11 Helpful Wedding Photography Tips For Brides From Flgroe Studios

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

You spent a great deal of time and effort planning your wedding and working out all the small
details. But have you planned for your wedding photography?

As professional wedding photographers, we at Flgroe Studios have witnessed many weddings. Some have been a breeze to shoot and others have been quite challenging. At a wedding, a photographer is expected to take what is given to them and make fabulous photographs. But there are some scenarios where you can help them out to get the best possible results.

Here are some Helpful Wedding Photography Tips:

1. Location

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

When choosing a location, keep in mind it will be the backdrop for your photographs. Think about where you will be and the angle at which the photographer will be taking the pictures. Having a well-decorated mandap really helps, but don’t forget that you will be photographed even while you’re walking down to it.

Likewise, the place where you are getting ready should be large enough and free of clutter to get some good bridal shots of you.

2. Lighting

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Sangeet functions are usually held in dark venues. Photographers can use special lighting equipment and high powered flashes, but there are some things you can do to make your pictures even better.During key events, like your entrance and the cake cutting, have the lights turned up. This will help the photographer by enabling him to use a higher shutter speed to take more pictures faster.

For your stage performance, ask your event manager to not use a bright spotlight the entire time, because this leaves a white cast on you that does not look flattering in pictures.

3. Outdoor events

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, the time of day will be crucial. Most people hope for a bright and clear day for their wedding. Unfortunately, the brighter the day the harsher the light and the shadows will be. Early morning or evening ceremonies are better. When the light is lower in the sky it is much easier to work with.

If you have a location with lots of open shade you can have your wedding even closer to the middle of the day. If possible you should visit the venue about the same time of day as when you have your wedding planned.

4. Use Your Bridesmaids

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Assign one or more of your bridesmaids to keep an eye on you and fix things like your lehenga, jewellery, hair etc. Keep blotting paper or tissues with them and dab your face when needed to keep looking fresh in your pictures. If you have made the effort to get matching dresses for your bridesmaids do schedule a time to get some fun shots with them.

5. Makeup/Hair

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Keep extra time on hand for your makeup. Brides overshoot this often and are left with no time for bridal portraits. Always wear your hair away from your face so the photographer is not restricted to only shooting you from the front and can take shots from the side too. Ask your makeup artist if the photographer can take pictures of you getting your makeup done.

Some can object to this so get their permission ahead of time. Having these preparation shots in your album are so important because they remind you of the day as a whole.

6. Stay energized

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Having back to back events can exhaust you by your wedding day, making you look tired or even sad in your pictures. Stay hydrated, and for times when you just can’t squeeze in a proper meal, keep energy bars with you.

7. Communicate

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Make sure you communicate well with your photographer about what you expect. Also, make sure to communicate with your family exactly when and where they need to be for group pictures.

If you have particular shots in mind, do share your list with the photographer beforehand so they can plan for them. Sharing Pinterest mood boards can be helpful to visually communicate the style of pictures that you like with your photographer.

8. Avoid having more than one, photographer/cinematographer

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Members of a team that have worked together know each other’s flow and move and will never be in each other’s way. The last thing you want is to have your photographers in all your pictures. Hiring only one team will also cost less as most photographers will have a combined photography and cinematography package.

9. Keep a slot on each day for a couple session

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Give your photographer a few minutes on each day of your events to get some special shots of just the two of you. Ideally, schedule this before the event begins so your makeup is perfect. This is a chance to get the most of your photographer and get some pictures with your décor and of your outfit details. Candid photography is great but these posed shots might end up being the ones you love the most from your album.

10. Try to have an ‘unplugged wedding’

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Request your guests to keep their camera phones away for at least the key moments during the wedding, like when you are walking down the aisle. Having a dozen phones in the frame can take away from the moment and compromise the quality of your professional photography.

The added benefit is that your photographer will not have to struggle for space to shoot.
If you want your guests to have some pictures to take home and share immediately, you can get a photobooth set up.

11. Consider a post-wedding shoot

Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Your wedding day will be very busy and will fly past you very quickly. Some couples opt for a post-wedding shoot, where you can wear your wedding dress again and get the shots you couldn’t get on the actual day. Your photographer may have specific tips that go with the style of photography they use. Hopefully, the ones we have listed will help you start thinking more critically about how important your role is in ensuring that your pictures will turn out wonderful.

About Flgroe Studios:

Flgroe Studios is a team of Wedding Photographers in Mumbai specialising in a candid and contemporary shooting style. The company also offers Pre-Wedding shoots and Cinematography.

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