Most Beautiful Sabyasachi Saree Cost and Photos

Always had this question in mind? What does that beautiful Sabyasachi Saree Cost? I know I have which is why every time Sabyasachi launches a new collection, I start hunting for Sabyasachi Saree Cost in a frenzy. He is after all the most premium Indian Wedding Designers we have. I haven’t come across a single soul who is not a fan of Sabyasachi Sarees & more so the Sabyasachi Lehengas.

While a true original Sabyasachi Lehenga cost might be a bomb, the Sabyasachi Sarees, on the other hand, are pretty affordable. That is affordable by Sabyasachi standards, mind you. A good news is original Sabyasachi Saree Cost start at the range of INR 24,000 all the way to a cool INR 3.5 Lakh upwards. Of course, the heavier bridal Sabyasachi Saree Cost way more. Lucky for you, I am sharing ALL of the Sabyasachi Saree Cost that I could find on the internet for you right here.

Where to shop Latest Sabyasachi Sarees Online?

Pastel Green Bahama Printed Sabyasachi Saree Price – INR 69,000

Just so you know, all of these Sabyasachi Saree Cost is available online on multiple websites. If you are someone looking to buy an original Sabyasachi Saree, here are the three online websites which you must check out:

  1. Pia Ka Ghar
  2. Carma Online
  3. The Grand Trunk

Sabyasachi Red Banarasi Wedding Saree Price – INR 2 Lakhs

Chocolate Goddess Sabyasachi Lehenga Price – INR 4,25,580

While Pia Ka Ghar and The Grand Trunk do not release the prices of Sabyasachi Sarees. You can alternatively contact them to know the exact prices. I personally prefer Carma Online. It is the perfect place to find out Sabyasachi Saree Cost as well as Sabyasachi Lehenga prices.

Not only can you check Sabyasachi Saree Cost and Lehenga prices, they also have Sabyasachi accessories like belts and clutches on sale. Bonus, you can even shop for Sabyasachi menswear typically sherwanis from their website.

New 2019 Sabyasachi Saree Prices

Blush Pink Ivory Floral Printed Sabyasachi Saree – INR 69,500

Apple Green Floral Printed Sabyasachi Saree – INR 69,500 & Black Striped Sabyasachi Saree – INR 1,29,500

Ivory Sabyasachi Saree With Embroidered Blouse – INR 1.25 Lakhs

Black Floral Print Sabyasachi Saree & Monochrome Daisy Printed Sabyasachi Saree – INR 89,500

2018 Sabyasachi Saree Price

Ivory Summer Bloom Painted Sabyasachi Saree – INR 69,000

Red Organza Sabyasachi Saree – INR 98,000

Candy Pink Fluorescent Sabyasachi Saree – INR 79,000

Chrome Black Printed Sabyasachi Saree – INR 79,000

Pink White Striped Sabyasachi Saree – INR 79,000

Ivory Star Print Sabyasachi Saree – INR 79,000

Udaipur Collection Sabyasachi Saree Cost :

These are the latest Sabyasachi Sarees whose prices have been revealed. The Sabyasachi Udaipur Collection Sarees range between INR 45000 to INR 1 lakh+. It showcases a lot of hand painted and hand printed sarees. Every single piece in this collection is hand worked by various talented artisans. The delicate hand embroidery work on the Sabyasachi sarees is what demand its steep price.

The Sabyasachi Udaipur Collection Sarees was launched in 2017. Since this is last years collection, some of the Sabyasachi Saree prices are now being revealed on the internet.

Sabyasachi Ivory Printed Saree Cost: INR 59500 ~ USD 880

This gorgeous Ivory printed Sabyasachi Saree was inspired by the English & European blooms from Holland. It aims to bring home the fresh fragrance of Anaïs Anaïs! The ivory Sabyasachi Saree is crafted in organza with printed motifs. It comes along with a matching textured blouse piece. This beautiful Sabyasachi Saree is available online on Carma Online Shop.

This Sabyasachi Saree is called Rani Sahiba ke Pardesi Gulab.

No, I didn’t make that up. The name is inspired by the beautiful Sabyasachi Saree shades in Lilies, violets, asters, tulips. These Sabyasachi Sarees may be the exact same price of INR 59,500 or a bit more. These beautiful sarees are lovely to wear to a morning wedding nuptials, and even for any summer outings. In the same design, you also have Sabyasachi Floral Lehenga that Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Soniya Kapoor wore to their wedding.

Sabyasachi Ivory printed Embroidered Saree Cost – INR 1,49,500 ~ USD 2200

Featuring an ivory half printed khadi Sabyasachi Saree and half tulle embroidered saree accentuated with floral motifs. It comes along with a hand-painted blouse. To me, the highlight of this saree is its blouse with mosaic designs. You can see the same style in his Udaipur Collection lehengas as well.

