Rianta’s Is One Of The Best Mid Range Budget Designers Out There

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I am so happy today because I just found a new designer to love. Rianta’s. Just like you, I am all for budget-conscious shopping when it comes to wedding and prewedding wear. Off late, a lot of otherwise budget designers have suddenly skyrocketed their prices, and somehow things are getting a tad bit difficult around here.

Luckily, there are some really good designers still out there who are worth a mention. Rianta’s has been on my radar for quite some time now. But it was only recently when I saw one of the fellow brides wear the designer’s collection, I just fell in love.

Frugal2Fab Instagram post about one of the lehengas got some serious love from you’ll so I thought let’s do a full-fledged post about them. So here goes:


What are the different outfit styles at Rianta’s?


Whether you are looking for casual, semi-casual, or bridal, Rianta’s offers a lot of variety under their label. My current favourites are their peplum choli lehengas. They look super cute and are perfect for those prewedding functions and even for the sister of the bride to wear on the wedding day.


What do Rianta’s Bridal Outfits look like?



Pink Rianta’s Bridal Lehenga Cost – INR 99,598

Now, before you all come screaming at me with price details, the bridal outfits of Rianta’s will obviously cost a bit more. I don’t have the exact details. You will need to check that with the designer. But we do have similar outfit prices in this post (scroll below). So you can get an idea of the price range.

Let’s take a moment and adore all three of these lehengas. I am having a tough time choosing a favourite. They all are classic bridal colours. If you had to choose which one would be your pick?

My pick has to be the bottom red outfit, as there is nothing more bridal than that. The colour, the design…there is not one thing I would like to change in this outfit. Gosh, how much I want to wear this. Ok, enough with the dreaming…moving on…


Other Favourites from the Rianta’s Latest Collection



How much do Rianta’s Lehengas Cost?

Also, these are all on flat 15% off !


How to get in touch with the designer?

I don’t have the store details but you can reach out to Rianta’s through their social media profiles:

Facebook  |  Instagram

You can also shop online for Rianta’s outfits on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop & Walia Jones.

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