How To Reuse Your Old Saree As A Lehenga Dupatta

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Lehenga Dupatta

Nowadays, every bride wants to wear a double dupatta for her wedding lehenga. It looks gorgeous, but it does come with a hefty price tag. While most designers do offer a second dupatta, it often gets used just that one time. So how about reusing an old saree from your mums closet and wearing it as a lehenga dupatta?

I know for a bride doing a DIY lehenga dupatta can be a bit risky. But hear me out. For your pre-wedding functions, or for any other occasions post-wedding, some of these dupatta draping styles will work beautifully. Not to mention these lehenga dupatta styles are super affordable. Sometimes it comes free of cost. No really.


Reuse Saree into a Lehenga Dupatta

A saree turned into a dupatta has a massive advantage. One, the fabric is longer, so you get that much flair in your lehenga. Second, everyone has multiple sarees in their closets. You can imagine how many different looks you can do with your existing old sarees.

I have been following Tia Bhuva, a Canadian based Indian designer for quite some time now. She does amazing lehenga draping tutorials on her Instagram page. If you are someone who is budget conscious but still wants to look stylish for an Indian Wedding, then you must follow her page.

Now, this method does involve you knowing how to pleat a saree. Something that I am still struggling with. But choose the right saree fabrics, and the task of draping the saree becomes a whole lot easier. Take, for instance, flowy fabrics like chiffon, georgette is easier to pleat and manage as compared to a silk stiff saree.


# Lehenga Dupatta Drape Style 1Lehenga Dupatta

Wear any plain lehenga skirt that you may have in your closet. If you add can-can to it, the overall flare of the outfit will be enhanced. In this style, Tia Bhuva shows us a simple way to do the pleats on the back and wear the rest of the saree as a simple lehenga dupatta in the front.


# Lehenga Dupatta Drape Style 2: Warrior Drape

Lehenga Dupatta

Crisscross the saree around your neck. Take the pleats to the back from both sides and you’re done. This look works best when you have a non-stiff saree. Just use any old saree from your mums closet. Can you imagine, you can now turn an old lehenga to completely new just by choosing a different colour saree dupatta. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get this look by Tia Bhuva.


# Lehenga Dupatta Drape Style 3: Pleats on the back

Lehenga Dupatta

All of us have that one silk saree in our closet that we love. But maybe you have already clicked a lot of pictures in that saree, and don’t know how to reuse the saree? Well, the best thing about silk sarees is that they have a stiffness which can be used to our advantage.

I found this beautiful saree draping style on a lehenga on Tia Bhuva’s page. It’s a super cute look for a sister of the bride wearing this lehenga dupatta style for morning wedding nuptials. It’s traditional yet with a modern flair to it. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and you get a brand new look to go with it.


# Lehenga Dupatta Drape Style 4: Front half pleatsLehenga Dupatta

This is a classic twist to wear your lehenga like a saree with a twist. For all of these looks to work out, you can simply invest in a solid colour lehenga skirt and get a blouse stitched as per your choice. You can even get away with reusing the same saree blouse with the lehenga skirt, and voila, you have a brand new lehenga dupatta look to show off.


Where can you buy plain Lehenga Skirts from?

  1. Retail stores like Ethnicity, Biba, even Jabong has some options. They are expensive though
  2. Get it stitched by your local Master Ji. Super affordable option. Personally my pick for a DIY lehenga.

Fabric to use for a DIY Lehenga?

If you want to DIY your lehenga skirt, go for fabrics like Raw Silk which have a stiff flair and are inexpensive. They look pretty rich and you can style it with both silk dupattas as well as chiffon or georgette sarees. If you are already married, take off the cancan from your original wedding lehenga and reuse it on this lehenga skirt. Those ways you can save up a ton of moolah, and get a variety of new looks instantly.

Now for those who don’t have can-can with them, you can try looking for it in your local fabric stores. Markets like Crawford, Chandni Chowk are few other places where you can buy can-can from. I, unfortunately, don’t know of a particular store or address where you can buy these from. If you do, let me know so I can share it with the rest of you all.


How to stitch a Lehenga Skirt?

If you are getting your lehenga skirt stitched by Masterji, ask him to do a full umbrella skirt. What this basically means is that make a lehenga skirt that when placed down becomes a full circle. You can even opt for half circle lehenga skirt but this would mean less flair.

P.S. If you go for a full umbrella Raw Silk lehenga skirt, you don’t even need can-can. The flare comes with the fabric.


How much would a Lehenga Skirt cost?

Lehenga Dupatta

Raw Silk fabrics usually cost between INR 150 to INR 600 a metre depending on their quality. You can get a variety of shades in raw silk. Typically you need 4.5 to 6 metres for one lehenga skirt. I can tell you, the end product will be worth the money!

If you go to a boutique to get the skirt stitched, then that has no end limit for pricing. It can go up to any number. But any good local tailor/masterji should be able to stitch this for you for not more than INR 1500 bucks as stitching price.

I will give you my (Delhi) masterji’s number if you like. Comment below!


# Lehenga Dupatta Drape Style 5: Wear it like a saree

Lehenga Dupatta


Lehenga Dupatta


I don’t know what we budget brides would have done without Tia Bhuva’s awesome lehenga draping styles. This one is one of my favourite silk saree turned lehenga drape. It looks pretty spectacular, doesn’t it? Plus, if that’s not enough, the delicate belt accessory just takes it up a notch.


# Lehenga Dupatta Drape Style 6: The Gujarati StyleLehenga Dupatta

If you have cracked the front pleat style, then this one should be pretty easy to try out. Wear the lehenga skirt with a crop top or any other blouse, and team it up with a thin pleated saree from the front. Contrasting colours can also look stunning with this lehenga dupatta draping style.


Second Variation to the Gujarati Lehenga Draping Style:


Favourite Colour Combination for Saree Lehenga Dupatta Style:

Like who knew yellow would go so beautifully with brown! Are you also searching for a brown silk saree in your closet after seeing these pictures. I know I am. I have always thought brown to be a very elderly colour, but looking at this, like woah! Yellow has been trending in wedding fashion this season, and this look is perfect for your besties wedding.


BONUS: Fun Tutorials for Lehenga Dupatta Drape

Which lehenga dupatta draping style are you going to try out?

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