Latest Pink & Red Bridal Dresses To Love With Prices!

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Red Bridal Dresses

Are you the kinds who just loved red over any other colour? Can’t think of wearing anything other than a bright red lehenga/gown for your wedding ceremony/reception? Then you’re going to love the latest Kalki Fashion 2019 bridal collection.

Their collection this year was all about Red Bridal Dresses. From shararas to Anarkali gowns, cocktail dresses and wedding lehengas, all in bright reds and deep pinks. As usual, the prices of these Red Bridal Dresses are amazing. Anybody with a healthy budget of INR 80k to INR 1.8 Lakhs should definitely find something good in this collection.

If you are a Bombay Bride or are planning to do wedding shopping in Mumbai, I highly recommend keeping track of this brand. They recently went on a massive 50% off sale. Plus, their last year’s collection was even prettier than this years. At least I felt like that. you can check out both those blog posts here:

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Oh and I just remembered, celebrity Mohan Sisters wore an entire Kalki wardrobe for their sister Neeti Mohan’s Wedding. I shared the lehenga and gown prices there as well. You should see it if you wish to step into Kalki store. Lots of inspiration there too.

Sisters Of The Bride | Mohan Sisters Wedding Outfits + Their Lehenga Prices

So in this post, I thought let me share all of their new collection outfits with prices here for you to see.

Red Bridal Dresses

Ruby Red Bridal Lehenga Price – INR 1,70,340

Fuchsia Pink Kalki Fashion Lehenga

The fuchsia pink ‘Azalea’ embroidered lehenga showcases the grand celebration of Indian culture and hand-done embroideries in all its admiration. The richness of the multi-coloured floral thread work with traditional zardozi beauty and Moroccan motifs running all through makes it a classic summer wedding. The lehenga comes with a gorgeous deep pointed neckline silk choli, with similar embroidery.

Ruby Red Bridal Dresses Price – INR 1,10,340

Aren’t these bold red and pink bridal lehengas reminding you of Priyanka Chopra’s Sabyasachi Wedding Lehenga? The colours are so similar, plus its a completely monotone head to toe red lehenga on budget!

Sunehri Pink Bridal Lehenga

Is it just me, or is pink looking a lot like red? I mean now that I think about it, my title says Red Bridal Dresses but all I’m reading is pink-pink-and more pink. But you don’t mind right. It’s all about showing you what’s the latest you can get for your money.

Now, some of these bridal lehenga prices are not yet released, but it will all be in the INR 80-1.7 Lakh price range. In case you really like any particular lehenga, let me know and I will help you with the prices.

It was by chance that Malaika Arora popped up on Frugal2Fab Instagram account. She was wearing this gorgeous ruby red evening gown, and I just instantly fell in love. The good thing about Kalki Fashion is that you always get to know their outfit prices the same day.

Showstopper Malaika Arora in Red Evening Gown Price – INR 1,10,340

The entire collection is so amazing, quirky & edgy and carries the right amount of summer romance. It is modern with vivid colour palettes like mustards, citrus, fuchsia pinks, lime greens, mauve and of course my most favourite the reds which is why I choose to deck up in one.

It is a red gown from their fiery reds palette; it has extraordinary details that strike the perfect balance between modern fashion and absolute comfort during weddings and events!

All in all, the collection is perfect for summer weddings and has trendy cuts and embroidery. The collection is for the Indian girl who likes to keep her sense of style and dressing fresh, different and bold. It’s for all the modern brides and all their ‘desi’ parties!

Red by itself stands for drama. But if you want the drama factor to be on the slightly higher side, this dress is perfect. It has the added ruffle feathers on the sleeves, which are so dramatic, in a good way though. I know a lot of you might shy away from this, I mean I might too. But it’s not a dress for the faint hearted.

About the Collection

‘ZINNIA’ will take you to a happy place in a painterly hues of summer fog blues, mighty mauves, the lime greens, the spicy mustards, the fuchsia pinks and the fiery reds. 

This collection has other colours than reds and pinks, but I am going to wait a bit before sharing those here with you’ll. I don’t have good quality images yet and you know it just kills the whole vibe of seeing outfits. So wait for it, and I will update this blog post as soon as I get my hands on those. For now, it’s back to more Red Bridal Dresses.

Evening Gowns

Raspberry Red Gown With Train Price – INR 97,140

Shararas For Your Summer Pre-Wedding Party

Red Sharara Jumpsuit Saree Price – INR 89,940

The 3 tiered Georgette sharara jumpsuit saree presents ruffles, embellished criss-cross paneling and a bodice. To keep it more classy and fashionable, the outfit is set together with a pleated draped pallu that is a perfect fit for a fashion faithful.

French Pink Jacket Sharara Price – INR 89,940

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