My Top 5 Homemade Recipes That Are Quick, Easy And Delicious

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Homemade Recipes

Ok. Just the first 4 are mine, the 5th one is actually my husband’s creation.  

You might be wondering, what has happened to our (favourite) 😉 wedding blogger? You see, while I love writing about weddings all the time, there are other interesting activities that keep me occupied through the day. Cooking is not one of them, but sometimes it turns out to be a success.

I am no expert. Kitchen scares me, and quite honestly I am a disaster in there than a good cook. I have had several occasions when the food I cooked was inedible. My husband oh so lovingly has never had a problem with that. Ask why? When we moved into our house in Gurgaon, the first criteria was to have a decent restaurant/diner next door. Luckily for him, the first sight from our balcony is McDonald’s. Problem solved.

One year later, we are still in the same apartment, and I have finally figured out some magic quick simple, no fuss Homemade Recipes. We both are major fans of Masterchef Australia, and the one thing that stuck with me from that show is how they present their food. I don’t know about the taste but it looks so yum-delicious.

So keeping that as my inspiration, I started experimenting with food. Trying out different coloured veggies and protein in my dishes. If you’re a newbie, may be this list might motivate you to try these out too. Let me know.


#1 The Simple Masala Pav

Remember that time when you walk into your kitchen just at that moment when you’re hungry and you think what do I make? Happens to the best of us. Indian food is intense, especially because it’s not a one dish cuisine. You have dal, rice, roti and sabzi at the bare minimum. So if you want a cheat day, then this is a good recipe to try out.

Find the recipe on YouTube here.

Time it takes:

Less than 20 mins for the whole dish.


#2 Soya Burger

My personal favourite. It’s healthy and delicious. One burger is all you need to feel stuffed. It’s quite heavy but its quick to make and is a good alternative to regular cooking.

Find the recipe on YouTube here.

Time it takes:

About 30 mins for the whole dish.


#3 Salad Dinner

I came up with this dish when the husband was travelling for a good two weeks. It’s always a challenge to cook just for yourself. A full fledged dinner is a lot of effort, and eating out or ordering in is not always the best option. So I thought let me combine all the things I like in a quick easy way and make it into something delicious.

My salad dinner is pretty simple. I stir fry some paneer till it becomes golden on each side and then take it out. Next, I stir fry all the veggies I like. Brocolli, capsicums, mushrooms, baby-corn. Toss them up together with some salt and pepper. In a separate pan, I add some onions and caramelize them till its sweet golden brown. Mix it all up in a tomato gravy that I grind and make on a third pan and add some basil herbs. Done. I put some lettuce leaves on the bottom and add all the veggies. Have curd on the side and that’s dinner.

Time it takes:

15 mins for the whole dish.


#4 Basa Fish in Coriander

I tried this one from scratch on a day when it was close to 10pm and I hadn’t started preparing my dinner. I quickly put rice and dal on the pressure cooker and got started with my fish. Basa is super easy, yum to make. It doesn’t have bones, and comes in fillet format which is easy to cook.

All I did was coat the raw fish in salt, pepper, ginger garlic paste, chopped kadi patta and loads of lemon. Let it rest for 5 mins and shallow fried it in butter.

Time it takes:

5-7 mins for the fish to cook. End to end entire dinner preparation – 45 mins.


#5 Sunday Breakfast – Omelette Pizza

Homemade Recipes

Tired of eating the same old omelette or scrambled eggs? Next time try this recipe. For a big plate of omelette pizza, we use 4 eggs with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and add pizza seasoning and a generous amount of cheese on top. Weekends are about guilt free indulgence, and this dish is one of my favourites.

Time it takes:

20 mins for the whole dish


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