Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas. Are You Excited To See This!

Technically, Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas have sort of launched in Lakme Fashion Week last month. But from the last few days, the designer has been releasing some brand new bridal lehengas on her Instagram page. Now I know how much you love Anushree Reddy so I thought, let me share all of the (new) and some previously seen lehengas in this post.

FYI, I have ALL of the Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas PRICES! Like how cool am I, right? Just kidding. But seriously, it’s good to know your options. Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas are priced from INR 1.6 Lakhs to INR 3 Lakhs. But if you are looking for that magic number which will tell you whether you can afford one of these Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas, then that figure is INR 2.59 Lakhs.

It’s such a mood kill when you bookmark certain designs only to find out later that it’s way above your budget. Well, not this time.

If you want a premium bridal designer for your wedding Lehenga, but on budget, then Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas is perfect for you. She has an array of colours, designs, complexities in her collection. You can find everything from bridesmaids, to pre-wedding and bridal lehengas all in this one collection.

NEW Updated Anushree Reddy 2019 Bridal Lehengas PRICES

Vermillion Red Chanderi Silk Printed Lehenga – INR 1.2 Lakhs

I found this one bridal piece in the new collection at this amazing price. I know it is chanderi silk, but if you’re hell bent on getting a designer tag on a budget, then you won’t find anything better than this.

Navy Blue Raw Silk Lehenga – INR 2.59 Lakhs

Pantone or classic blue is the shade of 2020. Anushree Reddy has just launched this super pretty navy blue bridal piece in her collection. You can shop any of these lehengas online as well on her website. This is personally my favourite pick in this blog post.

Seashell White Organza Lehenga – INR 2 to 2.2 Lakhs Approx.

Midnight Blue Organza Cocktail Lehenga – INR 1.98 Lakhs & Ivory Organza Lehenga – INR 2.98 Lakhs

Bright Pink Anushree Reddy Wedding Lehenga Price – INR 2,59,000

Pink Zardosi Raw Silk Lehenga Price – INR 3,97,000

This is a work-in-progress blog post. What that means is, I will be regularly updating this post as and when new lehengas are uploaded by Anushree Reddy. Of course, you will be notified every single time. All you got to do is follow Frugal2Fab Instagram account to know all the latest updates.

Pink Bridal Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 2,59,000

Sonakshi Sinha in Anushree Reddy

Yellow Anushree Reddy Bridal Lehenga Price – INR 2,49,000

Yellow Green Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 3,97,000

Anushree Reddy is back with her signature style bridal lehengas this summer. The colours are fresh, young, poppy perfect to wear for a day wedding. I don’t have the prices for these new bridal lehengas as yet. But the designer has pretty much launched these this week. So wait for a few days, and I will be updating all the prices in this post itself.

Yellow Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Price – INR 2,98,000

Light Pink Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Price – INR 2,99,000

Anushree Reddy Ivory Bridal Lehengas

Lehenga In Ivory on the Left – INR 2,59,000

Ivory Embroidered Lehenga – INR 2,65,740

Organza Cutdana Ivory Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 2,59,000

I found this similar looking Anushree Reddy lehenga price. Thought you’d like to know it. Ivory lehengas have been in trend since last year and look amazing for day weddings. If your wedding style is classic, subtle, elegance, then you might like the ivory range from her latest collection.

Zardozi Embroidered Ivory Wedding Lehenga – INR 2,69,000

Deep Blue Hand Embroidered Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 3,80,800

How do women have such amazing bodies! I can’t just imagine. Don’t know what they eat, or if they eat to have a mid-riff like that. Makes me wonder what these bridal designer lehengas might look like on actual regular sized women. I mean if you think about it, most of the ‘internet’ real brides are all stick thin. Leaving a few exceptions. Don’t come charging at me like I’m saying something horrendous, but it’s just what came to mind when I saw these pictures. The photoshoot is absolutely sensational though 🙂

Baby Pink Anushree Reddy Wedding Lehenga – INR 2,39,000

If there is one thing that Anushree Reddy does well, it’s her signature candy and baby colour bridal lehengas. The scallop borders, the delicate embroidery its all going to stay in fashion this year as well. The only change in design is in the lehenga blouse which I quite like. After the debacle that was Sabyasachi’s lehenga blouse designs, or lack thereof, this one actually looks wearable and so pretty!

Ivory Lehenga with Floral Pink Ruffles Blouse Price – INR 2,79,000

Sunshine Colour Anushree Reddy Lehengas

Mustard Yellow Embroidered Anushree Reddy Lehenga Cost – INR 3,95,000

Yellow Gold Zardosi Lehenga Price – INR 2,95,000

Pista Green Embroidered Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 2,59,000

In 2018, Anushree Reddy had launched a limited edition bridal collection. It had some beautiful baby pink wedding lehengas with the exact same design. Now my point being, that particular lehenga in pink cost INR 2,24,000. Sharing the picture below for your reference. If the designer has maintained her prices, then this one too should be around the same price, if not lower.

New Bridal Colour – Pop Fuchsia Pink

Pink Zardozi Raw Silk Wedding Lehenga Price – INR 4,59,000

Probably the most striking one from the collection so far. If you are a bride to be who likes bold colour, but with the same signature Anushree Reddy touch, then this is the one for you. I will be updating the lehenga prices for the fuchsia pink lehengas as and when it releases.

Magenta Pink Zardosi Lehenga Price – INR 1,98,000

Hot Pink Zardosi Lehenga Price – INR 1,89,000

Bridesmaid Outfits by Anushree Reddy

Green Ruffle Blouse Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 1,69,000

I don’t have the price of this exact lehenga but I am sharing the price of a similar Anushree Reddy 2019 lehenga here. There are obviously new additions to this collection which will be revealed in the coming few weeks. So you’ve got to come back to this page soon.

Light Yellow Ruffles Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 1,22,100

Alia Bhatt was recently seen wearing one of Anushree Reddy Bridesmaid Lehengas for her best friends wedding. Surprisingly, it’s actually semi affordable (by designer standards) and looks super cute.

Floral Anushree Reddy Printed Ruffles Lehenga Price – INR 99,700

Orange Floral Embroidery Lehenga Price – INR 1,59,000

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If you are interested to see more of Anushree Reddy lehengas, here’s few link with Lehenga prices.

BONUS: Inside Anushree Reddy’s Hyderabad Store

Favourite lehenga from this spring summer collection. I don’t think we’ve seen this particular lehenga n close up look. but if you like subtle pastel shades, then this one is absolutely gorgeous.

The good thing about the layout of the store is you can pretty much browse through multiple designs in the same colour palette. From heavy bridal lehengas, to pre-wedding quirky fusion wear, everything is neatly stacked next to each other.

Which colour palette are you crushing on most from the Anushree Reddy Spring Summer Collection?

Anushree Reddy * Ensemble Collection

Blue Anushree Reddy Lehenga Price – INR 3,91,600

Anushree Reddy Grooms Wear 2019 Collection