Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas For Curvy Brides

by Namrata Nautiyal
Curvy Bride Lehenga Dupatta

I bet some of you are not too confident about showing your tummy area. Maybe you are not too confident about rocking that backless blouse? Maybe that jiggly arms or heavy bottom is your biggest concern? Sound familiar? Don’t worry. We all come with our baggage of insecurities.

Today I thought I’ll share with you some amazing Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas. They are simple, yet very effective. The best part – These Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas come straight from Sabyasachi brides!

Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas by Sabyasachi

Off late I’m seeing Sabyasachi share a lot more of curvy brides on his Instagram account. Thank God for that. After constantly seeing ‘perfectly’ shaped brides on the Internet, you start to think is that really the reality for all?

Just a couple of months back, I had a bride to be in my fitness class. She asked the trainer to make her maybe half her size before the wedding. She was pretty much willing to do anything to look ‘good’. Don’t get me wrong, she was beautiful. But the Instagram reality of life is sometimes so unfair and honestly bonkers.

Whether you are a thin, curvy or plus size woman, if you are a bride, I know you go through major body crisis before the wedding. If you are too thin, you want to gain weight. If you are not body confident, you want to look like one of those Instagram perfectly ‘shaped’ magazine brides.

Somehow we women are never satisfied with what God’s given us. Plus it doesn’t help when you always see perfectly (shaped) women splashed all over wedding blogs and on Instagram. I am guilty too for that. It’s just how the business works. 99% of Frugal2Fab Instagram posts are displaying near about perfectly-shaped brides pictures.

Whether you are happy or unhappy with your body, one thing you can do is play with fashion to make you look your best. Now, I am no expert. But what I’m good at is giving you suggestions and options from my vast research.

Now before you come charging at me with things like, that bride is not curvy, she is perfect! Well, I hear you. In this post, I am merely going to try and show you some Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas. Now, these Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas might be on curvy or perfectly shaped brides. It’s just an inspiration post. So try not to send hate. Ok?

Go for a long choli if tummy is the ‘problem’ and then you are free to drape your dupatta in any way you like.

Bride Farah Khan. Photo Courtesy: @priyancaraophotography 

I love this classic Sabyasachi red gold lehenga on this pretty bride. Now, this is not just for brides who want to hide their tummy area, this style looks good on everybody and every body type. It’s a simple, fuss-free Lehenga Dupatta Draping style that doesn’t require massive efforts.

Bride Anjali Oza. Photo Courtesy: @rachelblackwellphotography

Getting a second dupatta these days is pretty simple. If you can manage to get multiple dupattas, then there are tons of ways of Lehenga Dupatta Draping Ideas that you can opt for.

I love how this bride does a sneak peek with her lehenga choli while perfectly camouflaging the mid-riff with her net dupatta.

Wear the Gujarati Style Lehenga Dupatta to give the illusion of height

Bride Shivani Patel. Photo Courtesy: @weddingnama 

One of the most common ways of draping a lehenga dupatta is the Gujarati style. It keeps your hands free, looks amazing + hides all the flaws. It’s completely fuss-free in a way that you can touch as many people’s feet during the wedding without giving a tiny thought to your plunging neckline.

If you are not too tall and don’t wish to wear sky-high heels on your wedding day, then this Lehenga Dupatta Draping style is perfect for you. Usually, anybody who has a height looks tall coz of their neck and midriff. The dupatta going from the shoulder till below the waist automatically gives the illusion of height.

Bring the second dupatta in front. The vertical dupatta border will give that (thinner) look.

Bride Harleen Aujla. Photo Courtesy: @ferndara

I am not sure if any of this is making sense. But that long second dupatta that’s falling all the way to her feet does two good things. One it gives her the height. Two the border of the dupatta makes her look more petite than what the bride is. It’s beautifully draped and you should know playing with heavy fabric like velvet can be doom if not done right.

Wear it tightly like a saree and bring the focus on the jewellery

Bride Shreya Agrawal. Photo Courtesy: @rahulprakashtilokani

Some of you love pastel and light lehengas. So many of you have said you prefer these kinds of lehengas rather than the traditional bold reds and pinks. So in case you love something like this, what you can do is try to bring the focus on your bridal jewellery.

If you see the brides pictures, you’ll notice her beautiful choker necklace takes the eyes right there rather than anywhere else. It all depends on what you’re looking for. I personally love it when everyone compliments the bride, and how beautiful she looks before commenting on how pretty her lehenga is. I mean the focus is the bride right, let’s try and compliment her first.

Want to show off those curves? Try wrapping the lehenga dupatta from behind the waist and wear it like a saree

Bride Atandrila Das. Photographer: @lakshalperera

I love brides who are confident in their skin. It just shows on their face. They are happy and candidly smiling in their wedding pictures. It’s heartwarming to see beautiful happy brides just like this one.

Bride Sonita Kumarie Lal. Photo Courtesy: @normanrenephotography

I loved everything about this brides wedding pictures. If you are fit and fabulous, you’ve got to show off those curves, girl. Have it, then flaunt it. The lehenga dupatta out of the way, your eyes go on the bride, her beautiful bridal dress and everything is just stunning. Don’t you agree?

BONUS: Let your saree give that lehenga look with an additional dupatta.

Bride Julia Ray. Photographed by: @shreyasenphotography

I haven’t included every lehenga dupatta draping idea here in this post. But previously, I have written a couple of posts on this topic. If you’re interested have a look at the following links.

Lehenga by Ekaya Banaras. Photo by Romesh Dhamija Productions

Shot by @ishashukla Makeup by @shaylinayakOutfit by @dollyjstudio

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