March Brides | Favourite Bridal Moments, Photographers, Lehengas And More

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Red Veds Photography

Starting this month, I thought why not have a summary post of sorts highlighting everything that caught my eye in the wedding world. From bridal portraits to jewellery, new photographers etc. You will see a bunch of ad-hoc information all added in this series. The first one is March Brides. I am hoping, you like the format, and at the end of every month or fortnight, there will be subsequent posts like April Brides, May Brides and so on.

Sometimes when I am browsing through images, there are so many things I’d like to share here. But it doesn’t always fit in any of the blog posts. So this is more like a repository for me than for you 😛

Favourite Wedding Photographer – Red Veds Photography

Now I don’t know whether it is luck, or something else. But his brides keep opting for red and green combination wedding lehenga and jewellery. Maybe it’s just my eyes. But I absolutely love how these guys are capturing the beauty of the brides. The lehenga, the makeup, the portrait shots, just love the pop of colours.

Now I did a bit of snooping, obviously, and here’s what I’ve understood about their pricing.

  • Candid + Cinematography – INR 1.2 to INR 1.5 Lakhs for one day
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 50k for a day shoot
  • For Traditional Photo + Video – it’s another INR 60k to INR 80k per day

Let’s just assume they are expensive. But they are very-very good. You can check out some of their recent work on their Instagram. I mean, I love subtle, but when someone does pop well, subtle just doesn’t stand a chance. Oh and these photographers are based out of Chandigarh.

Budget Photographer of the Month – Merry Makers (Pune)

All those fancy pictures, and vendors aside, deep down I will always be your budget wedding blogger. So when I see prices that honestly feel like a stone being thrown at my face, I know so many of you appreciate seeing real budget options. Sometimes a budget is a budget and we’ve got to stick to that.

I recently came across a picture from The Merry Makers, and their style was simple, capturing all the moments and neatly edited (read, not overedited). If you are searching for a budget photographer in Pune, you can definitely check them out.

  • Candid + Cinematography – INR 30-40k for one day
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot starts at INR 15-20k for a day shoot
  • For Traditional Photo + Video – it’s another INR 20k per day

One Sikh Bride’s Wedding Wardrobe & Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery by Prune India. Decor by Bling & Whistles

Haldi Outfit by Rimple & Harpreet Narula

Wedding Lehenga by Sabyasachi. Photography by Safarsaga Films

From mehendi, haldi to finally her wedding ceremony outfit, Tavleen Sangha’s wedding was all about prettiness. The beautiful bride looked like a princess at her Gurudwara wedding. But it was her green mehendi suit that I absolutely loved.

Which outfit from her wardrobe was your favourite?

Gorgeous Beach Wedding Captured by Naman Verma

White Lehenga by Shivan & Narresh

There are multiple things I loved about this beach wedding. Firstly, the wedding lehenga is actually designed by a designer duo who are known more for their quirky holiday/resort wear collections. Coming from them, this beautiful white lehenga which is a nice mix between a traditional lehenga look/a western wedding gown. The big flare, the long sleeves, the details on the blouse it’s all very pretty.

Most Elaborate Bridal Maang Tikkas

So many of you ask me to write more about bridal jewellery. While I haven’t so far, this is my humble try to at least bring you some of the best designs I’ve noticed on Instagram lately. When it comes to maang-tikkas the bigger the better I always feel.

Do you know of any mid-budget jewellery place in your city that does amazing bridal jewellery?

March Gorgeous Bridal Jewellery Necklace

Budget Lehenga of the Month

Moornii Floral Lehenga Price – INR 33,588

If you are looking for bridal type lehengas under 30k, even banarasi ones, check out these lehengas below:

New Trends in Wedding Fashion by Papa Don’t Preach

Capes In Place Of Dupattas

Lehenga by Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

Cocktail Gowns for 2019 Brides

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika Gown Price – INR 1,50,000

Red seems to be the colour this season. In my last post, I shared Kalki Fashion’s 2019 bridal outfits. 80% of them were bright red just like this one. After Priyanka Chopra’s all red wedding outfit, seems like a lot of brides are looking for monotone shade wedding wear.

If you feel INR 1.5 Lakhs is way above your budget, check out the blog post I have written on other budget red lehengas based on Priyanka Chopra’s wedding day look.

Get Priyanka Chopra’s Red Lehenga On Budget

Quirky Lehenga Blouse Designs

I saw this exact lehenga blouse on a different lehenga skirt priced at around INR 80,000. In case, you’re in love with these kind of designs, you should definitely check out their website.

Favourite Summer Lehenga Colour

Brides in Orangish-Gold

Honestly, if you’re a bride, you can choose to wear anything on your big day irrespective of the season. But just out of personal choice, I found these to be rather striking in a world full of pinks and red bridal lehengas.

Which bridal lehenga colour are you crushing on at the moment?

This Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga for Brides Sisters & Bridesmaids

Falguni Shane Peacock Green Pink Ruffles Lehenga Price – INR 3,95,000

Usually Falguni Shane Peacock lehengas are expensive. Think minimum INR 3 Lakh+ for the heavy ones that is. But for this particular lehenga, I am not entirely sure of the price. If I do come to know though, will update it here.

Bridal Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer

There are a bunch of amazing bridal hairstylists out there. But let me just tell you, I have no clue what they charge. I have no idea if you’re supposed to book them just for the hair, or they have a makeup team as well. I am going to try and find out more about this category, and hopefully, I will be able to share some inputs in the April Brides guide.

But if you want a list of top Bridal hairstylists, then here’s a few you can follow:

  • Aanal Savaliya from Ahmedabad
  • Aarushi Oswal from Ludhiana
  • Ritika Kadam from Mumbai
  • Richa Dave from Ahmedabad

Fabulous March Bridal Portraits in Red

Rianta’s Red Bridal Lehenga Price – INR 36,903

I know this post now looks overtly red. But what can one do. My eyes just lit up every time I see a bride in red. It just feels bridal and so right. No matter what you wear, whether designer or a local bridal lehenga, red always has a way to shine bright.

Posts You Must Not Miss from March

Benaisha Kharas & Yash Dongre’s Wedding

When Anita Dongre’s son gets married in a beautiful hill side resort, you know the wedding is going to be all kinds of fantastic. The bride wore Anita Dongre outfits throughout the wedding, and she looked gorgeous. You really have to see their carnival themed brunch party.

Inside Jaipur Lehenga Market

A lot of you requested to put up a blog post on Jaipur lehenga shopping. So this post is exactly that. I have shared lehenga prices, lehenga designers, budget stores and more in this post.

Sabyasachi’s Namaste Easy 2019 Collection

Sabyasachi launched his spring summer 2019 collection on March 4th. Today is exactly a month past, and believe it or not, he is still updating new lehengas and sarees every single day. Lucky for you, in this post, the entire collection is constantly being updated, so you have everything you’re looking for in one place. Did I tell you, I also shared Sabyasachi Menswear Outfit Costs? That, you really should check out. Amazing stuff, and not that expensive.

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