Bride Ankita Tells Us How She Planned Her Two Day Ahmedabad Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I always feel if you want to get the right kind of (wedding) information, catch hold of a bride who’s just got married. They are the best people to tell you the good, bad and ugly about wedding planning.

I have been in touch with bride Ankita for a few months now. The first time we interacted, I remember we connected over some budget-friendly Chandni Chowk lehenga stores. A few months later, I came to know she got married in the most beautiful Ahmedabad Wedding ever. She had so many good recommendations about Ahmedabad Wedding vendors and wedding planning, that I knew all of us would learn so much from her Ahmedabad Wedding planning journey.

So in today’s post, I am sharing Bride Ankita’s beautiful Ahmedabad Wedding along with a detailed Ahmedabad Wedding Planning Guide.

About Bride & Groom: Ankita & Sharan

We both met 8 years ago in college, in our first year of bachelors program and really clicked instantly. After spending more than half a decade filled with love, joy, and our share of long distance relationship for three years, we decided it was the best time in our lives to get married to each other.

The Ahmedabad Wedding followed traditions from both Marwari and Gujarati culture.

How many ceremonies?
  • Pre-Wedding Dinner
  • Haldi
  • Sangeet
  • Ahmedabad Wedding followed by Reception

The Bride Created Her Own Wedding Website

We wanted to have a website, where our family and friends could learn more about us and our journey together. We had a section describing ourselves from the other’s perspective. Overall the website made it possible for our guests to easily RSVP and for us to track that as well. Being a web developer, I designed and created the website on my own.

How To Create Your Own Wedding Website?

There are multiple websites that provide with free templates that you can use to make your wedding website. You don’t need to have IT or software knowledge to make a website. It’s pretty straightforward.

The good thing about using these free websites it, it’s hassle free. Plus, you don’t really need a permanent site, just one that will be up and running till the wedding and maybe a few months later. So something that’s quick and easy should be your key.

Wix (I personally recommend this one)

There are gorgeous free templates and it’s super easy to use this site once you get a hang of it. All you need is one free afternoon to fiddle around it and you will be set. Also, did I tell you it’s FREE?!

Brides Wedding Invite & Stationary by Sunmoon Cards, Jodhpur

Wedding Gift Registry – Amazon

One of the highlights which we borrowed from the western culture was having a wedding registry. It really made it easier for our friends and family to gift us things that were meaningful to start our lives together as a couple.

The reason we chose Amazon over other vendors is that it made it easier for people from all over the world to gift us things in their local currency with an additional option to contribute towards a higher priced product and getting 10% registry completion discount till one month after the wedding to buy products.

How can you make your own Wedding Registry?

Amazon India is the best place where you should have your wedding registry. Everything is available here + you know the prices are perfect. If you don’t want random wedding gifts piling up at your place, then go for this.

If you think that most of your crowd may not be pleased with something like this, fret not. Amazon lets you personally invite your guests to have a look at your wedding registry/shopping list. You can send the link to your friends and other chilled out family members.

