5 Delhi NCR Wedding Venues That Cost Less Than 1500 Bucks A Plate

by Namrata Nautiyal
Delhi NCR Wedding Venues

If you are a budget bride to be, I bet you are under massive pressure to find the right wedding venue in your budget. Weddings by default are an expensive affair, and a wedding venue is one of those big-ticket items that you need to tackle asap. Basically the day your wedding date is fixed, the next day you should start seriously hunting for wedding venues.

In case you are searching for Delhi NCR Wedding Venues, then this post is just the one for you. I will be listing a couple of Delhi NCR Wedding Venues in the budget of INR 1500 or less.

Now I know some of you might say 1500 per plate is a lot. I agree. But Delhi is expensive. I could share with you under 1000 per plate Delhi NCR Wedding Venues as well. But you might not like it, and let’s face it, I haven’t personally gone and checked every single venue.

In this post, however, I will try my best to include real brides wedding photos from the Delhi NCR Wedding Venues so you see exactly what you can get for your money. But first things first…

How Does One Search For Delhi NCR Wedding Venues?

Photography by Harleen Deol

There are no rules, but here’s a couple of things I have learnt that might help you select a wedding venue on your own.

  1. Have a rough idea of guest list in mind. Wedding venues usually charge more for fewer guests. So if you have 200 guests, you might pay more as compared to having a wedding guest count of 500+
  2. Your venue cost is usually included in the per plate cost. So for example, if you are paying 1500 per plate for 500 guests, that means you will have to shell out INR 7.5 Lakhs for a single meal (not including decor cost).

Photography by Israni Photography

Kindly note that these photographs of wedding decor come nowhere in the budget price point. This is only for the beautification of this blog post!

Having understood these basics, here’s how I would go about searching for Wedding Venues in Delhi, or any other city for that matter. Please note this is how I would go about things, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

  1. Shortlist an area you’d like to host your function. If you can find something closer to your home or where your guests will reside, it’ll be a lot easier to commute on the day of the event.
  2. Be open to the fact that you might have to go for a wedding venue that’s not in your desired area. Especially if you’d like to stick to a budget. In this case, try and calculate transportation costs and keep in mind the logistics to be handled.

How to choose between Banquet, Lawn or Terrace?

On Frugal2Fab, I have written a series of blog posts which will help you decide whether a terrace, lawn, indoor vs outdoor is good for your wedding functions. Take a look at the following blog post links to read in detail about how to choose the right wedding venue.

Photography by Infinite Memories

Make an exhaustive excel sheet on all the Delhi NCR Wedding Venues that fall in your budget.

The excel sheet should be able to answer all of the points above in the picture.

How to do that?
  • Google Search for Delhi NCR Wedding Venues
  • You will get a list of banquet hall names, and locations. Check for banquet hall size i.e. how many actual seating (chairs) + floating (how many people can it accommodate standing at any point). Say for example, if you have 500 guests, then 150-200 sitting any given point of time, and a holding capacity (floating) of 500-600 should be ok for your wedding.
  • You can also try and visit Wedding Websites and Blogs (there are quite a few in the market) who provide with Wedding Venue details on price per plate, venue photos and other package deals.
  • Try contacting wedding venues individually and get pricing quotations from them directly. Visit a few on your own with your parents if possible. Get a sense of the location, the look feel and do a sit down the venue guys discussing the best possible package. I am asking you to do this so you have a good grip on the subject yourself.
  • Next contact any Wedding Website (Blogs) that provide expert help in booking wedding venues on a budget. Usually, since these Companies do a massive lot of bookings, chances are they have much better pricing available for the same venue that you’ve looked at. But even so, do your groundwork before approaching wedding planners and websites.

Wedding Venue Pricing Depends A Lot On The Choice Of Food Menu

Photography by Shutter Down Photography

Whether you are opting for Veg or Non-Veg, the number of appetisers, soups, main course, live stations, all of it is extremely important while discussing price. Just remember you pay anywhere from INR 600-2000 for a buffet lunch/dinner at any restaurant. Take a minute to recall the vast list of items on the menu.

Work from there and see how much you can squeeze from your wedding venue. Every wedding venue has a list of caterers in their panel. Make sure to get their menu card before finalizing your venue.

Delhi NCR Wedding Venues under INR 1500 per plate

Now some of you might not want to spend INR 1500 per plate but maybe less or more. Go through this list of Banquet halls in and around Delhi and filter by your budget – you can find banquets in your price range and the price per plate they offer. Shortlist some of your favorites and contact them to check their availability for your wedding day. Here are some of the good banquets I found from the list. You can check their reviews & find their contact details from the link above. 

Ocean Pearl Retreat

Tanya and Himanshu’s Wedding captured by Harleen Deol Photography

  • Address: Chattarpur Mandir Road, Opp. Ansal Villas, Satbari, New Delhi, Delhi 110074
  • Wedding Decor starts at INR 60,000
  • Veg Per Plate is INR 1500, Non-Veg Per Plate is INR 1800 (before discounts & negotiations)
  • Can seat from 200-500 guests. Floating crowd starts from 300-2200 guests
  • For guests accommodations, rooms start at INR 6000 per night

Sonali & Sachin’s Wedding captured by Dipak Studios

I don’t have the exact wedding venue photos because everybody’s decor is different. But from what I’ve researched their reviews are very good. You can additionally google search the couples photos mentioned in the caption below the pictures. You can see full albums to get an idea about the wedding venue.

The Woods Gurgaon

Jeevan & Saify Wedding captured by Naina Redhu

  • Address: H- Block, Greenwood City, Sector 46, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001
  • Wedding Decor starts at INR 40,000
  • Veg Per Plate is INR 1200, Non-Veg Per Plate not sure (before discounts & negotiations)
  • Can seat from 60 to 300 guests. Floating crowd starts from 60 to 700 guests
  • For guests accommodations, rooms start at INR 6000 per night

Jessica and Ishank Wedding captured by Beginnings for You

If you want to have an intimate wedding with minimal number of wedding guests, then this venue is perfect for you. They have both indoor and outdoor space. You can also opt for a pool side party too.

The Claremont

Divya and Ranjan Wedding captured by White Frog Productions

  • Address: Mehrauli, Gurgaon Road, Aaya Nagar, Near Arjan Garh Metro Station, New Delhi
  • Wedding Decor starts at INR 40,000
  • Veg Per Plate is INR 1450, Non-Veg Per Plate is INR 1650 (before discounts & negotiations)
  • For guests accommodations, rooms start at INR 4500 per night

Photo of Huma Rizvi @hamarizvy at The Claremont

Fortune Park Boulevard

  • Address: Dera More, Chattarpur Mandir Road, New Delhi, Delhi
  • Veg Per Plate is INR 1500, Non-Veg Per Plate is INR 1700 (before discounts & negotiations)
  • For guests accommodations, rooms start at INR 4000 per night

Club Florence

Photography by Studio W India

  • Address: Block-E, Sushant Lok Phase-2, Sector-56, opp to Radha Soami Satsang Beas
  • Wedding Decor starts at INR 30,000
  • Veg Per Plate is INR 1500, Non-Veg Per Plate not sure (before discounts & negotiations)
  • For guests accommodations, rooms start at INR 4500 per night

Couple of things:

  1. I haven’t physically gone and checked these prices or the properties. I have purely done internet research to give you these names.
  2. When selecting any of these venues, make sure you also see the surrounding environment. Basically the location of the wedding venue. Keep an eye out for traffic, ease of location the venue and just the overall exterior appearance as well.

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