How To Plan A Mussoorie Destination Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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There is always someone asking me for destination wedding ideas. Although I haven’t researched destination weddings myself or the budget involved, I thought let’s at least give it a try. So today I am going to share all of my knowledge about Mussoorie Destination Wedding.

Mussoorie is one of the most sought after destination wedding cities. Sure, Udaipur, Goa, Jodhpur etc are all high on the list of destination weddings. But if you want an all year good weather and gorgeous backdrop wedding, then Mussoorie is a good fit for you. Both budget as well as location wise.

How to get to Mussoorie?

Photography by Shutter Down

If you are in and around Delhi, then you can take a bus (7 hours by road), train (4 hours) or a flight to Jolly Grant (Dehradun) airport. Mussoorie is just 40 mins drive from the capital, Dehradun making it quite easily accessible for any kind of last minute wedding needs.

Mussoorie Destination Wedding

Jaypee Manor Residency, Mussoorie. Photo Credits: Beginnings For You

I am not going to delve into the part where how to choose a destination for your wedding. That’s a different topic altogether. If in case, Mussoorie is one of your shortlisted places, then this blog post will give you all kinds of ideas on what it would cost you to have a Mussoorie Destination Wedding.

This in no way is a budget Mussoorie Destination Wedding post. Only because, everything depends on your guest list count, number of rooms you need for accommodation, and other heavy costs involved.

I will however try and list down everything from budget to high end that is available for your dream Mussoorie Destination Wedding.

Guest List, Wedding Venue Cost + Accommodation

Kasmanda Palace, Mussoorie. Photo Credits: Beginnings For You, Bride: MintBlushLove

Before you start finalising your destination wedding, you need to think about a few things. Destination Weddings can go from being budget to way over the budget in no time.

  • You need to have a strict low guest list count if you want your wedding to be within a reasonable budget.
  • Try to look out a venue which has both accommodation and area for the wedding parties. The last thing you want is to do the logistics of moving the entire wedding party from the hotel to the wedding venue. It is madness, and you don’t want to get yourself involved in that
  • Try and book an entire place if possible. It’s just more fun, and you can easily get yourself a package deal that will be better than going for multiple places.

Mussoorie Wedding Venue, Shot by Shutter Down Photography

Venue Cost for Mussoorie Destination Wedding

I am listing down below a rough idea of prices for different Mussoorie Destination Wedding venues. These have both wedding party area along with rooms for your guests.

Keep in mind, these are just rough estimates. The real cost would depend upon the discounts they give based on your requirements and a lot on your negotiation skills.

Wedding VenuesPer PlateRoom Cost
JW Marriott₹ 3,000₹ 22,000
The Savoy₹ 2,600₹ 13,500
Fortune Hotel Grace₹ 1,200₹ 10,600
Jaypee Residency₹ 2,400₹ 14,000
Royal Orchid Fort Resort₹ 1,500₹ 7,400
The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa₹ 1,500No idea
Tulip Inn Green Castle₹ 750₹ 6,500
Pine Retreat₹ 750₹ 8,000
One Earth Royale₹ 800₹ 7,600
Sterling Resorts₹ 1,500₹ 6,900
Dunsvirk Court₹ 1,500₹ 7,400
Hotel Kasmanda PalaceNo idea₹ 7,000

I always go price first and then look at the pictures. I don’t know but I’m just tuned that way. No point ogling at things that are far out of reach. This list is just to give you a rough idea of pricing.

You should ideally email the hotels individually asking for a price list, along with having a word with their team. Only then can you judge whether the venue will be good enough for your wedding needs.

When trying to book a place in Mussoorie for the wedding, see both the room rate and the food rate together. Know that at the very minimum, you will need to pay for your guest’s breakfast for two days. Dinner and Lunch wherever applicable. Either you can have a word with the management for a set menu because that’s any day more affordable.

Anita Dongre’s Son Recently Got Married in Mussoorie

I bet by now you’ve all seen the wonderful wedding pictures of Yash Dongre and Benaisha Kharas. The couple had a gorgeous hill side wedding in Mussoorie. Their entire wedding was planned by Reshme Saigal Weddings.

Their gorgeous outdoor carnival party was held in WelcomHotel The Savoy, Mussoorie whereas their sangeet and main wedding took place in JW Marriott. You must have a look at their wedding photos. The bride looked heavenly. I mean she is Anita Dongre’s daughter-in-law after all. If you’ve missed the wedding, here’s the link.

Anita Dongre’s Son Just Got Married And The Pictures Are Spectacular

Our wedding mandap nestled against the stunning Shivalik mountain range – This was one of the many reason for us picking Mussoorie as the wedding destination! – Yash Dongre

Mussoorie Destination Wedding Decor Cost

For a destination like Mussoorie, less is more. This is the one big ticket item where you can really save and make use of the gorgeous natural views as your decor. Try and do the minimum possible.

Most of these resorts are beautiful as is, and require the most basic kind of decor. Stick to fairy lights and a bit of flower arrangements. Check with the venue in-house decor team, and really save up on your budget here.

For instance, one of my followers on Frugal2Fab Instagram said JW Marriott in Mussoorie has an open river set up. It’s a gorgeous location to have your pre-wedding outdoor fun. When booking these high end hotels for your wedding, the hotel itself in most cases are beautiful. They have decor done as is, and you don’t need to over do anything.

Hiring Wedding Photographer in Mussoorie

Sona Sachdeva Photography, Delhi

One of the biggest problems in destination weddings is finding wedding vendors. 99% of the cases, you will have to hire your photographer, makeup artist and other wedding vendors from major big cities. This basically means, you need to keep in mind the travel cost for your vendors.

For a Mussoorie Destination Wedding, you can either hire wedding photographers from Dehradun or get one from Delhi. I am listing a couple of budget wedding photographers in Dehradun & Delhi for your reference.

Studio W India

  • Candid + Cinematography is INR 60-90k a day
  • Based out of Delhi

Khushboo Qazi Photography

  • Candid + Cinematography is INR 35-50k a day
  • Based out of Dehradun

Hire A Wedding Planner If Possible

Hari Kiran Agnur Photography, Delhi. Picture shot in Shimla

I am not entirely sure how it goes with wedding planners. I think they charge a percentage of your entire wedding cost. Although I don’t know what that % is. But here’s where they add value.

The entire wedding planning, the process of dealing with vendors, negotiations etc are handled by them. If you want a no headache wedding and don’t mind splurging a little more, then going for wedding planners is the best thing you can do.

Since they are in the business, they already know so much more, and can get you deals that you might not otherwise be able to.

For instance, if you want to do DIY projects, like hire someone to do your custom bridesmaid boxes or quirky wedding favours, you can check with your wedding planners to give you suggestions on different vendors. For a destination wedding to go smoothly, it will take away a lot of pressure off your plate.

Will Mussoorie Destination Wedding Cost You Any Lesser Than Same City Wedding?

Photography by Together Studios, Delhi

Honestly, it all depends on your guest list + number of events you’re having. If it’s an intimate wedding with just close friends and family, it might cost you way less than a regular same city wedding.

However, if you still have to come back to the city to throw an additional party, you might as well do the calculations before making any decisions.

The good thing about Mussoorie is it’s close proximity to Dehradun, and Dehradun has a lot of people spending on weddings. What this basically means is, you will easily find good makeup artists, photographers, and other vendors for say mehendi, decor etc at a reasonably good price. From Dehradun to Mussoorie, you won’t have to worry about their travel. Just the stay which is still doable.

Have any of you’ll attended any destination weddings? Do you have any tips to share that might be useful to include in this blog post?

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