6 Bad Lehenga Websites You Must Avoid At All Cost

by Namrata Nautiyal
Bad Lehenga Websites

There goes all my sponsored posts money.

Eh, who wants it that way anyways..right? I have been juggling about writing this post for years now. In fact this blog post has been lying in my draft list since September 2016. We all know there are crap Bad Lehenga Websites out there. But no one talks about it. Why? Because they are ready to throw tons of money for their publicity.

I won’t lie to you. For the longest time I thought when no one is calling out these Bad Lehenga Websites, why should I? But somewhere I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Especially when I as a wedding blogger, as a bride, as a woman who has faced first hand how these sites can really ruin your life.

For those of you not aware, right after my engagement, a picture of me was circulating on all these “trustworthy” websites. My lehenga was being sold…the replica of course for anything between 500-3000 bucks. With my picture!

Bad Lehenga Websites

Whereas the original picture was this –

Bad Lehenga Websites

I faced a lot of issue because of it. I had neighbours calling my parents frantically asking if I started modelling, to others who were not related to me, sending me my picture through Facebook messages with a question mark (?) It went on for months. My in-laws came to know about it, their friends and folks rang them up…and overall it was not a pretty situation.

No matter how much I tried legal, calling physically all these websites to take it down…nothing worked! And so there is no way I am not going ahead with this post. And so first up is…


Whether Kareena Kapoor is endorsing it or the Queen of England…you have to avoid buying lehengas from this online site. Not just because they got me into trouble, they still have me on their site (click here) even to this date after me writing them emails, calling them out on twitter, they acknowledging and still nothing.

But it’s not just this…the problem with this site is as with many others, they get third-party manufacturers and re-sellers to put up their things online. We all know replica is a very real thing. But replica should be shown as a replica. Not a fashion ramp outfits photo. That’s not acceptable.

Bad Lehenga Websites

So in many cases, a lot of people get tricked into buying these heavy duty lehengas for peanuts price and then suffer. While Craftsvilla might be selling good stuff in other categories, I have honestly no clue…but seeing something like this…Sridevi wearing a 4000 bucks lehenga as a showstopper look…its just a little crazy don’t you think?


Bad Lehenga Websites

That’s a genuine Anushree Reddy one lakh+ lehenga. I know that for a fact also because you yourself have seen what Anushree Reddy Lehengas Cost. Almost all the websites are facing this issue. You just need to be smart enough to know which lehengas to absolutely avoid buying.

#3 Mirraw

Bad Lehenga Websites

Priyal Prakash at 2500 bucks, Anushree Reddy at 1400 and Ridhi Mehra at just 500 bucks. Genius no? You might think maybe these websites have other “genuine” products for sale. But looking at this, is just such a turn off. There is no way you can trust a site which is openly allowing for such advertising.

After my engagement lehenga struggle, I found out that the whole concept of all these websites putting up these lehengas are totally sourced from Surat, Gujarat. There are many hardly few manufacturers, who send out catalogs to anyone/everyone who wants to join this re-selling business. So in the end, all those supplier names you see under the lehenga from Fashion Care, designer cream etc etc…they are not the main culprits. They just work as the distributor.

Having said that, I truly feel that its upto the websites to do a proper back-check before including anything like this on their site. Sure you will get a product at your doorstep when you pay this amount…but it would nowhere be close to what you have seen online or had an expectation of.

#4 Indiarush

Bad Lehenga Websites

The right side image is an original You can play spot the difference. Everything is the same, but these guys have so smartly put up a models face on the lehenga. Isn’t that just brilliant? When I tried taking a legal course during my debacle, I got phone calls where I was told within 24 hours the image will be pulled down.

Sure it happened. But this very issue of the face being photo-shopped was done with me as well. So now my picture was being sold with somebody elses face stuck on it. Like that would have made things better.

When you shop online for lehengas or for any other category, you have to keep your eyes open. Listen to your intuition. If you feel the deal is just too good to be true, may be avoiding the purchase is the best foot forward. You will save yourself a ton of grief later.


Bad Lehenga Websites

My problem here is openly having a filter of celebrity lehengas at next to nothing price. Please do not fall into this trap. That money is as good as lost and so will the time spent on pursuing this.

I just recently saw this video by super blogger Shreya Jain. If any of you’ll are still not convinced on replica designer lehengas, please do watch this video. I especially am thankful to Shreya for buying that Anushka Sharma Wedding Lehenga. Please do understand, Anushka Sharma lehenga cost more than a sedan. So getting that for a couple of thousands should give you a good idea of what your money will get.

#6 Junglee

Bad Lehenga Websites

A lot of times you may see that the customer reviews are 5 star. How did that happen?! Well, sometimes the manufacturer or the company itself they rate themselves, or get someone to rate their product. You need to check overall how many people are giving a good rating…and also…read comments. But even so, I would still say if you see an impossible deal, better not take it.

Do you know of any other Bad Lehenga Websites?

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Ankita September 12, 2018 - 12:23 am

Thank you for being a sane voice in a world full of unethical influencers who’ll sell their soul for two free dresses. This dressing down of dubious sellers was much needed.

Shree Designer Saree February 25, 2019 - 4:23 pm

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aynaaworld June 13, 2019 - 3:23 pm

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