Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas Just Took A Massive Sexy Turn

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Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Oh Lord B-O-O-B-S!! Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas is out and boy oh boy, does one need to turn on the ac or what. First look, and before my eyes could go on the garments. Uff too hot to handle. I’ve been waiting and watching like a hawk for Sabyasachi’s latest bridal collection to be out. And it’s here finally.

What is the one thing that stands out in the new Sabyasachi collection? Cleavage showing blouses. The second thing that came to mind was oh god, mom would never allow this for my wedding. But then again, I am long married, and my mom is not the point of this conversation.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it. Sexier the better. The models look so darn attractive with their smokey eyes and antique Sabyasachi chokers. I have never before got stumped by bridal models as with this collection. The lehengas on their own, well, they are ok. Nothing too exceptional. But the whole charade of the way it is presented is what makes it truly a Sabyasachi saga.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Do you see what I see?

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

It’s almost hard to look at all those detailing on the blouse. It’s so beautiful, yet the distraction is just as real. I can’t take my eyes off the models’ eyes. The piercing look, flirtatious yet demure. If there is one thing Sabyasachi knows to do well, it’s to make a statement.

But enough with the boob talk, let’s check out some real designs from Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal LehengasLatest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

A lotus-pink ‘tota-mynah’ lehenga framed with a museum-quality zardosi border featuring elephants and foliage with three-dimensional relief. The look is accessorized with traditional jewellery featuring Burmese rubies, Zambian emeralds, pearls and uncut diamonds.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

The ‘Dil-guldasta’ lehenga.

The lehenga is intricately embroidered on Bordeaux silk with hand-dyed velvet appliques, silk-floss, beaten silver and gold thread and rose-tinted crystals and rhinestones. The look is accessorized with jewellery from the Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection and romanticized with a sheer, diaphanous, embroidered veil.

One thing you might have noticed from this collection is his signature Bengal Tiger motif inscribed on the lehenga waist. It is clearly marked showcasing original Sabyasachi designs. It will now be interesting to see how replica designs deal with this bit. The message this time seems loud and clear to say no to fake and duplicity.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

An Iranian turquoise velvet lehenga intricately embroidered with zardosi, appliqué, pearls and crystals.

Are you loving the designs so far? This Sabyasachi turquoise bridal lehenga might be the only piece that is truly unique in the collection. For me, I found the rest of the collection sort of ok-ok. Seen it before kinds. Sure, this is quintessential Sabyasachi signature style. But the heart wants what it wants. More.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas, unlike its predecessors, consisted of heavy embroidered full lehenga work. Earlier you would see big motifs but this year, the design guru has gone all out opulent.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Sabyasachi Indigo Velvet Blue Bridal Lehenga

Rich indigo and Iranian turquoise velvet lehengas intricately embroidered with zardosi, appliqué, pearls and crystals.

Looks like velvet lehengas are back in business this wedding season. What do you think? I personally love the velvet fabric for lehengas purely because of the way it falls giving that natural flair to the outfit. If there is one occasion when you can go all out crazy on velvet, it’s your wedding. So in case you are a fan of the fabric and are wondering when best to wear it. A wedding is your answer.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

The lady is wearing a lotus jade brocade lehenga encrusted with hand-cut crystals, pearls and burnt silver zardosi.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

On her- a moss green silk lehenga embroidered with silk-floss thread, beaten gold bullion and semi-precious stones. On him- a lotus jade khadi sherwani, lavishly embroidered with burnt gold zardosi.

Moss green, lotus jade…Uff too fancy for me. I call them mehendi colour lehengas. So many designers this couture season is showcasing brand new lehenga colours. It’s been one hell of a week wedding wise and I am loving it so far. August by far is the craziest month for wedding bloggers like me. Every single day, there is so much new amazing content out there.

This particular mehendi deep green Sabyasachi bridal lehenga has to be hands down my favourite from this collection. It’s fresh, it’s new, wearable and I see a lot of potential brides eyeing this. It’s just a matter of time before we see real brides wearing one of these stunning designs.


Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Sarees

Honestly, I found the latest 2018 Sabyasachi sarees to be more appealing than the Sabyasachi bridal lehengas. I guess when it is your favourite designer, expectations normally go over the head. I absolutely did not even give two cents thought to what Sabyasachi would have to offer in terms of bridal sarees. So when I first saw these, I just fell in love. The classic gold red mix along with the hint of velvet, oh what a beauty.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

The heartland of India wears red bridal sarees. They are either Benarasis or the distinct aari-taari sarees with gota or zardosi borders. For me, these sarees are “chicken soup for the soul.” Every time I see one of them, they represent a certain timelessness and a sense of assurance that is all is well. Perhaps, these are old familiar tales that we need to cling to in desperation in an ever-changing world to find our way back home.
At Sabyasachi, these are the textile and design stories that we love to celebrate. Not as designers or revivalists, but as restoration artists. Because in our confused modern world, a lot of us need a little bit of hand-holding, a little sign from popular culture that restores our faith in our own identities.


Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Jewellery

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

A stunning bridal necklace in 22k gold, encrusted with rubies and emeralds and strung with pearls, is paired with a heritage tika and chaandbali set.

Traditional Indian jewellery in 22k gold with emeralds, rubies, pearls and desi meena detailing from the Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection. Jewellery Courtesy: The Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection.

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Come winter, we always present another house classic- our velvet sarees. This year we present it in Burma Ivory with a painstakingly embroidered ‘tilla’ work pallu inspired from a rare Kashmiri shawl. The pleats are embroidered on tulle with marori and gota. The look is accessorized with 22k gold, uncut diamonds, emerald and pearl jewellery from the Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection. The gentleman wears a quilted silk sherwani in hand-dyed Murshidabad silk and accessorized with hand-crafted Bengal tiger buttons. Colourway- Burma Ivory


# Other New Sabyasachi 2018 Lehengas

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this lehenga, this shot was that Amma Ji show ‘Naa Aana Iss Des Laado‘ that used to play on Colors TV. I didn’t remember the show name. I had to google it. But if you’ve watched that show at some point in your life, you’ll see an eerie similarity to the setup. I almost feel as though I’m being schooled by this very well dressed principal lady with the right-hand man sitting in the backdrop.

But jokes aside, I don’t really know the point of these lehengas. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful creations. But really, which occasion would you spend a bomb and go for a simplistic traditional Rajasthani look at your wedding?


# Rest of the Sabyasachi 2018 Collection

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas

All these Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas making you wonder what Sabyasachi lehengas cost? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Although I for obvious reasons do not have the current latest collection prices, Sabyasachi’s previous bridal lehenga costs are now available. Check the links below:


UPDATED: Latest Sabyasachi 2018 Bridal Lehengas – CLASSICS

Bordeaux velvet lehengas with intricate zardosi have become a house classic. The ‘Sultana’ lehenga.
Taking inspiration from Mughal architecture and inlay work, this lehenga is crafted out of the finest zardosi, crystals, rhinestones, pearls and hand-dyed velvet appliqués. The look is accessorised with a statement ‘aadia’ choker, in uncut diamonds and tourmalines from the Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection.

Sabyasachi just released his new classics bridal collection for 2018. When his latest collection Kesribai Pannalal came out, it did feel a bit strange not to see this bridal favourites. We all know how much brides love wearing his classic designs. Seeing these again is definitely a good sign.


All Images: Sabyasachi Instagram

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