14 New Ways Of Shooting Your Lehenga, And Yes They Are Awesome !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Shooting Your Lehenga

There are so many amazing wedding photographers out there. With them, comes the whole package of creativity, drive and crazy awesomeness. As my job as a wedding blogger, most of my day goes skimming through wedding pictures, and today I am sharing brand new ways of shooting your lehenga.

I have done a similar post in the past where I shared awesome pictures of hanging lehenga shots. If you haven’t bookmarked those, you can check that out too. Some pretty good ideas there as well. For now, check out these awesome new ways of shooting your lehenga. Tell me which one is your favourite?


#1 Hang it up on the Hotel Luggage Carrier

If you have your wedding happening in a hotel, this is a pretty cool idea to implement. Most of the hotels have clean corridors, beautiful corners, and the wedding photographers won’t have trouble finding the perfect location for that snap.


#2 Lehenga in front of a life size Wedding Invitation Card

Shooting Your Lehenga

Plush Affairs

Now this one wins this category hands down. Who could have thought to use a lehenga shot in such a way. Don’t you just love this one?


#3 First Look from the Bride

Shooting Your Lehenga

Dream Diaries

I love this picture. So many emotions right there in one frame. Can you imagine what the bride must be feeling at that very moment? It’s her time to shine. Love this.


#4 Hanging from the Tree

Works best when you have an outdoor wedding function. Whether the shot is in bright daylight or having shadow effect like the last picture above, it all creates magical lehenga shots. Tell me which one of the above three is your favourite?


#5 Just put it on the bed, no fuss, no brainer shot

Let’s face it, we all have a ton of priorities on the wedding day rather than obsess about the perfect lehenga shoot location. If you are having a hard time like that, the best quick alternative is to simply place the lehenga on the bed.


#6 Bride holding the Lehenga skirt while wearing the Lehenga Blouse

This is almost like a sneak peek, and you can see the excitement in the brides face. It’s the final bit before the whole look is revealed, and that’s pretty awesome picture to have in your wedding album.


#7 One with the Grooms Outfit as well

Shooting Your Lehenga

Cupcake Productions

Ok, so I know this is not exactly the newest idea, but I thought lets put it in case we forget the obvious pictures? Clever, eh?


#8 One stunning image with the Brides Jewellery

Shooting Your Lehenga

The Cheesecake Project

One of my favourite lehenga shots in this entire post. The outfit colour with the statement jewellery looks so so good. Well, it does help that it is a Sabyasachi outfit.


#9 One Lehenga Shot hanging above the Bed

Use lighting to your advantage and click some stunning lehenga pictures while maintaining the symmetry of the room. This is again one of the quick fix lehenga shots that you can go for in case of any time crunch.


#10 Use the location backdrop to your advantage

If you are wearing a high-end designer label, it’s a good idea to showcase it in your wedding lehenga shot. That said, beautiful backdrops add volumes to how a lehenga can look in portrait shots.


#11 One with a life size mannequin hanger

Shooting Your Lehenga

The Wedding Salad

Ok, I don’t know what that thing is called. But isn’t it brilliant? I mean, if you’re going to wear heavy bridal wear, you might as well take full care of it, nah?


#12 One on the Window

If you have a nice view outside, use that to your advantage. If the window on its own is stunning, then there you have it. The perfect lehenga shoot location.


#13 Quirky is in

Shooting Your Lehenga

What Knot

Caption this. What is the first thing that came to your mind when you saw this lehenga shot picture? Tell me in the comments below.


#14 Some more inspiration


Featured Image: Dream Diaries


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