Personal Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

If there is one thing that I’ve learnt about weddings is that planning is key to saving money. At Frugal2Fab, I am constantly focussed on budget weddings and I know so many of you are budget brides. So if you’re getting married or have a close members wedding coming up, this Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download is going to make your life super convenient.

I personally made and used this set of sheets to work around my tiny wedding budget. Often it so happened that I went overboard on one category, and realised I needed to cut down elsewhere. It’s not always easy for human brains to keep a track of all the expenses. Especially not wedding expenses. There are clothes, jewellery, gifts, accessories, vendors, and so many in between layers of spending that one has to do. Planning is key to smooth sail the process.


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Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download comes in two different format. One for Apple users, and the other for Windows users. It is in Excel format with everything related to wedding spendings included on the sheet. Typically Indian Wedding shopping starts 6 months to 1 year prior to the wedding. Unless and until you maintain a book or diary to write down what you’ve bought and how much for, your spendings can go up anywhere between 40% to 75% than your initial budget.

It happens to all of us. Whether you have a INR 2 Lakh budget or a INR 20 Lakh, we all need to work around our wedding budget. So rather than me rambling on, here’s a list of items that are covered in this Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download sheet.

If you don’t wish to read through the jargon of details about the Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download sheets, you can simply scroll to the top of this blog post. You will need to Sign Up for a free copy to download. Post Subscription you will receive an email with links to download your free copies. In case any of you’ll get stuck, you can alternatively also reach out to me at

What All Is Included In This Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download?

Outfit Costs

Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

  • Bride
  • Brides Sisters
  • Brides Brother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Grandparents

I am simply sharing some of the screenshots of the Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download copy. On this page you can add the amounts that you have spent of wedding clothes for your entire family. It also works as a checklist for all the items that are remaining to be purchased vs those that have been.


Guest List RSVP

Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

It is never the case that every single family is invited to all the wedding functions. What this sheet will help you with is getting a head count for each of the wedding parties. So for instance, family A might be very close and is invited to every single wedding event vs. Family B who is invited only for the reception.

Having a good idea about this count will help you decide on number of plates to order for food for different events. Trust me, it will make your life so easy to plan out wedding favours, and other knick-knacks like guest accommodations etc.


Food Cost

Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

No wedding is complete without fataang food for the guests. It’s pretty much what makes or breaks a wedding. If your food is not on point, God help you then. Our society is such that all the aunties can also gossip about the success or failures based on food and clothes at Indian Weddings. It’s like a favourite past-time.

What this sheet on Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download will do is help you plan your menu along with keeping the budget in check. So for instance you have the whole drama of Sagan to sangeet, and mehendi, reception etc. You need to be sure that your menu is as diverse as your wedding functions. Noting it down in one place will help you rearrange the food items as well as give you a good spot to brainstorm with your caterers.

In the end, the idea behind Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download is to make you little less confused and more in control of your wedding.



Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

One of the most useful pages for me was this one on photographers. Usually when you go out looking for a wedding photographer, it takes days, months to shortlist and select one. A lot of things change during this time be it hard negotiations or just seeing a comparison between any two wedding photographers. You need to have all the information to make an informed decision.

So what I would suggest is when you start ringing up photographers and get quotations from them in your inbox, start jotting it down. You will have all the information on one page, and life will be easy breezy.


DecoratorWedding Budget Calculator Free Download

While you might reach out to 10-20 different photographers depending upon your budget, a decorator on the other hand usually are two to three. If you are opting for a banquet or lawn, then the property itself might have some decorators on their panel. A lot of times these wedding venues don’t allow outside decorators either. Especially the budget wedding venues. This particular sheet is pretty much similar to the Wedding Photographer page.


Wedding Favours

Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

Coming to the fun stuff. I highly recommend you to have some gifting bit for your guests at your wedding. If you don’t want to please the whole world, choose something nice for your near and dear. This sheet will help you budget your spendings on your wedding favours. You don’t need to go all out crazy. There are so many good budget wedding favours one can think of for as low as 50 bucks. You just have to be a little creative.



Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

Whether you are having a same city wedding or a destination wedding, accommodations are a real pain in weddings. If you have a big guest list who need to be given stay arrangements, then this sheet will help you ease the chaos. The sheet provides family wise number of rooms required. You can choose to leave it empty in case there is no requirement.

For any other customisations, you can feel free to get in touch with me on Social Media or my email at


Pending Payments

Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download

Irrespective of how good your planning is, eventually we all get into some sort of wedding troubles. I call it pending payments. Wedding payments sometimes takes months if not years to sort out. Some vendors want full payment upfront, some 50-50, some post service. It’s a daunting task to keep a track of where your money is spent vs. what all is remaining. This sheet will precisely help you to remember all of those last tit bits in your wedding.


Do you want anything else to be included in this Personal Wedding Budget Calculator Free Download?


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