Bride Ankita’s Ahmedabad Wedding Planning Timeline

General Tips To Give Your Wedding A Special Touch

  • Send a PDF if possible to your vendors with photos and dimensions if applicable of what all they need to do. Here is a link to a sample PDF I made for our decorator.
  • If you are planning to book a hotel for more than two days, then try to get a package deal with breakfast and lunch. Also, for a few guests who come in early, you might want to also keep in mind half day room cost and one extra breakfast meal. These are few things which we often forget and come as last minute surprises.
  • Use Pinterest and follow a lot of accounts on Instagram for inspiration.
  • Have photobooth for all your events, to keep your guests entertained and for them to click photos with to remember the wedding.
  • Create a wedding registry on Amazon, to make it easier for your guests to gift you things that you really want. If you are an NRI like me, then Amazon really makes it easier for people from all over the world to gift you things in their own currency.
  • For Wedding Favors, try not to focus only on women but keep something in mind for men as well. During Haldi, we gifted our guests Decorative Wall Hangings, Bangles and Candle Stand. For Baarat Swagar we gave Tie and Cufflink set to men, and women were gifted Lipstick Holder and Hairpins. During Sajjangoth we gifted our guests Hand Picked Saffron.
  • Instead of using traditional flower garlands for Milni (after baarat swagat), use pearl beads necklace for men. It is reusable and also usually goes with the outfit they are wearing during the ceremony. Our guests surprisingly wore it throughout the evening.
  • Inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, I also got a Varmala made for us which could be opened and closed with a hook. Just like how you would open a necklace. This really helped in a great way since it didn’t put pressure around my neck; pulling the veil dupatta and same applied for the groom; as it didn’t spoil his saafa setting. I would highly recommend getting a custom Varmala made which is openable like this and also the added bonus is that it looks really good in photos.
  • Check beforehand with your local lawyer about wedding registration and the documents required for it.
  • You can use Canva to design all the wedding stationery – Welcome Note and Itinerary for Rooms, Thank You Note, Local City Guide, WhatsApp Itinerary for Guests, Poster for Hashtag Sharing, Travel Desk Placard, Wedding Ceremony Details.
  • Don’t forget to book extra food thali for the Drivers, Plot Vendors, and Band people.
  • Send your final schedule and secondary contact information to all your vendors at least a week in advance.

Our Pre-Wedding Dinner Party

Palak Arora, Mumbai (Pre-Wedding Dinner Blouse) Akanksha Gajria Label, Mumbai (Pre-Wedding Dinner Skirt)

Before the start of two-day wedding festivities, Sharan’s family had decided to host a meet and greet for the two families to mingle and get to know more about each other.

In the afternoon of the same day, I had decided to get my mehendi done so that I could spend the next two days interacting with family and friends comfortably, rather than sitting on a chair for hours. Also, the added advantage of getting this done before was that I could leave the Mehendi overnight.

I chose to wear a multi-colored golden blouse with heavy intricate floral work and paired it up a pink dyed skirt. This outfit was repurposed from my closet to give a completely different look. My tip to other brides is definitely buying outfits in such a way that can always be mixed and matched in the future to give a new look.

The house was beautifully decorated using different sizes bamboo lamp stands, artificial white and yellow Genda flower petals along with lots of fairy lights.

My Haldi Ceremony

Outfit From: Meena Bazaar, Delhi NCR,Jayshree’s Real Flower Jewellery and Veni, Ahmedabad (Haldi Floral Jewellery and Varmala);Pride Plaza Hotel, Ahmedabad (Haldi and Pre-Wedding Dinner);

For Haldi, I wanted to go the traditional route and wear a beautiful floor length yellow Anarkali. I completed the look with real flower jewellery (Tiara, Necklace, Earrings) and Silver Anklets.

Haldi decoration was kept very minimal and was done in house by my family. A contrasting red colour based pattern bed cover was used to give a beautiful backdrop, along with multi-coloured party decorations bought online. Orange Genda flowers were used to decorate the ceilings.

Decorative Wall Hangings, Bangles and Candle Stands were given to guests as favours. Keeping the decorative wall hangings made sure that the gents also felt part of the ceremony.

The Sangeet Night Party

Lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika. Jewellery byPal D’zigns, Delhi NCR,Ulupi Salon and Spa, Ahmedabad (Sangeet and Wedding);

For Sangeet, Sharan and I both chose to wear our favorite color – Blue – and mixed a bit of pink to compliment each other. My outfit was a glorious midnight blue raw silk lehenga, embroidered with resham thread, sequins and bugle beads, weaved together to depict vibrant landscapes. I combined the lehenga with a plain neckline bordered blouse and a pink dupatta. Sharan wore a silk matka asymmetric jacket embroidered with multi-colored threadwork on the collar, paired with a matka kurta and a pair of trousers.

For Sangeet day jewellery, I wanted to wear something that looked glamorous but was lightweight and had the option of extending the earrings with pearl strings so that my earlobes could be supported with all the dancing and swinging. I found a perfectly matching Phoolbagiyaa necklace set online that served my needs. Also, I wore very lightweight silk bangles matching to my lehenga.

