How To Dress Up For A Delhi Winter Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Delhi Winter Wedding

Finally! Finally !! F-i-n-a-l-l-y !!!

I don’t know about you, but I have been dying to know what to wear to a Delhi Winter Wedding. Shawls I feel are for oldies, our moms and grandmoms. No matter how beautiful the shawl, you still want to show off (remember, Delhi we are talking about here) what you’re wearing on the inside.

I remember having the toughest time at my sister-in laws wedding in Dehradun last year. I was still in the new bride zone, and everyone wanted to see (note, judge me) for what I was wearing to all the functions. My mother in law was super stressed, and planning commenced even before the sister- in laws groom had been finalized.

It took months, a bucket load of hatred towards wedding guests, but I still had to come through. Hailing from a place like Mumbai, whose winters are practically summers, you really don’t get the magnitude of North winters. It’s almost a game of thrones feeling, and I truly experienced it at that wedding.

My sister of the bride looks sucked big time because I just couldn’t take the cold. I had my shawl + after a few hours, my mother in laws shawl on top shivering through the night with guests thinking I was sick. It was the worst feeling ever. But luckily now, all thanks to God sent designer Sailesh Singhania we know exactly how to dress to kill a Delhi Winter Wedding.


# Peplum Lehenga with Gloves !

Now, that’s the style I love. Silk has always been my top favourite throughout the years, and I am so glad to see designers showing us just how to rock this fabric without being labelled as old style. These two lehengas are great for the sister of the bride, heck for brides I feel for one of the pre-wedding functions.


# Silk Long Jackets

Delhi Winter Wedding

All those asking for what to do with an old saree, well you now have your answer. Cut out that beautiful silk saree that you have worn over and over again and are bored with it and make it into an enviable gorgeous jacket.


# A Long Banarasi Cape

Now, this one you got to love. It’s a brilliant way to show off your gorgeous banarasi saree. The best part is it remains intact with just being cut out and a string to hold it together. Not too much taam-jhaam.


# The Show Stopper Look

Delhi Winter Wedding

Sailesh Singhania has been on my radar for awhile now. I have seen some of his previous collections, and have loved every one of them. If you are a fan of ethnic outfits, then you must keep a note of him the next time you are shopping for anything designer.


# Waist Length Jacket Style

Matching the jacket with your lehenga fabric is a pretty awesome idea. Monotones are really in this wedding season, and this is a great look for brides who are getting married in the upcoming winters.


Which look was your favourite?

Image Credits: Lakme Fashion Week


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