Painting On An Outfit? Now That You Have To See !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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outfit painting

Designer Gaurang does some beautiful heavy wear ethnic outfits. His style instantly reminds me of Kiron Kherr’s looks from India’s Got Talent. His collection has always been all about traditional Indian heritage, and this time around too his collection didn’t fail to impress.

His line titled ‘Chitravali’ is an ode to artists from Ajanta Ellora and the Kalamkari artisans of today.

We tried Rajasthani miniature paintings on our saris, but it requires more work to get the finesse I wanted. In the meantime, I felt it would be interesting to do Ajanta-inspired paintings on our fabric since these figures and colours are relatively easier to adapt in kalamkari. – Gaurang Shah, Source – The Hindu

outfit painting

If you notice the end of the lehenga skirt, you will see the figure paintings done.

outfit painting

A master Kalamkari artist in Tirupati, who is adept at drawing facial expressions, drew the outlines of paintings in all the ensembles. Then, a group of artisans coloured each of the painting-inspired motifs. – The Hindu

I think these outfits are really pretty to wear for wedding guest looks. Even for mother of brides, it is appropriate for the occasions as there is the option of heavy zari border mixed with the modern designs.

Where there is a khadi sari, it’s again woven from custom-made khadi yarn. Gaurang has used 300 count khadi so that it can take the weight of a special Kanchi zari border with ‘korvai’ (joining) technique.


Anarkalis have flare of six to 14 metres and depending on the fabric, the treatment has varied. One of them has chikankari on tussar, not an easy task considering chikankari is normally done on sheer, lighter fabrics. There’s also a delicate hint of badla in the apparels. – The Hindu

outfit painting


What do you think about the collection?

Image credits: Lakme Fashion Week



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