3 New Awesome Designers For Sister Of The Bride Outfits

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Sister Of The Bride Outfits

It’s been awhile since I have suggested some new awesome designer finds on this blog. I thought today would be a good day to write this post. There is so much post diwali sale that is going on all over the internet. If you have a family members wedding coming up soon, then this post will brighten up your day.


# Param Sahib

Trendy and colorful, this young designer’s outfits scream sister of the bride look to me. His style is edgy yet playful something that a bride or grooms sister would love to wear on D day.

Outfits range between 30k to 50k and there is a 15% discount on Param Sahib’s outfits on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.


# Ruhmahsa

Sister Of The Bride Outfits

My latest find. Ruhmahsa black lehenga that you see in the picture above has taken my Instagram by storm. Everyone is asking about it. The brand is available in multi cities and is perfect for all those looking for casual elegance in their ethnic wear.

The outfits range between 20k to 50k and there is a 25% discount on all Ruhmasa outfits on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.


# Esha Koul

Esha Koul has been on my radar for quite some time now for one very specific reason. Her outfits come under the affordable yet expensive looking category. I have been a fan of her designs for a few years now, and this time around too…her collection has left me wanting for more.

If you are into pastels, and subtle bling in trendy designs then do check out her brands outfits on any of the fashion portals. Her outfits range from 15k to 60k with a majority of the range lying somewhere in the 20k which is pretty decent.

You can browse through the latest collection of Esha Koul on Aza Fashions.


Featured Image: Ruhmahsa Official


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