8 Brides Who Ditched The Lehenga And Wore Sabyasachi Sarees To Their Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
Sabyasachi Sarees

Can’t get Sabyasachi out of your mind? Want to own a Sabyasachi but find it way too pricey? Well, I guess we all have been there. But did you know, that some smarty brides have chosen to wear a Sabyasachi saree instead of a lehenga for their wedding? They looked fantabulous let me tell you.

Sabyasachi sarees typically range from INR 40,000 to INR 6 Lakhs upwards. Depending upon the style of the saree, the fabric, design and so on, prices differ. But suffice to say, you can find a pretty piece in the under 1 Lakh price range.

Black Gold Sabyasachi Saree Price – INR 99,000

2018-19 has been all about the revival of traditional styles. Whether it is the fabric like banarasi or chikankari or the jewellery, modern brides are now looking to incorporate that one very traditional element into their wedding wardrobe.

In this post, I thought let me put the focus back on Indian Saree. For most of us brides, I know wearing a dream wedding lehenga is like a deal breaker. But luckily for us, we have way too many Indian wedding events. So that gives you plenty an occasion to invest in a designer saree instead of dropping a bomb on a designer lehenga.

Hai & Phil’s California Wedding

This post suddenly looks like it’s all about this one wedding. But look how pretty! I guess the best part is the bride looks like she is having a blast. The whole wedding gives such a chilled out vibe. For once, my eyes are on the bride, looking at her happy face more than self-judging her attire choices. You know, we’ve all done that. Passing comments in our head about the brides outfit looks.

Photos by Kindred Wedding Photographers

The whole wedding theme was simple, elegant, surrounded by nature and the pictures were gorgeous. You have got to check out the wedding photos. The bride and groom even had leaf garlands instead of the regular flowers.

Srila & Nadir’s Sri Lankan Wedding

I bet most of you might have seen this picture. Deepika Padukone played the role of the bridesmaid/best friend at her friends Sri Lankan beach wedding. The bride chose to wear a gorgeous peachy pink traditional Silk Sabyasachi saree.

Photos by Mark Swaroop

Normally if you ask me, light peach gold colours are typically worn by elders. Like grandmums, mums etc. But this bride showed just how simple and beautiful it can look to wear this as the main bridal wear.

I did a little bit of snooping. Basic banarasi Sabyasachi Sarees cost INR 1,49,000. This one obviously looks way better and more exquisite. So higher chances this might be a tad bit more, or much more.

Don’t you just love the colour? I can’t stop looking at this saree!

A Melbourne Wedding

I don’t know what it is with desi brides. There aren’t too many brides opting for Sabyasachi Sarees for their wedding. Instead a lot of Australian and US NRI’s are choosing to wear Sabyasachi Sarees instead of a lehenga. This one too is from a Melbourne wedding, if I’m not wrong.

A Kochi Engagement Ceremony

This beautiful bride-to-be wore a gorgeous floral Sabyasachi saree for her engagement function. I am not really sure, but I think it’s a Sabyasachi organza saree. The saree although looks simple was beautifully worn with antique jewellery and a heavy blouse.

Sabyasachi Organza Sarees cost between INR 70,000 to INR 1.5 Lakhs

Shot by Sephi Bergerson

Did you notice how the Sabyasachi saree pallu gave almost a long train look? The saree, in this case, was simple. But it was the Sabyasachi saree blouse that gave that heavy, rich feel. Now I know these Sabyasachi sarees don’t come cheap. But it will come way more affordable that a full fledged bridal lehenga.

Photos by Lahza Photography

With Sabyasachi Sarees, it’s slightly harder to pinpoint a saree price. With Sabyasachi lehengas, the looks are so iconic. You can just spot one from another planet. Sabyasachi Sarees, on the other hand, have so many variations to them. Unfortunately, I can’t give out the exact prices. However, if you are looking for similar Sabyasachi Saree prices, check the link below.

Most Beautiful Sabyasachi Saree Cost

International Brides in Sabyasachi Sarees

I thought I would manage to get more bridal pictures in Sabyasachi Sarees. Turns out, there aren’t many. While Bollywood celebs have been happily seen donning Sabyasachi Sarees at their weddings. Remember Anushka Sharma’s red banarasi silk Sabyasachi saree?

The two pictures above are both of non-desi brides who opted for Sabyasachi Sarees for their main wedding look. I wish I could get some more shots of these brides. The outfits look stunning. Sure a lehenga is a lehenga after all. But these sarees don’t look that bad now, does it?

If you have a budget of say 1 Lakh for your wedding wear, would you pick a bridal Sabyasachi Saree or go with a non-designer wedding lehenga? What would you choose?

In case you are interested in investing in a Sabyasachi saree, some of these new Sabyasachi saree designs and prices will help you make that decision. Please note that these are from the 2018 and early 2019 collections. The latest Sabyasachi prices are still not revealed.

NEW 2018-19 Sabyasachi Saree Prices

Sabyasachi White Chikankari Saree Price – INR 3,95,000

If you are looking for classic elegance, then this is the one. Now that I’m seeing some of these Sabyasachi Sarees prices, they are expensive. Unfortunately almost as pricey as his bridal lehengas. So it’s a tough decision.

But you know what? A saree is a saree, and you can reuse it a zillion times. Heck, you can even change up your look with a quick change of blouse and accessories. A lehenga picture is forever. There is just no going back from that.

Red Sabyasachi Cocktail Saree Price – INR 5,95,000

Velvet Sabyasachi Glamorous Evening Saree Price – INR 2,95,000

Green Mukaish Sabyasachi Saree Price – INR 2,95,000

Black Velvet Sabyasachi Wedding Saree Price – INR 4,65,000

Georgette Printed Sabyasachi Saree Price – INR 85,000

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