This Sabyasachi sheer saree is my favourite from the Udaipur Collection. However, unfortunately, the price of this ivory floral Sabyasachi Saree is not released yet. But you can be sure that it costs anywhere above a lakh at the very least.

Sabyasachi Ivory Printed Saree – INR 49,500 ~ USD 730

Featuring an ivory saree handcrafted in georgette with floral printed motifs. It comes with a sequined blouse. One of the more affordable Sabyasachi Sarees. This saree design has been worn by a number of Bollywood celebrities from Sridevi to Deepika Padukone and Aditi Rao Hydari. Whose look did you like better?

Sabyasachi Ivory Printed Saree – INR 89,500 ~ USD 1320

At first, I thought it is the same Sabyasachi saree. Apparently not. Look closer, and you will see the difference in detailing, and the blouse design. Featuring an ivory saree crafted in khadi with floral printed motifs. It comes along with a brocade embroidered blouse piece. If you scroll up, the saree Deepika Padukone wore is actually this one, and not the shimmer shine previous saree.

Sabyasachi Ivory Floral Print Embroidered Border Saree – INR 59,500 ~ USD 878

I think by now even you might want to play the game of spot-the-difference. But here’s where it really does make a difference. All of the above three Sabyasachi Sarees range between INR 49500 to INR 89500. That’s a huge cost difference. If you want to stay on the budget, maybe it’s not the worst idea to pick the INR 49500 Sabyasachi Saree instead. See what I mean?

Sabyasachi Firdaus Saree Price:

The Sabyasachi Firdaus Collection Price starts from INR 69500. Unfortunately, there are only three Sabyasachi Sarees from the Firdaus Collection whose prices are revealed online. The Firdaus Collection consisted of a lot of velvets in blacks, maroons in heavy embroidered work. If you like floor length jacket lehengas, and deep velvet silhouettes, then Sabyasachi Firdaus Collection is the perfect pick for you.

Sabyasachi Firdaus Monochrome Black Striped Saree – INR 69500 ~ USD 1030

Featuring a monochrome saree crafted in georgette with the striped pattern all over. It comes along with a contrast embroidered blouse piece in velvet. You can shop this beautiful Sabyasachi Saree on Carma Online.

Sabyasachi Firdaus Black Brocade Border Embroidered Saree – INR 89500 ~ USD 1320

Featuring a black Sabyasachi saree in raw silk net fabric. It comes with embellished embroidered detailing accentuated with brocade border. The blouse is in raw with floral embroidered detailing.

Sabyasachi Firdaus Black Embroidered Border Saree: INR 59,500 ~ USD 880

Simple and Elegant. This beautiful Sabyasachi black saree is based in georgette with embroidered border detailing. It comes with a matching blouse piece with embroidery all over. All these sarees are available online on Carma Online Shop.

Here Are Some Good Affordable Sabyasachi Saree Prices:

Now, wait a minute. Did I just say Sabyasachi Saree at an affordable cost? Well, I did and here’s how you can wear an original Sabyasachi Saree at one-tenth the price. Simple rent it. Luckily for us ladies, there are multiple renting websites now giving Sabyasachi Lehengas and Sabyasachi Sarees on rent.

Online Websites you can Rent Sabyasachi Saree from:


Gone are the days when you thought buying a Sabyasachi replica was your only option. So you can thank me later because I just saved you a nightmarish trip down the Chandni Chowk lane.

Sabyasachi Floral Printed Saree – INR 24500 ~ USD 360

Featuring a mint green floral printed saree in chiffon with sequin embroidery. It also comes with a sequin blouse and satin petticoat. Can you believe this – You can now rent this gorgeous Sabyasachi Saree for just INR 4799

Sabyasachi Hot Pink Saree – INR 1,15,000 ~ USD 1698

This Sabyasachi fuchsia pre-pleated sari is part georgette and part net. It comes with dabka and sequins work all over the sari. The raw silk blouse also comes with sequins and dabka work on it.

Sabyasachi Floral Printed Saree – INR 69,500 ~ USD 1030

This particular Sabyasachi Saree is from one of his older collections. I remember my obsession with Sabyasachi started quite a few years back. Luckily, I kept information about his saree prices on my Sabyasachi Outfit Cost post. You can now rent this on for just INR 6950

Sabyasachi Saree Cost From Previous Collections:

If there is one thing you should know it is that Sabyasachi latest saree prices will never be revealed the same year. Looking for Sabyasachi Saree Cost for Spring Summer 2018? You will get that cost only by end of the year or early next year. In this section, I am sharing some of the Best Sabyasachi Saree Cost that even celebrities chose to flaunt.

