Pakistani Designer Dress Cost And Where To Buy Them In India?

by Namrata Nautiyal
Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Every now and then, I get one human asking me for Pakistani Designer Dress Cost. There are so many amazing premium designers in Pakistan. It’s but obvious that at some point in time, you might wonder what these beautiful bridal lehengas from Pakistan cost.

I have been meaning to write this post on Pakistani Designer Dress Cost ever since I had stalked the Pakistan Bridal Fashion Week. If you have missed some of the awesome Pakistan Bridal collections, check out these three blog posts below. It will give you an idea of the who is who of Pakistan bridal fashion circuit.

Outfit by @farazmanan

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

To give you a general idea, Ali Xeeshan, Nomi Ansari, Sania Masakatiya are some of the big designer names. They are some of the top of the list in Pakistan Bridal Fashion. Their collection is mostly opulent bridal wear fit for royals. If you have been waiting to see what Pakistani Designer Dress Cost by these designers, this post will make you gasp at some of the Pakistan Bridal Dress prices!

But before that, if you are new to Pakistan Bridal Fashion, there are few things you should know.

What is the style of Pakistan Bridal Dresses?

Bling and pop colours are the dominant looks in Pakistan bridal lehengas. If you are someone who is tired of seeing pastels and subtle simple lehengas, then you will love what Pakistan bridal fashion has to offer. Think over the top embroideries, colourful attires, beautiful intricate detailing in all the garments.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

You can also get shararas from various designers. Pakistan is the land of shararas and luckily in India, shararas are trending this wedding season. If you can’t afford to buy it, no harm in looking for some inspiration, eh?

But my favourite is the kurta pant sets. They do this amazing pants which come just before the ankle length. It looks pretty amazing, and unfortunately, I haven’t seen similar trends in Indian Bridal fashion. You can wear this post-wedding, or even for your friend’s weddings later on.

Ok, now coming back to Pakistani Designer Dress Cost, here are some of the jaw-dropping Pakistan Bridal Dresses.

# Ali Xeeshan Designer Dress Cost

Blue & Green Raw Silk Ali Xeeshan Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 4,51,535

My love for Pakistani Bridal Lehengas started with this particular Ali Xeeshan lehenga. I saw it on Instagram, and it was so different from the usual designer lehengas you get to see in India. It was instant love. The beautiful contrast dupatta, with all its detailing, and the tassel buttis all around, looks pretty magnificent doesn’t it?

# Coral & Gold Raw Silk Ali Xeeshan Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 7,51,779

This lehenga was showcased in his 2016 PFDC collection titled Khamoshi. Fabrics used in the collection were organza, tilla, raw silk, adda work, pearls, heavy jewellery and traditional embroidery with gold. The colour palette had a combination of ivory, peach, green and powder blue.

# Pink, White & Gold Raw Silk Ali Xeeshan Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 5,71,669

Red & Gold Raw Silk Ali Xeeshan Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 8,11,845

Which lehenga out of the four did you like the most?

Ali Xeeshan Contact Details:
  • Address1: House 162B, Street 4, Lane 4, Cavalary Ground – Lahore
  • Address2: Ittehad Commercial, Lane 2, Plot 24, Shop 1, DHA Phase 6, Karachi
  • Contact:
  • Facebook | Instagram
  • Phone: 0092-42-36684433 / +92 322 4444155 / WhatsApp: +92 322 4444155

# Suffuse by Sana Yasir Bridal Dress Cost

When I first decided to write this post, Suffuse by Sana Yasir was not on my radar. But once I saw her collection, some of her pieces are my top favourites from this blog post. Stunning pastel colours with minimal embroidery, very Indian classic in some ways. If your eyes are hurting after seeing all the bling, then Suffuse by Sana Yasir will be a sight for your sore eyes.

Price: INR 46,342

This beautiful Raw Silk Ghaghra with heavy Mukesh dupatta can be worn for any of your Pre-Wedding functions. Dainty, delicate in its look, the dupatta can be easily reused with any of your simple ethnic wear outfits. It’s an easy transformation of a regular outfit to something extraordinaire.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 40,124

If you like heavy embroidered velvet silhouette fabrics and outfits, then Pakistan fashion will be to your liking. Subtle is not their forte, unfortunately. But occasions like weddings and other special days should be alright to fashion some of the most opulent over the top outfits. Avant-garde is one word to describe our neighbouring Nations fashion scene.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 40,124

Price: INR 67,678

Another beautiful trousseau piece to own from Suffuse collection. This is an embroidered embellished kurta top with block print finishes. It comes with block printed raw silk azaar pants and a Mukesh net dupatta.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir Contact Details:
  • Address1: 24-L Gulberg 3, Lahore, 54000, Pakistan
  • Facebook | Instagram
  • Phone: 0092 345 8496765/0092 346 1113927

