The Most Beautiful Jewellery Shots Of Real Brides Seen On The Internet

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Most Beautiful Jewellery Shots

I have been collecting the Most Beautiful Jewellery Shots of real brides for awhile now. As a bride we all want the best of the wedding photographs possible. At times, it’s easier to have a bunch of bookmarked photos for reference to get that perfect shot. So in this post I am trying to collate all those different styles of jewellery shots. You can now ask your photographer to shoot these on your d-day. Don’t forget to tell me your favourite clicks:


# One with just the jewellery on focus

Some of the photographers really know how to shoot jewellery to make it look its best. Whether it is focussing on its intricate detailing, or having it laid out on a beautiful backdrop. Choose your frame right for getting the perfect shot.


# Sneak peek of jewellery from within the dupatta

There is something magical about sneak peeks of brides. The first look, the first reveal is everything. Make sure you get this shot at your wedding.


# One showing off the bridal mehendi and bangles

This is a good way to show off the jewellery as well as the intricacy of your bridal lehenga. The glitter shimmer of the jewellery and the dress go perfectly in sync with each other.


# Show off that bridal earring

No bridal look is complete without that drop dead gorgeous bridal earring. There are multiple ways of shooting the earring. But the most common of the ways is to pose while putting the earring on.


# Click one with the focus on the neck piece and a sneak peek of the bridal face

My favourite from the lot. This one just makes you want to see more. It’s a great teaser of what’s coming next in the photo series.


# One click while putting the nath on

Whether you’re putting the nath, the earring or the engagement ring on, a bonus is you can show off your bridal makeup with it.


# Now, look out of the window and pose

Hard to pick a favourite from these right? Once you’re ready and all decked up, take a shot next to the window. It gives the impression that you’re all set to get married to the love of your life. Forever is just around the corner.


# One front pose after getting all dolled up

The quintessential bridal portrait pose. One with the dupatta, one without and you will have completed your entire set of bridal portrait shoots.


# A black and white side pose

If you are a fan of black and whites, you can choose any of the bridal shoot pictures and have black and white photos added. They look timeless, and are great to see even after years have gone by.


# Show off that gorgeous statement bridal neck piece

Most of the brides nowadays opt for kundans and jadau jewellery over traditional gold jewellery. It looks royal and you should make full use fo showing it off on your d-day.


# One showing off the maang tikka while putting on the dupatta

Maang tikkas are the latest trend since the past few years. Off late, there are so many stores making some stunning maang tikkas. No reason why you shouldn’t click them right?


# Click while putting on the bangles

These are some of the standard must click pictures that you cannot and shouldn’t miss. Putting on the bangles, wearing the dupatta, trying on the nath they all make for stunning images later on.


# Show off that engagement ring. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Some other Beautiful Jewellery Shots you can bookmark for your wedding:


Picture Credits:

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