie jewellery as well.

Amrapali Jewels Address:

39/39A, Khan Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Pal Dzigns Jewels

If you are totally clueless what bridal jewellery can cost, then this jewellery brand gives you all the details on their website. It’s good to have an idea of what different styles are available and at what price.

Pal Dzigns Jewellery Prices:

I saw nice bridal necklaces in the INR 30k price range. There were others for far less as well, but the big heavy pieces were usually in this range. This included the entire set with earrings and the neck piece.

If you are looking for just earrings for your bridal look, then the nice pieces can go upto INR 20k a set.

Pal Dzigns Address:

Ashok Vihar, Phase-I, New Delhi – 110052, India


Jewellery 1 – INR 15,500, Jewellery 2 – INR 14,500, Jewellery 3 – INR 7,000, Jewellery 4 – INR 16,000

If you love traditional temple jewellery, then this is your brand. Their designs are extremely wearable, reusable and nicely priced. You can shop their collection online on their website. if you’ve picked up sarees, suits in your trousseau and are looking for semi-light wear jewellery pieces, then give this brand a try.

Outhouse Jewellery

One of the new and upcoming premium jewellery labels. They are amazing for quirky style jewellery for the bride and bridesmaids. If you have some whacky design and want custom jewellery done for yourself or your family members, this is the place to be.

The brand is expensive, but their products are cute as hell. You can see the prices of their baubles on their website. They are also available at major outlets pan India at Ogaan, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, Kitsch etc.

Zevar by Geeta

Necklace 1 – INR 23,690 & Necklace 2 -INR 12,875, Necklace 3 – INR 16,695

PraDe Jewels

It’s not everyday that you need authentic wedding jewellery. Along with the traditional bridal jewellery, you also need to have some funky pieces that you can casually wear post-wedding. For all those reasons and more, you can check out this brand for their oxidised and silver jewellery.

You can shop their collection on Tamara Chennai online.

Shop Wedding Jewellery Online In The UK

Anayah Jewellery

Polki Choker Set – INR 25,000

I understand some of you don’t have access to good jewellery stores and online want to shop Wedding Jewellery online. Then this is a good online store to check out. It is a UK based brand, but they ship worldwide.

The reason why I like this brand is the range of options they have in bridal jewellery styles. From chokers to ranihaar, and other accessories, you will find everything in this one online store.

Jewellery Labels That DON’T Sell Online

Suhana Art & Jewels

I have heard so much about this brand from so many different sources. Be it, fashion bloggers, to brides. Everyone loves Suhana Art & Jewels. It’s not just wedding jewellery you can shop here, you can also pick up statement jewellery pieces to wear as a wedding guest, or just gifting jewellery items.

Unfortunately, you can’t shop from this brand online. But I heard so many good things about them, I thought it’s worthwhile to include them in this list. You can however reach out to them through their Instagram Page and try and shop if that’s a possibility.

Fashion Blogger Komal Pandey has shown us on a number of occasions how to style different Suhana Art & Jewels jewellery pieces. From lehengas to sarees, her sense of style is top notch for anyone looking for tips on styling.

Suhana Art & Jewels Store Address:

 39, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur

Honestly, if you ask me, you cannot shop Wedding Jewellery online. You’ve got to see it, feel it, wear it and then buy it. Unless of course it is a couple of thousands here and there and doesn’t really make that big a difference. For everything else, I would highly recommend visiting the store.

Sunita Shekhawat is a well known brand in the jewellery business. You can easily find them at any of the big wedding exhibitions that happen across the country. They too do not sell online, and it is pretty understandable considering how heavy and bridal their pieces are.

Sunita Shekhawat Address:
  • B-6b, Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme, Jaipur
  • D-18, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Still Want Some More Wedding Jewellery Brands?

Bride Ankita Shodhan wrote to me long-long ago about her research on wedding jewellery brands. In fact, this entire list that I’ve put up is all thanks to her. Some of you might remember her name from her wedding I featured earlier on Frugal2Fab.

Bride Ankita Tells Us How She Planned Her Two Day Ahmedabad Wedding

She sent me a list of maybe 20+ wedding jewellery brands that she combed through before picking her jewellery. Although I haven’t mentioned every single brand here, if you’re interested you can check out the list below:

Not all of these brands sell online. You can individually check their pages. I’ve shared the Instagram handles so you can have a look at their latest bridal jewellery collections.

Ankita Shares Her Tips For Choosing The Best Bridal Jewellery

Few things I kept in mind while selecting the jewellery:

  • Reusability (Convert Matthapatti to a necklace later, reusing chooda jewellery as double bangle set)
  • My face structure
  • Rough idea of the Color of my lehenga and how the jewellery will compliment it. 
  • Choosing jewellery before clothes finalization, as jewellery is something you would wear again and again. And this could also help you to select the shape of the blouse neckline. Finalize your clothes next. As this could help in dictating your wedding theme later in such a way that it is complimenting it. If not, then simply decide only on the color and then select the outfit closer to your wedding from the latest collection.
  • Don’t forget the accessories. Mathapatti/Maang Tikka, Choker, Necklace, Earrings, Earchain, Nath, Bangles, Bracelet, Haathphool, Rings, Waist Belt, Payal.

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