# Mahgul Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 4,72,512

A big name in Pakistan Bridal Fashion, I came across Mahgul in the year 2016 when she showcased her Autumn-Winter collection “The Trunks of Sabine” at the Loreal Paris Bridal Week. Her collection had a good mix of occasional wear with kurta pant sets, layered trousers, and few bridal wears as well. For a first timer like me, it gave me an idea of what to expect from her designs. There was a hint of different designs spread across 16 pieces that were on the ramp that year.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 3,61,476

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 1,50,000

Her recent 2017 collection titled ‘Darya’ meaning river is a good balance between heritage meets contemporary world. This collection has a lot of gota, Tila and Dubka work techniques along with the brands signature 3D sculptural embellishments.

Incorporating monochrome hues, ranging from black and cream, red and pink to blue and grey, ‘Darya’ is based on luxe fabrics such as velvet, organza, raw silk and net. The collection was accessorized with handmade evening clutch bags and khussas, made in-house by the artists at MAHGUL. –

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 1,12,390

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Cost: INR 1,03,960

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 2,52,877

Cut in a traditional, flowy silhouette, this timeless ensemble features ornately handworked embellishments. The delicate tissue dupatta is decorated with quilted, avant-garde borders and intertwining florals.

Mahgul Contact Details:
  • Address: 7 Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani Rd, Block F Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 304 0042257
  • Email:

# Fahad Hussayn Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

One of the more affordable designers from Pakistan. I am so glad I looked through his collection prices. Even for us Indians, I think there are some really nice occasional wear outfits that are buyable from his collection.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 10,396

Turquoise net dupatta with print finishes 3d floral spray with crystals. Lawn print floor-length shirt with embroidered finish on hemline and laces teal cotton pant.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 30,907

Exquisite floor-length Anarkali dress with single tone embroidered silk border and lace, handcrafted silver zardozi spread and neckline with 3d details and intricate details, fitted net sleeves with cutout motif on the cuff.

What you know here is that this is not his bridal collection. The bridal collection prices are not revealed on the internet, so safe to assume, they will be pricey. But there are good trousseau outfits that one can buy from his collection which are unique and somewhat in the affordable range.

Fahad Hussayn Contact Details:
  • Address: M.M.Alam Rd, Near Butlers Chocolate Cafe, Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan
  • Landline: 042-35764444 | Mobile: 0321-8448988
  • Email:

# Nida Azwer Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Looking for some chic sarees and cocktail gowns on a budget? Nida Azwer’s collection has some stunning pieces that might cost you less than what you might pay for it in India. That is for designer outfits. Most of these premium Pakistani bridal designers have their own website, that you can browse through if you are serious about buying their outfits.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 84,292

The more premium bridal wear prices from the recent collections will never be revealed on the internet. So in case you wish to wear the latest design, you might have to contact the designer team to get assistance.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 55,071

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 1,06,770

Incut shirt chiffon fabric: Digital embroidered with pearls/crystals and shell work, Fish cut organza gharara digital embroidered

Another thing to note about Pakistan Bridal Fashion is that it is a good idea to surf the internet for relative price and discount offers. Most of the e-commerce sites have some first order discount or shipping deals etc that are going on. So make sure you absolutely know the best price for getting these gorgeous outfits.

Nida Azwer Contact Details:
  • Flagship Store Address: DHA Karachi, 13-C Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2, Extension
  • TEL: +92-308-8888255
  • Facebook | Instagram

# Rani Emaan Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 5,53,650

Things you need to note before Buying Pakistani Bridal Dresses Online:

Some of the Pakistani websites write their currency as PKR whereas some others write it as Rs. Don’t get confused with either. The currency difference between INR and PKR (Pakistani Rupee) is roughly 1 PKR = 0.56 INR. What this means is whatever Pakistani currency amount you see for a dress, will cost you a little above that amount in Indian currency. For example, a dress worth PKR 100 would cost INR 56.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 5,77,695

In Pakistan, lehengas are known as Bridal dresses and in some places they are also referred to as Ghaghras. Hence, the blog title Pakistani Designer Dress Cost and not lehenga cost 🙂 In case you wish to check out the prices of Pakistani Designer Sarees, scroll towards the bottom of the blog post to see links to designer websites.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 5,95,706

Most of the online Pakistan websites do ship worldwide. So irrespective of whether you are shopping in the US, or India or any other country for that matter, you can shop their designs. Make sure you read the shipping conditions prior to making any purchases.

