Stunning Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery, Lehenga & Sherwani

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Sabyasachi 2018 Traditional Bridal Jewellery

We all loved Deepika Padukone’s red Sabyasachi bridal lehenga from her Lake Como Wedding. More so the Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery that she wore to her Sindhi Wedding ceremony.

While the couple released quite a few pictures from their wedding ceremony, I bet you wanted to see much more of that gorgeous lehenga and Ranveer’s Sabyasachi sherwani.

That’s why when Sabyasachi recently released some close up shots of Deepika Padukone’s pure traditional bridal lehenga and Ranveer Singh’s sherwani looks along with Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery. I knew you’d be interested to see it too. Safe to say it’s my favourite look of the year. 

The Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery has got oodles of glam, old world charm. It’s absolutely hatke than what the designer has been showcasing for the last few years. But the one thing that stood out for me was the 22 karat gold jewellery that the bride and groom have been dressed in. 

Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery

Aari-taari, zardosi, tilla-ka-kaam, salma-sitaara, gota, badla, kiran- all come together with traditional motifs of flora and fauna to create wedding classics. Statement necklaces, proud tikas, chaandbalis, kadas and bangles, choodas, kaliras, juttis and parandhis contribute to the powerful imagery.

Sindoor red, hand-woven and hand-dyed silk matka lehenga set with an aari-taari odhna and zardosi detailing.

The authenticity of the look is magnified by pure silver kiran, dipped in 22 karat gold. Traditional wedding jewellery with uncut diamonds and pearls offsets the strong red with feminine, yet robust detailing.

Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery is simple, traditional with the big kadas, over the top chunnari, and that red gold bridal colours. All classic combinations. This is the exact look Deepika Padukone chose to wear for her Sindhi wedding ceremony. 

Bigger the better seems to be the order of the day. Big mango tikkas, bigger set of earrings, and a whole lot of trinkets like finger rings etc sums up this bridal look.

In my research for reviving sarees from Varanasi, I came across a lot of wedding sarees which had “सदा सौभाग्‍यवती भव” written on them, which translated means, “may you always be blessed with good luck and prosperity.” The beauty of traditional Indian textiles is how it tells the story of fables and parables, tradition and religion, myths and truths beautifully through the lens of the textile design and weaving community – Sabyasachi

A Closer Look At Ranveer Singh’s Sabyasachi Sherwani

The Peacock Dandy:

An Indian orange and rani pink cross-coloured kanjeevaram with traditional peacock motifs come together to create a royal sherwani with our statement uncut diamond buttons.

A tissue “chador” woven in maheshwari is heavily detailed with traditional zardosi, aari-taari and pure silver kiran dipped in 24 karat gold.

A magnificent kilangi in emeralds, uncut diamonds and yellow sapphires set in 18 karat gold sits atop a stately safa in patchworked maheshwari and chanderi tissue that is fringed with 18th century bullion techniques.

Rows of tourmalines in colours of deep bordeaux and a single line of uncut Syndicate diamonds with a three-dimensional uncut Syndicate diamond and emerald eagle pendant complement the turban ornament while a tissue churidar and hand-embroidered zardosi juttis complete the vibrant look.

A magnificent kilangi in emeralds, uncut diamonds and yellow sapphires set in 18 karat gold sits atop a stately safa in patchworked maheshwari and chanderi tissue.

Peacock Dandy Sherwani in Ivory

A magnificent kilangi in emeralds, uncut diamonds and yellow sapphires set in 18 karat gold sits atop a stately safa in chanderi tissue.

Sabyasachi 2019 Wedding Saree

How Much Does Deepika And Ranveer Singh’s Sabyasachi Outfits Cost

I have no clue. Safe to assume the entire ensemble doesn’t come cheap. We are talking legit gold, diamonds, the most intricate of craftsmanship to make these gorgeous outfits. 

To give you a estimate, a regular Sabyasachi starter lehenga starts from INR 1.5 Lakhs upwards. We are talking really basic. The more bridal pieces that you real brides wear are usually in the INR 3.95 to INR 7 Lakhs price range. 

If you still want to see exact Sabyasachi lehenga prices, check out Frugal2Fab Shop.

Kilangi courtesy: Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery  @sabyasachijewelry 
For all jewellery related queries, kindly contact 
Photo Courtesy: Tarun Vishwa 

Makeup by: @mickeycontractor
Hair by: @shraddhamishra8

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