Sabyasachi Green Shaded Zari Sequins Embroidered Saree – INR 1,69,500 ~ USD 2500

Now doesn’t this look every bit a bridal saree? One of the most exquisite Sabyasachi Sarees. Maybe you may not be able to buy this exact piece anymore since it’s been around for awhile. But nevertheless, doesn’t hurt knowing what it costs right?

Sabyasachi Peach Floral Thread Sequins Embroidered Saree – INR 98500 ~ USD 1450

I guess by now you would notice that Sabyasachi has hiked his prices. If you see the Udaipur Collection sarees, most of the simpler Sabyasachi sarees now cost upwards INR 60,000. But this beautiful heavy work Sabya saree could have been yours for the exact same amount. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Deepika Padukone Sabyasachi Red Glitter Saree – INR 2.05L ~ USD 3025

My heart sank just a little after seeing the price of this gorgeous Deepika Padukone Red Sabyasachi Saree. I think one of the most iconic looks of the year. Deepika Padukone wore this beautiful shimmer Sabyasachi Saree to IIFA 2015. Anyone still crushing on this look? I know I am.

Sabyasachi Pink Tulle Saree – INR 1,35,000 ~ USD 1994

Isn’t this just the perfect saree for a mother of the bride look? Love the sheer pink saree with the buttis running all over. Quite elegant too, right? Also, the design itself is a worthy investment to make. The saree can be reused on a number of occasions without looking too in your face.

Sabyasachi Off White Saree – INR 1,83,000 ~ USD 2700

Another favourite for a mother of the bride Sabyasachi Saree. Notice the beautiful tassels at the end of the pallu. This gorgeous saree is an expensive one. But is a classic piece to own. Also, I don’t think any daughter would mind inheriting an heirloom-worthy Sabyasachi saree such as this one.

Sabyasachi Sarees Under 50k

There is not a whole lot of Sabyasachi Sarees that you will find under the 50k range. In this price bracket, you will get the more casual floral Udaipur Collection sarees. Here are some of the other more formal evening wear Sabyasachi Sarees:

Sabyasachi Ivory Black Printed Saree – INR 39,500 ~ USD 583

Featuring an ivory and black printed georgette saree with a black border. It comes along with black fully sequined blouse in khadi base. This is a pure georgette saree.

Pale Blue Floral Print Sabyasachi Saree – INR 49,500 ~ USD 730

Featuring a pale blue floral print saree based in georgette with banarasi border and palla. It comes with a contrast blouse piece. These Sabyasachi floral sarees are great to wear to a summer wedding. Easy on the eyes, the fabric itself makes it quite lightweight to carry.

Sabyasachi Red Embroidered Saree – INR 49,500 ~ USD 730

Now, who doesn’t love a bright pop red Sabyasachi saree? This one is one of my favourites from this post. I get it, Sabyasachi sarees are bound to be expensive. But finding a gem of a piece which without the label to makes sense to invest in. Now that’s the real deal.

Last Few Sabyasachi Saree Cost:

Deep Green Sabyasachi Saree – INR 89,500 ~ USD 1320

This is a tussar georgette Sabyasachi saree. The saree has a gold border paired with a matching embroidered blouse. I just wish that stunner of a jewellery came along with the saree. That would’ve been nice, no?

Sabyasachi Red Saree – INR 89,500 ~ USD 1320

This is a red Sabyasachi saree handcrafted in matka silk with contrast motifs. It comes along with a kantha neckline blouse.

Sabyasachi Ivory Saree – INR 79,500 ~ USD 1170

Featuring an ivory saree based on cotton chanderi with border. It comes with floral embroidered blouse piece.

Pink Sabyasachi Saree – INR 89,500 ~ USD 1320

Featuring a pink maheshwari saree crafted with contrast running border. It comes along with an embroidered blouse.

Sabyasachi Ivory Black Gold Full Sleeves Saree – INR 69,500 ~ USD 1026

Featuring an ivory white and black silk georgette floral printed saree with thread and mirror embroidered flowers on net insert on pallu. It has a Dori and sequin work gold border all around it. It comes along with a black silk stitch detail self-texture blouse with embroidered net sleeves pattern and cutdana and sequin work applique patches.

After seeing all of Sabyasachi Saree prices, do you prefer buying a saree or a Sabyasachi Lehenga? Still can’t decide? How about checking the Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices before giving me an answer to that.

Check out Sabyasachi’s latest Spring Summer 2018 Collection for more Saree Inspiration

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