To make our Sangeet night memorable, I scrolled through images for hours and hours on Pinterest and Instagram. We finally to decided to have a guest message board where our family and friends could write their messages and wishes for us. We got the message board canvas customized through a family friend who is an artist. This gave our guests an opportunity to remain engaged during the evening. We also had set up a custom photo booth in the shape of a photo frame for the evening, so that our guests could click photos and have something to remember us by.

Sangeet Venue: 129 Weekend Villas, Ahmedabad

We had invited Rhythm Pulz band headed by the talented and super energetic Akul Raval to perform for us before our Dance Performances. They played all-time favourite Indian wedding numbers and the evening ended with everyone grooving to super hits songs being played by DJ Rajan. It was a lot of fun, and something all our guests of different ages enjoyed.

The dance sequences were super special and very close to my heart. The performance started by my Dad, sister followed by my bridal squad. The last song – Marry You – was a surprise for the Groom and he loved it. It was my only chance to propose to him. There were more performances by Sharan’s sisters and bhabhi, and lastly the whole gang danced together to a medley of songs.

Download the Dance Video Choreography Sheet

You can find the complete list of songs, with links to original videos and choreography videos listed in this excel sheet. In case any of you’ll are looking for sangeet songs to dance on, this list is pretty amazing.

There are over 90 songs with links to youtube videos and Instagram handles mentioned on this sheet. It is the most detailed list you will find anywhere.

The Wedding Lehenga

Wedding Lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika, Ahmedabad (Wedding Necklace and Earrings) by Mauli Jewels, Wedding Matha Patti and Nath by Ra Abta by Rahul, Rings and Bangles for Sangeet and Wedding by Suhana Arts and Jewels, Anklets for Haldi and Wedding byJai Ram Soni Jewellers, Jodhpur

The big day was here. I wore a Shyamal & Bhumika Pink-Peach colored lehenga, a blouse, and a golden bordered dupatta. I paired it up with a beautiful sequined red dupatta as a veil to bring the element of a bridal red to my trousseau.

We had our wedding immediately followed by our reception. And by removing the second dupatta as my veil, I was able to get a second look from the same outfit. From day zero, I had decided not to wear the traditional red lehenga for my wedding. I wanted to wear something different with a touch of red and golden.

Grooms Sherwani by Shyamal & Bhumika, Photography byDestination Photographers, Ahmedabad

Complimenting my outfit was a heritage kundan and green polki two-piece choker-necklace set with jhumkas. I completed the look with a delicate Matthapatti and Nath for face and a bold ring, red chooda set for my hands. I also wore my grandmother’s anklet.

Sharan wore a color-coordinated Pristine Ivory Sherwani with a matching Khes and a Pink-Peach Saafa.

Ahmedabad Wedding Decor

Wedding Venue: Vrundavan Premium Party Plot

For our wedding, I chose a royal theme decoration for our venue with primary colours being Red, White, Golden, and Green.

The outside border of the Mandap had white and red flower pasting on the ceiling. To give a contrast, camel color cloth was used for carpeting. This color palette overall complimented our outfits and also gave a rich look.

Bridal Entry Song – Nachdi Phira – ShutterDown Version (Feat. Jasleen Royal).

One of the most special things I was looking forward to was my bridal entry. I walked hand in hand with my mom, sister and my complete bride squad to the Mandap. My brothers held the chaddar with their pillars of love. For Sharan’s entry, Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah was played as he walked to the Mandap.

A detailed card was handed to the guests before the start of the ceremony to explain all the wedding rituals performed.

The Reception Party

Our Wedding was immediately followed by the Reception. We took a 15-minute break to remove my second dupatta which was used as a veil and Sharan removed his Saafa. Both of us made a grand entry with the help of our friends and family who held hand pyros and welcomed us to the reception area. Arziyaan (Feat. Devangi Chopra) was playing in the background as Sharan and I walked together hand in hand.

Our wedding and reception were held at the same venue. After the wedding, we asked our guests to move towards the Reception area on the lawn. The Reception also followed the Royal theme with the same colour palette.

