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by Namrata Nautiyal
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Sabyasachi Kolkata Home

For all the fan following Sabyasachi has in the world for his bridal lehengas. Not many know that this designer has an exceptional taste in home decor as well. So when I got a notification from Architecture Digest India, that they featured Sabyasachi Kolkata Home. That post just made me smile so big. I mean who in this world doesn’t want to see how a premium designer like Sabyasachi lives?

I have always been a self proclaimed home decor enthusiast. Even though wedding blogging is my thing, I do have other interests. Precisely why MissNautiTales my travel and home blog started a few months back. To publish this post, I was in a bit of a dilemma. Should I post the Sabyasachi Kolkata Home on Miss Nauti Tales or on Frugal2Fab? But then, I knew so many of you’ll are a big Sabyasachi fan just like I am, and I just knew it had to be here.

Sabyasachi Kolkata Home is like a little retreat away from the city madness. In a few words, I would describe his home as traditional, filled with a lot of character using wood as the main home decor ingredient. Plus the home has a lot of highlighting colour accents and heritage accessories including statement furnitures.

It’s no surprise that Sabyasachi just dropped us a hint that he might do a home decor line in the future. I mean that would be amazing. Wouldn’t it? For all those of us who can’t afford to buy a Sabyasachi bridal lehenga, a piece of his furniture line, now that one can really dig deep into the pocket to invest in. Maybe I’m just casually dreaming. But eh, wouldn’t that be an amazing conversation point? You’re sitting on my Sabyasachi. That artefact is from Sabyasachi collection. Geez I am already excited like a little girl.

Sabyasachi Kolkata Home

Maybe I’ll become an interior designer. Or maybe I’ll extend into homeware, furniture, antiques, maybe even a hotel.” – Sabyasachi, on Architectural Digest


About the Sabyasachi Kolkata Home

The Sabyasachi Kolkata Home is a mansion. Spread across 7250 sq ft of area comprising of numerous guest bedrooms that have now been converted into walk in closets. It is a two floor mansion where one can see massive bathrooms with gorgeous over the top chandeliers hanging. It is a palatial living fit for royalty. And lets face it, Sabyasachi is royalty in every sense.

The beauty that surrounds his home showcases the maestros knack for all things big and beautiful.

I’ve been living in a shoebox of a studio apartment for the last few years.This house is going to change the way I live and, more importantly, change the way I work. Though I am a minimalist at heart, my outward physical manifestation is that of a maximalist.


Sabyasachi’s Breakfast Corner

The trick to doing beautiful cluttered homes lies in the art of clever layering—and also stocking up on art, antiques, bric-a-brac, textiles, furniture, and kooky curios that can be gloriously assembled. Being an antique and textile enthusiast, I wanted a crammed living room. The process started with choosing the right colour for the walls. The living room opens out to a lush tropical garden and it was important for me to get the outdoors inside. So the colour of choice was a vintage jade green. The walls were first washed in rose-pink, then layered with turquoise, washed out and layered once again with a moss green to give an old fresco feeling.


Sabyasachi – “I have an Instagram studio!”

I don’t believe in catwalk shows anymore. Instagram is so powerful, 65 per cent of my business originates from there. In fashion, you have to reinvent yourself every three to five years. You need to be fresh. Right now, I’ve become tired of gaunt faces and stick-thin models. I’m obsessed by boobs!


Sabyasachi’s Tropical Garden In His Kolkata Home

Some 4,000 plants were sourced to create this lush oasis that looks like it’s been here for hundreds of years. There are banana trees that are taller than the two-storey residence itself, thick-trunked palm and Kafir lime trees, and a pristine lawn for Sabya’s two cocker spaniels (who share the house with him). It’s so dense that you can’t even see the deep Calcutta red of the house behind it. – Source, Architectural Digest


Read the full article on Sabyasachi Kolkata Home on Architectural Digest


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Sabyasachi Kolkata Home

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