There are lots of hidden costs like package weight cost, country cost etc that are added at the time of payment or afterwards. So do read the fine print before making any big purchases.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 4,93,585

Rani Emaan Contact Details:
  • Address: Shop No. 4 & 5, Bhittai Road, F7/2, Islamabad, Pakistan 54000
  • TEL: +92 51 8735333
  • Facebook | Instagram

# Republic Womenswear Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 2,82,037

Oh my gosh, my jaw dropped when I saw this lehenga. If I didn’t know what this Pakistani Designer Dress Cost, I would have assumed it cost 10 times the price. I know the look is a bit much by Indian tastes, but still, doesn’t that look absolutely gorgeous. Even though in 2018 the trend here is subtle in wedding fashion, back in the days, bright reds and velvets were a huge trend. These are classics that will always-always look good. So don’t be shy to completely chuck these from your dream wish list. You never know maybe bling suits you more than simple.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 4,79,464

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 3,04,601

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Cost: INR 84,611

You know I at this point cannot for the life in me figure out which designer does what style of work. Is this happening to you as well? It’s like being blind to differentiating between white Christian gowns by different designers. The way we can tell the difference between a Sabyasachi or a Manish Malhotra, I still haven’t figured out how designer 1 of Pakistan is different than that of the rest. Have you?

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Price: INR 4,51,260

Republic Womenswear Contact Details:
  • Address: Shop #1 & 2, Madison Square, Gulberg lll Lahore
  • Email :
  • Phone : (+92) 320 0111 544 , (+92) 304 0111 544
  • Facebook | Instagram

Which Pakistani Designer Dresses can you shop Online?

  • Nomi Ansari
  • Sania Masakatiya
  • Sana Safinaz
  • Jeem
  • Misha Lakhani
  • HSY Studio
  • Muse Luxe
  • Zara Shahjahan
  • Shiza Hassan
  • Sonia Azhar
  • Saira Rizwan
  • Natasha Kamal
  • Deepak Perwani
Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

All of these designers mentioned here have their standalone online websites through which you can make purchases. Just search for their name on Google and you should be able to find their website. However, do note that none of these designers has released their bridal dress prices online. You can nevertheless shop for their occasional wear, formal wear and other less expensive outfits from their online stores.

One good thing is that they have showcased quite an extensive range of bridal wear on their website. If you are serious about buying their bridal dress, you can reach out to them about specific product items. Also helps to see their online collection before visiting their store. It’s like doing a bit of window shopping before the actual purchase 🙂

Online Stores that Stock Pakistani Bridal Dresses:

  • Libas USA
  • Studio by TCS

So, I have scoured the internet looking for online e-commerce sites carrying Pakistani bridal designer dresses. So far all I have come across are replica stores and other generic online stores. Nothing that stands out particularly.

Studio by TCS was one website which showcased a lot of Pakistani Designer Dress Cost. It’s a good place to start hunting for your bridal outfit. You also come to know the different Pakistan Bridal Designers and their styles all in one place.

Which Pakistan Designers sell Bridal Outfits in India?

  • Asifa & Nabeel
  • Ayesha Hashwani
  • Elan
  • Fahad Hussayn
  • Feeha Jamshed
  • HSY
  • Kamiar Rokni
  • Karma Pink
  • Layla Chatoor
  • Libas
  • Nickie & Nina
  • Nida Azwer
  • Rizwan Beyg
  • Sana Safinaz
  • Sonia Azhar
  • Umar Sayeed
Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

Where to Shop for Pakistan Bridal Dresses in India?

For the above-mentioned (premium) designers, you can shop their collection from South Extension Delhi (only).

  • Address: G 7 South Extension Part 1, Main Market, New Delhi 110049, India
  • Phone: +91-11410 26002-3
  • Facebook

These designers are part of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC). All of these are premium designer labels selling high-end bridal wear. However, at PFDC, you will also find non-bridal collections from occasional wear, ready to wear pret collections making it worth visiting the store.

The other place where you can buy Pakistani garments typically non-bridal wear is at Wedding Exhibitions. Exhibitions like Sutra, Jalsa, Celebrating Vivaha, Bandhan etc all have Pakistani labels showcasing their collections. Usually, these labels are lesser known brands which only do exhibitions meaning they don’t have any store presence. The only place they sell garments is at the exhibitions.

If you are visiting any of the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh etc chances are you will find Pakistani designers at one of the exhibitions. They are affordable, unique, one of a kind designs that you won’t find anywhere else in Indian stores.

Pakistani Designer Dress Cost

The best time to attend these exhibitions is just before the wedding season around August, September. Although, exhibitions happen around the year. So try and match your visit according to the exhibition schedule.

PFDC also has a store in Lahore.

PFDC Lahore

  • Address: 94-D/1 Mall 1, Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: 042-3579 0038-40

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Also, there is an exhaustive list of Pakistani designers that sell their outfits in India. I am not really sure what exactly has “disappointed” you?


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