25 Blouse Back Designs You Can Actually Get Your Local Tailor To Do

by Namrata Nautiyal
Blouse Back Designs

We all need to have some number of sarees in our closet. Whether you’re a bride, a college-going girl or a married woman. Sarees are so versatile. Especially now, when even fashion bloggers are out there flaunting modern look sarees in different styles. 2019 is all about this sarees and saree Blouse Back Designs.

While there are multiple labels on Instagram that do amazing bridal blouses. They do cost a bomb. Like for instance, I checked with one of the brands and the designer of the label said bridal blouses start from INR 25k to a whopping INR 75k!! I mean that’s a lehenga budget for most of us budget brides.

I even wrote a blog post about bridal saree blouses couple of months back. So you can check that out for reference.

The Best Chennai Bridal Blouse Designers Just For You

So instead I just smiled, said a thank you and thought, well, this is not for everybody. There has to be better, simple Blouse Back Designs that has a mass appeal. Easy to do, requires minimum effort both from the tailor/boutique and still looks fantastic.

I mean, no offence these are pretty darn amazing. But you got to have moolah to shell out. So in this post, I am going to stay clear of any heavy saree Blouse Back Designs. Instead, as an inspiration, I’ll be sharing some simple ones. Let me know which one is your favourite.

P.S. This post in no way is to rip off anybody’s designs. All I’m suggesting is the various simple cuts for blouses. So don’t come with your guns blazing.

Blouse Back Designs With Buttons

Love love this. It’s actually an ordinary saree blouse design. But just by adding some fabric buttons, it just changes the whole look. If you’re shy of showing off your back, but still want something stylish, this one is a big yes.

The reason why I’m sharing all of these Blouse Back Designs with buttons photos is that you can do this with any fabric. So whether you want to try it out with your silks, or with cotton sarees, both still look very very good.

The Mani Jassal Style Blouses

This Toronto based designer does amazing lehengas and sarees. She has a store online as well as offline. Quite expensive, but the designs are perfect for trousseau, bridesmaids and maybe one or two pre-bridal pieces.

How can you get these blouses done on your own?

Simple. You need to buy a blouse piece separately from any local fabric store. Raw silk looks great for the last blouse look. Go to any latkan/lace store and buy the gold pieces to stitch on top. Maybe your tailor can do it, or even you can sew it in.

I know easier said than done. But it’s a nice DIY project on a plain blouse that’ll give a rich look in the end.

Mani Jassal’s other blouse designs are simple, classics. You can team it up in multiple sarees. They are not specific to a particular design. In fact, on her website, most of the outfit pieces are sold separately. I guess for the same reason.

Wear A Crop-Top As A Saree Blouse

I remember seeing this in blue and a parrot green with a pink combination on Pinterest, years ago. I still love this design. It’s super pretty and easy to do. You can again get this embroidered material from any local store, and its a basic crop top cut. Most of the tailors should be able to get this done if you show the picture.

Back in the day, I remember whenever I visited my local tailor, he would hand over a bunch of magazines to me. These magazines had pages and pages of blouse designs, all pretty yuck. But one had to choose and show the tailor which he would then ‘try to’ replicate.

Cut to now, we have Instagram, Pinterest and so many more options to choose from. House of Blouse is one of my favourites to stalk whenever I’m hunting for Blouse Back Designs. Their designs are unique and affordable. I’ve shared a bunch of their stuff on Frugal2Fab Instagram. So in case you’ve missed that, you can check it here.

Boat Neck Blouses Are Trending

Whether it is half sleeves, or full sleeves, boat necks look good with both. I personally prefer the full sleeves look. Go with statement accessory like in the red saree and you’re sorted. It might be a bit adulting kind of a style, but looks good nonetheless.

While choosing blouse fabrics, raw silk, brocade, cotton are some of the good ones to go for. Brocade comes with its own design, making it look rich and its affordable. You can ask the tailor to do a little bit of piping all around, add a zip in front. It can be used for your sarees as well as lehengas.

Adding Pom-Poms Or Tassels To The Blouse

Pom-poms come in all colours and sizes and are so cheap. You’ll get a metre for as low as 15-20 bucks and honestly, you don’t need that much for a blouse. Pom-poms are everywhere. Whether it is the wedding decor, house decor, or even your saree blouse. If you want a little bit of oomph in an otherwise plain saree blouse style, this one I’d highly recommend.

If you have some left over pom-pom strings here’s what you can do with them.

Tie A Bow On The Back

Favourite from this post. This last pic in this baby pink bow style blouse back design is super cute. You don’t even need to get the tailor to do this. Just tie a bow and ask the tailor to simply stitch it in. I think that is what is done in this design. Everything else about the blouse stitching remains the same.

Other Saree Blouse Designs To Love

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