Similarly to Sangeet, we had another photobooth made for our guests on the Wedding Day also. This time it was a giant circle arch created with rustic wood branches and flowers for the backdrop. It was decorated with props like a vintage table (to keep photo props), a small sofa for people to sit and take photos on.

BONUS: Tips From The Bride

General Tips for both the Bride and Groom

  • On your big day don’t forget to brush your teeth after lunch/before getting ready. Pop in a breath mint if you like.
  • Beforehand keep 2-3 big bags ready to collect the envelopes and money given during ceremonies. And make someone in charge to take these bag from you once it is full.
  • On the Haldi day, instead of using the regular turmeric paste I used a Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask by Kiehls. This helped me in avoiding any kind of staining and was also good for my skin. You can dilute it using rose water. And in case you have stains then use raw milk to get them off. It contains lactic acid that acts as a cleanser, as well as exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells.
  • Use underarm patch if required to avoid sweaty sleeves. Available on Amazon. Wear a good perfume if you like.
  • If you have puffy red eyes after the Sangeet or Cocktail party, then keep spoons or damp green tea bags in the freezer to put over your eyes. The cold will help to reduce puffiness. Or cucumber slices always work as well.
  • In case you wake up with an irritated skin or a pimple, then try rubbing an ice cube on your face to calm down the redness. To subside a pimple, do warm compression or apply a bit of talcum powder.
  • Carry an emergency sewing kit with you at all times and a backup dress.

General Tips for the Bride

  • When you go for an outfit trial, make sure you take your jewellery, shoes, and lingerie. I ended up changing my heels from Stilettos to Platform since my shoes couldn’t take Lehanga’s weight during the trial. Make sure you have two trials – one few months (so that you know your overall look and can decide on smallest things like draping of your dupatta) and one few days before the wedding (for final fittings).
  • Chose your jewellery before clothes finalization, as jewellery is something you would wear again and again. And this could also help you to select the shape of the blouse neckline. Finalize your clothes next. As this could help in dictating your wedding theme later in such a way that it is complimenting it. If not, then simply decide only on the colour and then select the outfit closer to your wedding from the latest collection.
  • Don’t get waxing done on the same day as your body brushing or facial. It might cause breakouts. If you an event prior to a few days before the wedding then you can also opt for bleaching instead of waxing until your big day; to have proper growth.
  • Things to keep in the purse – mint, power bank, water, straw, mobile, facial tissue, sunglasses, blotting papers for excess makeup removal, safety pin and lipstick for reapplication.
  • I discovered a heavy earring hack that you can use too to avoid your ears from hanging and paining throughout the ceremonies. You can also carry a piece of an eraser to help with this and as a backup, if you lose your earring back hook.
  • Before your Mehendi, don’t forget to put Vaseline on your nails. Also, you could apply your nail paint beforehand.
  • Pack one bag per event to keep each event’s clothes, jewellery and accessories organized. Include backup options in the rare [but possible] chance you lose anything. And don’t forget to pack your wedding night bag in advance and make sure you carry things like makeup remover, cotton, change of clothes, Livon Hair Serum (to untangle your hair from the excessive hairdo)
  • Ask your bridesmaids to carry a straw all the time to drink water without spoiling your lipstick.
  • In between the dress changing ask your bridesmaids to remind you to go to the washroom.
  • On the wedding day keep the lipstick you have applied with the outfit so that you can reapply it again after you smile so much.
  • Consult a doctor to improve food habits, and get proper supplements for hair and skin (this helped me a lot). I started drinking 3L water as a result of this.

General Tips for the Groom

  • For the wedding carry a handkerchief to remove tilak put during baarat arrival. Other things to carry – power bank, tissue, sunglasses.
  • While shaving on the wedding day take care to use a good razor to avoid any cuts.
  • Moisturize and wear sunscreen. Don’t forget to carry a lip balm, you may need it after all that smiling.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure for the closeup photos of your nails.
  • Make sure you try your wedding shoes in advance to avoid shoe bite. Carry another pair as a backup.
  • In between the reception and baarat arrival, ask your groomsmen to remind you to go to the washroom.

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