How To Be Nice To Your Wedding Vendors

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Wedding Vendors

Is that even necessary? Well, hell yeah. What were you thinking !?

As brides, we are told by everyone, it is our big day. Everything is about us, whatever it is that we want, anything that we fancy. Agreed, to all of that. But, does that give us the rights to behave as total brats with our Wedding Vendors? Absolutely not !

When I thought of writing this post, I was in a constant dilemma. I had some good, bad and ugly memories from my wedding related to vendors. While some turned out to be good, few exceptional, others caused me much agony than happiness. I am sure a lot of you must have faced the same.

But, there were some really eye opening revelations I got while interacting with Wedding Vendors even post the wedding. We just treat them so bad at times. It’s just not right. So for all you brides-to-be out there, I hope you are reading the following points and keeping in mind when you interact with your potential Wedding Vendors. They could be Lehenga Designers, Wedding Photographers, Decorators, Makeup Artists, Caterer, Wedding Planners, Wedding Invitation Card maker or anybody else of your wedding team.


# Don’t just disappear after knowing the prices, reply back with a decent explanation. Everyone deserves it.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Nama

I cannot stress on this enough. Wedding Vendors also take efforts to send you a well-drafted email customized to your personalised requests. It takes them time. A time they could have used playing ping-pong instead. The least you could do is send out an acknowledgement email telling them with a firm yes, no, or may be and with reason.


# Let them know why they matter, and no one else.

Wedding Vendors

The Cheesecake Project

The reason why Wedding Vendors don’t entertain customers is if they get the feeling that you are just like any other person without an active interest in them. Take for example Lehenga designers. It has become a disease on Instagram to write ‘PP’ for every picture posted. If you had more interest in actually shortlisting that lehenga, you would have done some prior research.

So next time, you don’t hear from a particular vendor, know that they know you are not really interested in them.


# Appreciate the good work. We are all humans after all.

Wedding Vendors

Cupcake Productions

Money is primary. I know that. But what makes a project really tick for Wedding Vendors is getting that real heartfelt appreciation. Take out time during or after your wedding to reach out to your Wedding Vendors and say a sincere thank you.


# Check/Remind them about timelines, deadlines in advance. Don’t pounce at the last minute !

Wedding Vendors


I have seen so many brides do this. Heard it from Wedding Vendors themselves. If you as a bride can’t remember timelines and deadlines yourself, don’t expect the Wedding Vendors to do the work for you just because you have paid them.

We all have fancy devices with us now, keep reminders on and just send out a text. It hardly takes a minute and saves you a lot of heartaches later. Trust me, especially in the case with Wedding Photographers.


# Spread the word about good work. Always !

Wedding Vendors

Shutter Down Photography

The one sure shot way that your favourite vendor does well in his business is if you recommend their work to your friends and family. I mean why should other brides be left out. Do your bit for the rest of us.


# Don’t throw tantrums just because you think you’ve paid for it. Keep yourself under control.

Wedding Vendors

CoolBluez Photography

I am no saint here. Weddings have a jinx to it. I remember screaming, yelling at my decorator in front of an audience. Now that I think about it, it was so not called for. Sometimes, we just lose it. It happens. But try avoiding it.


# Do your homework about your wedding ideas before attacking the Wedding Vendors to do all your creative work

Wedding Vendors

Shutter Down Photography

There are so many wedding blogs out there. Hell, there is Pinterest which is all about ideas. Wedding Vendors do appreciate when their client has some input that they can build on.


# Don’t blame after everything is done. You know what you paid for.

Wedding Vendors

Photo Phactory

When you go for mediocre work, you get mediocre results. True, budget plays a big role and we often have to compromise. But it’s that realization that you must have. Don’t expect something which you know can’t happen.


No matter how many arguments’ you’ve had during the wedding planning, say a sincere thank you at the end of your wedding for their efforts. No matter how big or small it might be. No harm in being nice.



Featured Image Credits: Dot Dusk Studio

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