Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding Lehengas, Sarees & Anarkalis

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding

You know there are days like today when I feel I write only Sabyasachi posts. In the last three weeks, this is my third Sabyasachi story. The worst part, he’s doing a fashion show tonight which means there will be one more blog post before the end of this week. Sorry, if you’re getting harassed by the sheer amount of Sabyasachi content been fed to you. But what can your girl do? This man keeps on updating one collection after another.

Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding collection comprises of gorgeous wedding sarees, light summer wear, new lehengas and designs and some indo-fusion outfits. If you’ve always wondered what Sabyasachi outfits cost, check out the links below.

Yesterday was the launch of the brand new Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding outfits. No one knew this was even coming up. Luckily Frugal2Fab Instagram had Sabyasachi on (turn on) notifications. I was halfway making a meal when the phone went ting-ting-ting.

If you don’t follow the designer. Let me take this platform to enlighten you a little bit. This dude of a designer literally drops his entire collection within minutes on Instagram. Obviously, since I am in the wedding blogging business, I too have to drop everything and get on with my Frugal2Fab Sabyasachi work. That includes leaving a half cooked egg on the stove. They don’t call it sunny side up for no reason. Lack of time my friends!

Sabyasachi 2019 New Lehengas (Updated June 2019)

Remember Priyanka Chopra’s Blue Banarasi Wedding Lehenga by Sabyasachi? Well, these are different shades of the same outfit. No idea what this lehenga costs, but if you want to know Priyanka Chopra’s Red Sabyasachi lehenga cost, here’s the link for that.

Priyanka Chopra Sabyasachi Lehenga Cost

This season, his collection showcased a bunch of brocade banarasi style bridal lehengas. Blue has always been a Sabyasachi colour since years, so its no surprise to see more deep navy blues in this season as well.

Anyhow, coming back to the collection. Sabyasachi launched his Destination Wedding/Resort edit for 2019 brides. It featured Miss World Manushi Chhillar in a gorgeous beach wedding lehenga.

Sabyasachi has only shared a preview of his collection so far. In case you want to see it all, you’ll need to get a copy of the Conde Nast Traveller magazine for the month of April to May. But honestly, if you wait a little bit, the designer should put up the rest of the Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding collection on his Instagram pretty soon.

Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding Lehenga for Girls

Isn’t she the cutest bridesmaid ever?!! My initial thoughts after seeing this was Sabyasachi is now doing kids wear too? The designer is known not to do customizations of any kind for brides. So seeing this definitely means there will be lots of kid wedding wear in his upcoming collection.

So far, there are many good designers who do matching outfits with the bride, or mom and me wedding outfits. But a Sabyasachi kid wear lehenga, now that’s pretty new. Is it just me, or are you also thinking about the price?

NEW PICTURES: Sabyasachi Destination Resort Wear

Take a wild guess and tell me in the comments how much you think this might be?

20 Years of Sabyasachi

Can you believe it? It’s been twenty long years. All this new back to back collections only means Sabyasachi is doing something big and celebratory of the twenty year in the business milestone. Today Sabyasachi is having a runway show in collaboration with Christian Louboutin in Mumbai. So I’m pretty sure tomorrow we will be loaded with more amazing Sabyasachi wedding and accessories.

Sneak Peek Of Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding Lehenga

Ok I just have to say this. The moment I saw this splashing water picture, my first thought was – they are wearing SABYASACHI and they are dripping wet. I would’ve died had a chutki bhar water touched my Sabyasachi outfit. But then again what am I saying? My Sabyasachi outfit?! In water? I don’t think I would let sand touch my lehenga let along get into the water. Far fetched dreaming 🙂

Red Bridal 2019 Sabyasachi Sarees

What do you think about the collection so far? Which one did you like better? This or the Namaste Easy Collection?

Photographed by @errikosandreouphoto Location: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding Sarees

I genuinely see a shift in trend these days. A lot of brides are looking at sarees either for their trousseau or for the main wedding ceremony. Of course, a lehenga is a lehenga afterall, and there’s no comparison.

But Sabyasachi from his latest collection shows us just how stunning one can look in a simple saree as well.

Sabyasachi 2019 Destination Wedding Saree

BONUS: Bollywood Celebrities in Sabyasachi 2019 Collection

Last night saw the elite most Bollywood celebrities walking in to attend the 20 years Sabyasachi fashion show. All of them wore the latest Sabyasachi 2019 outfits. From ruffle sarees to cocktail dress, lehengas and more. This post has all the pictures.

Alia Bhatt

Janhvi Kapoor

Tara Sutaria

Isha Ambani Piramal

Katrina Kaif in Sabyasachi

Other Celebs in Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi & Christian Louboutin Collaboration

The soul of Sabyasachi lies in craftsmanship- a value system that has remained unchanged since I started the brand 20 years ago. As you grow, it is very easy for values to be replaced by misplaced ambition. But I am proud to say that this value system has survived in our organisation. There were times when to cut costs and offer competitive pricing, one could have mechanised hand skills. But we do quite the opposite. Every bit of our merchandise uses more and more craft each year.

Sometimes impossible detailing like hand-made buttonholes, desi meena in jewellery and cutting kundan, 24 colour screen lining are just some of the many things that go completely unnoticed by a majority of our consumers. But these processes create innumerable jobs year after year. From master weavers to dyers, printers to embroiderers, cutters to tailors, artists to carpenters, metal workers to sculptors, merchandisers to IT professionals, photographers to filmmakers, musicians to writers- the company supports over 27,000 people directly and indirectly.

They are based out of West Bengal, Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Our ecosystem of people who have grown and survived with us is our proudest achievement and no amount of recognition or adulation can ever replace that. These are the people who create the world of Sabyasachi. Tirelessly. Without compromise. Every single day.

Sabyasachi Kashgar Bazaar 2019 Jewellery

The Kashgaar Bazaar collection of fine jewellery breaks the mould of traditional Indian jewellery by fusing cultural anecdotes from far and exotic places that have influenced Sabyasachi’s body of work.

From Africa to Central Asia, through the North-West Frontier Province into the bylanes of Rajasthan and Varanasi, through hidden pockets of Kashmir, remote villages of Tibet and into the colourful bustle of the Far East, the collection is an eclectic mix of exuberance, old-world craftsmanship and a modern spirit of vintage whimsy.

Unusual pairings of Zambian and Colombian emeralds, Burmese and Mozambique rubies with Iranian turquoise and Chinese jade, hand-picked moonstones, Catseye, Jasper, hessonite, sapphires, topaz, coral and pearls are sculpted with impeccable craftsmanship to create modern heirlooms.

Tensions between the rustic and the sophisticated, traditional and the provocative have challenged boundaries to create neo-traditional jewellery that is as much statement as it is timeless.

Sabyasachi Christian Louboutin 2019 Footwear & Accessories

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