How To Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day If You Are A Plus Size Bride

by Namrata Nautiyal
Plus Size Bride

First off, I am sorry for not covering this topic earlier.

As a wedding blogger, seeing brides and bridal wear day in and day out is part of the job. But what I realized as part of my research on plus size bride is that it’s quite rare to find images of real plus size brides. Weddings come with a lot of pressure to look good be it whoever, even miss world for that matter. Everything is scrutinized to the t and for someone who is not so comfortable in their own skin, this can quickly turn out to be a nightmare.

I remember one day when I was wedding shopping, the store guy showed me a ton of designs that would ‘fit’ me, but for another (plus size) bride, he took out probably 3 designs and said, “isko chod ke hamare paas aur kuch nahi hai“. I could only imagine what that bride would be going through.

Photo Credits: Recall Pictures

We can’t change how others behave, but what I can do is help you broaden your horizon on what will suit your body type, all the things you can wear and look like a million bucks. Oh yes, it’s totally possible. Start bookmarking ladies, next time you go to a store, walk in confidently and give the salesman the exact instructions of what you’re looking for:

P.S. Not all brides on this post are plus sized, I have simply taken them for reference for the outfits they have worn.

# Sabyasachi shows us how to drape the right way

Plus Size Bride
Plus Size Bride
Plus Size Bride

I am not sure if you remember this Sabyasachi wedding lehenga. It’s very similar to the one that International Fashion Blogger Diipa Khosla wore to her Udaipur Wedding. Not making any comparisons, but wait, I think I will. This bride looked absolutely sensational in this heavy velvet bridal lehenga.

Usually, you would hear from people, family and store guys to stick to lighter looking fabrics. But Sabyasachi showed us it’s not the fabric but how you drape it that makes all the difference. The embroidery on the lehenga skirt is much less than usual bringing the eyes back on the bride. Even the motifs are not too bulky. I am not sure if I make sense. But you understand right? It’s not too loud and in your face kinds.

# Sexy Is Beautiful And Sometimes, All You Need Is Self Love


# Bring the dupatta in front to cover half your body

Plus Size Bride

I came across this beautiful brides WordPress blog while researching on outfits for plus sized women. I absolutely loved all her outfits in her wedding trousseau. She has done such a brilliant job in looking fantastic in all her wedding functions.

Especially, in this picture above, notice how the dupatta border in front almost takes your eyes off the whole body frame and cuts it into half! It’s genius, and you can try this too. Bonus points for choosing a colour and design that’s pleasing to the eye with the small bootis and a slim dupatta border which is a big win win.

# Light Shade Outfits/Lehengas are in trend and perfect for you !

Plus Size Bride

Pastel shades are ruling the wedding fashion scene for quite some time now. They look great on every body type. Whether you are slim and trim or curvy, beige, pista shade, pinks, and corals will never go wrong.

Now, this bride is not really plus-plus sized, I agree, but the lehenga has managed to slim her down beautifully. The eyes go on her delicate buttis work and dupatta, and overall looks stunning for a day wedding.

# Dupatta is a Girl’s Best Friend !

A dupatta is probably the most important garment in any ethnic wear outfit. Every girl likes to show it off, and it’s one of the best pieces to make use of to hide any unwanted flaws. Even slimmer women use it to hide their tummy fat or waist list flaws. It’s the perfect trick in the book to use.

# Vertical Designs will make you look taller, hence slimmer

Vertical designs automatically add height to any outfit. Go with lehengas which have slimmer vertical designs on the top and gradually bigger thicker vertical designs on the bottom. Just like the outfit pictured above.

# A double dupatta can be an awesome camouflage idea!

Why should slim women have all the fun? I shared this bubbly happy picture of this bride just to let you know that nothing no one should stop you from feeling beautiful on your wedding day.

With a two dupatta look, just make sure that at least one of the dupattas is light sheer colour so that it doesn’t attract too much attention and yet does the job. Love how carefree badass this bride looks while twirling in her perfect lehenga.

# Opt for Flowy Fabrics instead of Silk !

Plus Size Bride
The Wedding Story

Silk naturally has a stiff fall which slim women use in order to look more curvaceous. For plus size bride, there are a hell lot of options in fabrics. From georgette to chiffon, anything that has a flowyness to it, it would slim you down to a great extent.

# Go with a Longish Blouse

It’s comfortable and you won’t need to worry about anything extra showing. You can opt for a tighter at the waise blouse which goes just above the lehenga skirt. It does the job. Just make sure you don’t opt for a heavier border on the bottom. You don’t want to attract too much attention there.

# If you are heavier on the top, go with lighter/nude color blouses

Plus Size Bride

The good part about this tip is you can opt for any colour lehenga skirt to go with your top. The eyes directly go to the bottom and take away from anything that’s going on the top.

Do you have any other tips to share with fellow brides?

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Viddula December 10, 2019 - 11:33 am

Hi… Its very helpful. Can u plz help the plus size brides with saris ?? Coz being a Maharashtrian we prefer more of sari in marriage rituals.

Namrata Nautiyal December 10, 2019 - 1:01 pm

Hi Vidula, sure give me some time. Will put something up.

Ashvin January 17, 2020 - 4:47 pm

Hi can you recommend shops we could go to for plus sizes bridal wear. My sister and I are going to Delhi next month to shop for our wedding and need help

Parul December 1, 2020 - 4:12 am

I know i have gone through this, wandering on any shop for buying fit for me whether it is my lehnga or my chooriya . They said mam apke size ka nhi hoga.i am only xxl then only i am out of market list. Thinking of women who are 3xl 4 xl it made me almost cry.looks like world not going to accept plus size women. Even so many popular brands they all.are body shaming. Plus size (even xl) is not in their list


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