Kalki Fashion Lehengas Are On A Massive 50% Discount Online

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Kalki Fashion Lehengas

Yesterday while doing my usual lehenga browsing, I realised Kalki Fashion Lehengas are on a massive 50% discount! If you have a wedding in the family, or even your own wedding, I highly recommend checking out their collection.

There are gorgeous heavy bridal lehengas on 50% discount making it really worth spending on. All of the Kalki Fashion Lehengas seen in this post can be bought either online on their website or offline at their stores.

If you are residing in Bombay, I suggest visit their store to pick up the best piece from the lot. Kalki Fashion was on sale till the 20th of February. I am not completely sure if their in-store sale is still valid, however, their is sale prices still up on their website. So you got to hurry.

But first, I am sharing some of my favourite Kalki Fashion Lehengas for you to see.

Kalki Fashion Lehengas For The Whole Family

Celebrities Mohan sisters recently did a beautiful bridesmaid shoot with Kalki Fashion. While I don’t have the individual prices of these outfits. The idea behind sharing these photos is that you can really look for an entire family shopping at Kalki. From bridesmaids to bridal, and pre-bridal. There’s a range of outfits on discount this month.

Peacock Blue Palazzo Silk Suit – INR 38,940 Now INR 35,046

Budget Bridal Lehengas in the 40k Price Range

Light Grey Chikankari Lehenga – INR 21,540 Now INR 19,386

Chikankari lehengas are totally in trend this season. While most designer lehengas in chikankari work cost mostly from 50k to a lakh. This one is a good budget piece that you can wear to your sisters wedding, or your own engagement party.

Red Cut Work Bridal Lehenga – INR 89,520 Now INR 29,940 & Red Raw Silk Lehenga – INR 35,340 Now INR 28,272

I am a strong believer of budget wedding lehengas. You might know that already. I bet there are many more bridal pieces in this sale collection. You can maybe call and check for lehenga prices before visiting. I particularly like these lehengas. They are heavy, look bridal enough, and it is a one day affair after all. Save here, spend on your honeymoon instead!

Kalki Fashion Emerald Green Lehenga – INR 37,140 Now INR 33,426

Cream Taffeta Silk Lehenga – INR 40,140 Now INR 32,112

Best Kalki Bridal Lehengas on Discount – Under INR 60k

Multi Coloured Raw Silk Lehenga – INR 1,20,540 Now 50,340

Remember seeing those multicoloured lehengas with different coloured Kallis? The original Sabyasachi kinds. I bet now you remember. Well, if you’re into those kind of looks then this is a really pretty piece to own on budget.

Best Kalki Bridal Lehengas on Discount – Under INR 1 Lakh

Yuvika Chaudhary’s Wedding Lehenga Price – INR 1,10,340 Now INR 77,238

Remember this TV starlet’s big fat wedding some months back? Well, she was a Kalki Fashion bride, and now her wedding lehenga is on discount. I know some of you love celebrity wedding looks. Now you know you can own one too on discount!

Yuvika Chaudhary wore another similar red bridal lehenga from Asiana Couture for her wedding ceremony

Kalki Peacock Green Velvet Lehenga – INR 1,39,140 Now INR 97,398

Best Kalki Fashion Heavy Velvet Lehengas

Burgandy Velvet Lehenga – INR 1,40,340 Now INR 87,817 & Burgandy Lehenga – INR 1,51,080 Now INR 1,05,756

Burgandy Kalki Fashion Lehenga Price – INR 1,09,740 Now INR 76,818

These dark maroon heavy embroidered velvet lehengas are perfect to wear to a cocktail/reception party. For under INR 1 Lakh, there are some really nice pieces to choose from.

BONUS: Kalki Fashion 2018 Bridal Lehenga Prices

If you’re interested in seeing the latest collection Kalki lehenga bridal prices, check the link below. I have written a detailed blog post with every single lehenga price from the Athena Collection.

Kalki Bridal 2018 Lehenga Prices [Full Collection]

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